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  1. 11 hours ago, Buffalo619 said:

    Phish might be the worse band to ever exist. Could we get a time stamp so we don’t have to sit through that noise?

    I do not like Phish. They bore the crap out of me. But they are an immensely talented band. 

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  2. It was dumb. 

    Just like it was dumb benching McKittrick when he was statistically the best kick returner in the NFL. 

    McDermott is a power hungry, vindictive little prick who continually cuts off his skinny little Michael Jackson nose to spite his angry little face. 

    Eff him. 

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  3. 6 minutes ago, Big Turk said:

    Belichick's leash with things must be almost non-existent at this point.  He must be taking out his frustrations on everyone around him constantly.  Think he knows it's only a matter of time now. 

    I doubt that he gives a rat’s ass. 

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  4. 5 hours ago, TheyCallMeAndy said:

    Cook is better than Singletary. 

    Cook is getting 12 attempts/game - similar to what Singletary got during his tenure in Buffalo. 

    Singletary averaged 5+ YPC in his first few seasons. 

    Cook is averaging 4.7 this season. 

    Cook needs more carries … just like Singletary did. 

    But that’s not likely as long as he’s in Buffalo. 

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  5. 6 minutes ago, LABILLBACKER said:

    Well Gug, you'd be disengaged too if your coaches told you to run 3 different offensive styles at the same time.  "We need you to be safe and checkdown more".  "We need you to open things up and run more".  "And we need you to find a happy medium on top of all this".....


    There's no offensive leadership from either Dorsey or McDermott.  It's like they're winging it every week.  We have no identity as we run this predictable 1 dimensional O.  Daboll wouldn't have pulled this stunt.

    I agree that it is a coaching problem - as well as a GM problem, because he keeps drafting and acquiring players who seem to have nothing to offer to the coaches. 

    But Allen should be hyping his teammates up despite the clear coaching issues. 

    He’s not. He’s pouting, sulking and sucking. 

    And for anyone who wants to throw cute stats in my face, I would counter with one word: “WHEN?”


    It ain’t when it matters. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Fan in Chicago said:

    The on field demeanour, performance and record is reminiscent of the drought era Bills with Allen being the sole difference. Imagine this team without Allen at QB. 

    The problem is that Allen isn’t part of the difference; he’s part of the problem. 

    I can’t think of a player who looks more disengaged than Josh when the chips are down. 

    As a supposed leader, the rest of the team feeds off of that. 

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  7. 13 hours ago, JerseyBills said:

    From weeks 1-4 ,4 games, defense caused 11 turnovers, including 8 ints


    Weeks 5-9, 5 games, defense caused 3 turnovers with zero ints. 


    Weeks 6-9, 1 turnover..


    This is a disturbing trend,  especially with our turnover prone QB. Hard to win in the NFL. Much harder when you lose the turnover battle. 

    This D has to find ways to turn the ball over, bottom line. Turnovers could be the difference between a playoff birth



    Weeks 1-9 … we give receivers a 12-yard cushion on every third down. 

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  8. 10 hours ago, Gregg said:


    Miami Dolphins

    New England Patriots

    New York Jets

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Tennessee Titans

    Arizona Cardinals

    San Francisco 49ers

    AFC West TBD


    Houston Texans

    Indianapolis Colts

    Los Angeles Rams

    Miami Dolphins

    New England Patriots

    New York Jets

    AFC North TBD

    NFC North TBD

    Seattle Seahawks






    Book it. 

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  9. 11 hours ago, McBean said:

    “lOoK AT ouR pREVioUs cOaChes mAN. NOt woRTH THe RiSk.”


    Let’s address this coward mentality. Conservative mentality. No dog mentality. The soft mentality the Buffalo media has accepted along with some fans here.


    Bills previous head coaches in the 2000’s and their QB’s up until McClappy was hired.


    Wade- Flutie and Johnson

    Williams- Johnson and Bledsoe

    Mularkey- Bledsoe

    Jauron- Losman and Checkdown Edwards

    Gailey- Fitz

    Marrone- Manuel and Orton

    Rex- Tee Rod

    McClap- Tee Rod and Allen


    You notice something? Yeah, all of the prior coaches had horrible QB’s and lost here. Shocker!

    Myth: “He (McClap) changed the culture 

    Fact: We had a negative point differential and a soft schedule in 2017 when the drought was broken. He punted in OT against Indy and was playing for the tie. A fumble led to a win. Also, a guy named Andy Dalton threw a pass that was nothing short of a miracle to get us in. The following season we stunk and got lucky to land Allen. Ever since, the clown coach has hid behind his star QB. Look at the terrible losses over the years. At JAX, at NE, ran over by Jonathan Taylor, Houston playoff meltdown, curb stomped by Cincy last playoffs…


    Myth: “Let’s fire Dorsey. It’s his fault.”

    Fact:  Last year it was fire Frazier. It’s his fault. Leslie got the blame. Now, some of you are falling right into the same trap this Czar is going to spew at years end. Reality is if we hire a bright offensive mind who flourishes here, that guy is now gone in 2 years or less and we are stuck doing the same thing over. O, and even a great OC can’t cover up your clown HC horrible in game decision making. Your OC can’t cover up the obsession with defensive picks and big money to that side of the ball. Your OC can’t cover up the conservative scared coaching approaches like punting before half or kicking field goals down 2 scores. YOUR OC CANT COVER UP 13 SECONDS.


    In conclusion, I’m sick and freakin tired of the scared Buffalo media who won’t call this guy out. Guys like Adam Schein and Ross Tucker don’t hesitate to address the incompetence of McClap. Last comments…


    Jerry Kraus told Doug Collins to hit the bricks and promoted a guy named Phil Jackson to get the Bulls over the hump led by a guy named Michael Jordan. Did it work? 6 rings boss.


    Warriors told Mark Jackson to hit the bricks and hired a guy named Steve Kerr. Did it work? 4 rings.


    Brass Balls Howie Roseman told his SUPER BOWL WINNING COACH DOUG PEDERSON YOU’RE FIRED PAL TWO YEARS POST LOMBARDI! Did it work? Eagles #1 team in the league. Super Bowl appearance last year. Humming on offense. Sirriani aggressive coach who could coach circles around McClap. Incredible offensive line. Weapons galore. Has made Jalen Hurts into an MVP.

    You guys want to sit back and take this crap? Be my guest. I’ve pounded the table for 3 years to get this bozo out of WNY. Now, some are finally thinking I’m not crazy. You’re seeing it in front of your eyes folks. We are wasting a Hall of Fame QB. We are wasting time. We are wasting our best chance ever to win a Super Bowl title. To get this dark cloud over with. To bring a trophy home to WNY. For Bills Mafia across the world. How can we better our chances? Simple…


    Terry, please God do the right thing and FIRE SEAN MCDERMOTT.




    Nothing I hate more than when someone beats around the bush. 

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