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  1. 31 minutes ago, HappyDays said:

    Mac Jones leading a 2 minute drill TD is the only thing standing in the way of us being #1 in the division right now. If the Pats offense was simply held to their season high before today we would be #1 in the division. I still can't get over it.


    Mac Jones?  You spelled Sean McDermott wrong. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, PatsFanNH said:

    The Loss today may end up being a blessing in disguise. Why?


    1. they have no cheesy excuse like Jet lag for the loss.


    2. They didn’t just sleep walk and pull off a win just because they are just that Good


    this May wake them up and from here on out you get a focused tough Bills team.

    Shut up. 

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  3. On 10/20/2023 at 7:31 PM, Simon said:

    Was watching this conversation in the Shoutbox and thought it was pretty interesting.

    The Shoutbox discussion was Top 5 albums but I cannot get my list down anywhere close to that so I'm going with Top 10.



    Exiled on Main St

    Songs in the Key of Life

    Waiting for Columbus

    Stadium Arcadium

    Europe '72

    The White Album

    Electric Ladyland

    Physical Graffiti

    Bltches Brew

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    It's Alive



    What do y'all got?

    Live albums are not in scope, correct?

  4. 1 hour ago, Another Fan said:

    Is that you think due to how much emphasis is placed on analytics in today's game?


    One article on it





    I've been checked out the last few seasons in the post season with the Mets being home.  2017 was the last year I cared a little about the MLB Playoffs enough to watch the games.    Baseball today just seems so long, boring and heartless by this for me.  


    I still prefer the old school manager type.  That's why whether that was fair or not Buck seemed to be my #1 disappointment last season for how underperforming the team was 

    I haven’t let the analytics ruin it for me. 

    Of all the Manfred-era rule changes, the only one I hate is the runner on 2nd for extra innings. 

    But I just think it boils down to having better things to do/better stuff to watch. 

  5. @ExWNYer @Another Fan @SinceThe70s


    I’m all in on an AZ/TX World Series wITH AZ winning it. 

    I despise the Phillies and the Astros. If that’s the WS matchup, I hate to say it, but I’d root for Philly. 

    This has nothing to do with the Astros’ cheating scandal. 

    I just think they’re a bunch of arrogant pricks. 

    But they are - and have been - a hell of a ball team. 

    I haven’t watched a lick of postseason baseball. Probably the first time in my adult life I’ve skipped this much of the post season. 

    I plan to tune into the World Series and - regardless of the teams - I really want to see some high quality baseball. 

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  6. 6 hours ago, Shamrock said:

    Sepultura next month. Metal Church then in December.

    Nice! I saw Sepultura —>Alice in Chains —>Ozzy back in 1993.  Glad to see they’re still at it!


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  7. 1 hour ago, Pine Barrens Mafia said:

    I mean, shouldn't we maybe wait till the post-season this year?



    Had we been improving year-to-year, then yes. 

    But the team has gone backwards year-to-year. 

    I think it’s the perfect time for this discussion, since we’re 1/3 of the way through the regular season and the six games played have shown continued inconsistency, continued lack of execution and continued lack of discipline. 


  8. 28 minutes ago, JohnNord said:

    I think it’s a bit of an overreaction IMO.  The Bills have won more games than almost every other team in the NFL the past 4 seasons.  Obviously they haven’t won a Super Bowl but we all know what happened… the thing is to win a SB you really need to have a lot go right.  There are many years where the best team that season hasn’t won’t a SB or even made it there.  


    I know you’re not in this boat, but thing that people who demand firing one of the most successful coaches in team history fail to realize is that making a move doesn’t ensure that things get any better.


    There are people who have said the Bills should fire McDermott and hire someone w/o any HC experience like Ben Johnson in Detroit just because he’s the “hot name.”  Plenty of good assistants have made terrible coaches.  


    Everyone wants to point to John Fox in Denver but that situation is an outlier.  

    When SD fired Marty, they didn’t fair much better and never made it out of the playoffs.  Marty’s firing in itself is somewhat of an outlier as well.  

    Besides this whole point is moot, because the chances of a McDermott firing are slim-to-none considering he re-signed a new deal.  


    There is a chance that I may be overreacting, but I really don’t think I am. 

    I am always careful to acknowledge and respect the good things that McDermott has done.

    But becoming a regular-season warrior doesn’t grant one immunity from criticism for post-season shortcomings. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, oldmanfan said:

    If true he shouldn’t be there.  It’s not true of course but whatever makes you happy.  

    So explain the playoff game. They were tired?  They were distraught?  Give me a break. 

    Trevor Lawrence and Zack f*cking Wilson look like prime Joe Montana and our offense can’t keep up with them?


    Let me guess. Jet lag!?


    We’ve been making excuses for too long. 

    As I said earlier … one common denominator. 

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  10. 26 minutes ago, oldmanfan said:

    You keep a HC that get you in the playoffs and give you a legitimate shot.  If he starts losing or starts losing the locker room you make a change.  That’s my philosophy.  Obviously not yours.

    Did you watch their last playoff game?


    Or this year’s Jets and Jaguars games?


    I’ve never seen more uninspired, “I’d rather be doing anything right now other than playing football,” football in my life. 

    He lost this team after 13 seconds. 

  11. Just now, JohnNord said:

    This is the ultimate troll job by Gungy

    I may be guilty of mildly trolling in the past. But those days are behind me now!


    This is absolutely a serious topic for discussion. 

    I’m not calling for the guy’s head. But I think we’re at the point where we need to start asking ourselves how long we can wait for this team to go the distance with a top tier QB. 


    It took the Bills 17 years to replace Kelly. 

    I’ll be damned if Allen’s prime years are wasted on an arrogant, rigid, beady-eyed little prick while other teams on the NFL continue to understand how to build around Allen’s kind of talent - and even some LESS-talented QBs. 

    My frustration and concern are real … and so is this topic. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, GunnerBill said:


    I haven't been in that war room but I have spoken to two separate people who have been in that building and have been in those rooms and have heard those conversations. Brandon Beane runs personnel. Of course he has input from Sean because they are basically joined at the hip. But the idea he is a puppet GM just picking who McDermott tells him to is just wrong. That is not how the building is run. 

    I think this has been made abundantly clear by the multiple drafts and acquisitions who McDermott has all but refused to use. 

    The disconnect between Beane and the coaching staff is something like I’ve never seen. 

    Beane practically sacrificed his left nut to get a pass catching RB. Then Hines ends up being a returner. 

    That’s just one of many examples. 

    1 hour ago, oldmanfan said:

    True.  But he helped get them there.

    No … he really didn’t. 

  13. 3 minutes ago, PatsFanNH said:

    My simple question for you Gugny is, replace him with who? I mean if the Bills could get Jim Harbaugh from Michigan.. maybe?? (He did go to the NFCCG with Kapernick)

    I don’t know who. 

    But one who specializes in offense would be a start. 

    Finding the right coach isn’t easy.


    But keeping a head coach who’s proven he’s incapable of taking a team to the next level will never be the correct decision. 

    If simply making the playoffs is the goal, then yeah … McDermott’s the guy. 

    That shouldn’t be the goal for a team with Josh Allen at QB. 

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