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  1. It’s been 2 years. Football is a lot of detail and nuance, but it’s not that difficult. You’d have to be kinda of an idiot to not be able to learn the game in 2 years. You could literally teach yourself something like advanced physics in much less than two years, so if someone can’t learn football in that amount of time, maybe they shouldn’t be playing.
  2. Though it wasn’t a need for us, I’m a little sad to see Rondale Moore go.
  3. Time for Dallas to draft someone who’s a consensus 3rd round pick.
  4. But will he refer to himself in the third person as well as his dad did?
  5. So our trade with Atlanta will now be for Jones and Pitts?
  6. I’ll agree that wings are my favorite food group, but that polish boy sounds delicious. I’m confident I could have one of those and still put a couple dozen wings down.
  7. Hey now, the dip made with cream cheese, skyline chili, cheese, and onions is rather delicious!
  8. Moore is a game changer and he’ll be a stud in the NFL if he can stay healthy. Defenses literally schemed around limiting him when he was in the field. He’d literally have 3 guys on him. Grab Moore this year and go back to the Purdue well for David Bell next year and don’t worry about receiver again for a bit.
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