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  1. Seconded. We need a kicker who can make it from beyond 50. As long as Bass looks okay in camp (or what there is of one), he'll be the starter.
  2. I watch a ton of Saints football for fantasy reasons and because I'm a huge Brees fan (Purdue is my college team). I think even without additional targets, he's worth this contract. He opens up plays for first downs and TDs as a decoy when he's not targeted. In the redzone, he has to be specifically schemed for, giving defensive coordinators something else to worry about. You'll also see double coverage roll with him, both intentionally and unintentionally. So, you force the other team to spend time in the film room and practice to prepare for him, he opens up opportunities for other players, and running/catching/passing he's going to account for about 10 TDs a year (I think he'll get more passing opportunities this upcoming year). I think that's worth the contract he received. Bonus, if he continues to develop maybe he's the replacement for Brees. Maybe not, but they have 2 more years to figure it out with a guy who's not simply taking up a roster spot on the bench.
  3. A willingness to tackle like that likely means he could be a key special teams contributor.
  4. Let's talk about Jake Fromm for 15 minutes instead of staying up on picks. Good job NFLN.
  5. Maybe the Wisconsin center is a target for depth and injury insurance.
  6. You can never have too much depth or talent in the secondary. I hope to see a CB or high upside S/CB hybrid type player with the 4th round pick. I don't love Star but I also believe he mostly does the job he's supposed to and what the coaches expect. An upgrade there would be nice, but I'm not sure we find that difference maker in this draft, at this point. With few holes left on the roster, it's fine to take a shot on a low floor, high ceiling guy. I'm not really a Norman fan, but I think he'll rebound and play well in our system.
  7. Yeah, I definitely completely missed that. And, I completely agree. It hurts to remember the times it was our strongest position. I'm not sure he'll be there in the 7th. He could easily go in the 5th. If a team has few holes to fill and it's a choice between a kicker with a really high chance of securing that position (remember how bad kicking has been lately in the NFL) for the next several years or a position player likely not to make it out of camp on the active roster, I'd go kicker.
  8. I must have missed something. How did they address punter?
  9. My hope for the Bills today; BPA in the 4th, Rodrigo Blankenship in the 5th, and Braden Mann (P) in the 6th.
  10. He and his family looked as though they just received the devastating news of the death of a loved one.
  11. Well, they aren't going to trade bad players for 7th round picks.
  12. Any chance we can draft another stud Winfield then let him walk and dominate for another team?
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