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  1. When you say "some coach" I automatically think Andy Reid.
  2. I'm quite happy with the WR situation. Many are overreacting as if we have no talent in the WR room. It's the best group the Bill's have had in years. Foster is the number 1 and Brown and Beasley are both talented receivers who will do a lot for Allen.
  3. For the past two years I've really wanted to buy a draft hat...then they release the designs. Maybe they'll get my money next year.
  4. I'm a big fan of Wes Hills as well, but have seen some predictions of him going as high as the third round, though I think they've fallen a bit lately. I'd love to grab David Blough in the 6th. He does have some projections in the 5th, so perhaps he doesn't quite fit the criteria of this thread either.
  5. Sammy Morris never had the chance to really be a feature back but could have shined given a better opportunity. He had a 4.1 career ypc average on 736 rushes and scored a TD about every 28 touches. In 2008 with NE he had the most attempts of his career, 156, and had 4.7 ypc and also scored nearly once per 22 rushes.
  6. I'm hoping for Wes Hills out of Slippery Rock in the 5th. 6' 2" , 218 with 40 times clocked between 4.4 and 4.5. I do not love the idea of taking a RB anytime before the 3rd round this year. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-draft/0ap3000001013545/Wes-Hills-cuts-back-for-impressive-20-yard-run
  7. Who cares. I usually go strictly by the guidelines of the "if you don't care, why did you click on it and comment" mentality, which is why I've skipped over most other AB threads, but the fascination with a player we didn't get and why he didn't come to Buffalo has gotten ridiculous.
  8. I like this signing. He's a talented TE. Not saying this happens, but think of the two TE sets we could run with Kroft and a TE taken high in the draft this year. Very appealing.
  9. At the time, I was really hoping we'd draft Higgins, but I worked at Colorado State throughout his time there and watched him play every week so I had a little bias. I think he's coming into his own as a very good NFL WR and would love to have him on the team.
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