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  1. So, these things are credited to the defense or not? Or are you saying the defense got lucky and it wasn't their talent that resulted in these game changing plays? Hey everyone, if not for the defense holding the other four teams we've beat to fewer points than us and making plays that mattered, we'd be 0-6. Man they suck making all those lucky stops. What a bunch of posers. I want them to get INTs and force fumbles only when it doesn't matter and we're up by 3 scores. Then we'll know they're a legit D!
  2. I'm fairly sure he was going to play against Tennessee if it hadn't been for the rain and wet field, or that's what was reported at least. Then we had the bye week. Sooooo....no. Not BS at all.
  3. It's been fairly apparent this year that via their ear pieces, officials on the field are receiving input from someone off the field. It's happened on multiple potential "game changing" calls that were not under review or challenged (e.g. kick catch interference in the Steelers game last night). The normal routine is the officials huddle to "discuss" it, but it's obvious they're waiting on input that's communicated to them from somewhere. Side note, I'm 100% fine with this, but feel the league should be more transparent about it.
  4. Ah. Yeah I'm not sure of the actual rules. We're not doing a great job playing 4D chess if we only put active players on the plane though.
  5. Two flags were thrown on that. How is there not a penalty?
  6. Maybe, but you have to think the message to JA this week is going to be focused on throwing it away, taking the sack when it's third down and you're going to be punting anyway, not throwing back over the middle late, not throwing it up for grabs with 3 defenders draped on him, etc. So...ball security. We can't let NE start in our territory or have an average drive start of their own 40. Allen will need to improvise and make plays like he always does, but I also think he'll play smarter this week. There's no way he's not learning from those bonehead moves. You can see his reactions on the sideline and how mad he is at himself. This has to (for the sake of a W) be the week he takes a step forward in "playing smart".
  7. I expect two things from the Bills offense against NE that we haven't really seen yet this year. 1. More deep throws from JA (possibly with an uptick in the targets to Foster). 2. Singletary, if healthy, to be a featured and focal point of the gameplan.
  8. I look at it as it could have easily been a trap or let down game with us looking ahead to NE, but we still pulled out a win. I'm okay with the learning curve if there's still a W as the end result.
  9. It takes all good teams time to learn how to win. We're doing that now. All that matters is the number in the W column! That said, hopefully we've learned a thing or two these past three weeks, because we need a dominant performance next week to even have a chance to be in the game in the 4th. School is out. Time to show us what they've learned.
  10. Their O line has significant issues. I'm guessing 5 sacks today.
  11. Who's expecting a defensive score today?
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