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  1. Holy crap.... this means war, you welfare version of Tom Selek!!!
  2. I guess when it’s too rainy to roof, you can always start drinking early, lol!!!
  3. “Bend don’t break” ”downhill runner”
  4. That’s not a cliche, that’s highway robbery and it’s real life....
  5. Catholic? We had to do the same thing... classes... blah blah blah...
  6. Called my ticket rep- it was Jerry Butler
  7. What players were used as bridal party? I saw Tally, Jim, Thurman, Tasker, Fred, Moorman, House,..... I’m missing at least one....
  8. I really REALLY hope that we aren’t the victim to a pile of suspect penalties.... I hate to have a conspiracy theory.... but I’ve never seen a team or even a player have so many calls go their way (Patriots/Brady)
  9. Me- Cletus Jr is sick and can’t play in his game so we are going to make the game after all....
  10. I have 4 tickets for sale... 2 in row 7 of section 122 (tunnel) and 2 in the first row of section 132 (35 yard line behind bills bench)
  11. To be clear- football is kind of nonsense.... message boards are nonsense... I don’t fill my life with weekend highlights- but when I’m watching MNF, I hope to catch up on the “to do’s” from the weekend in the league- not what white two-pack is spitting trying to earn enough to pay child support....
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