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  1. I think Edge rusher and LB are two of the most important positions to improve this off season...
  2. 10-6.... we will go 4-2 in the Division, then beat the Chargers, Rams, Steelers, Cardinals, Broncos, Raiders... could pick up wins against the Titans and Seahawks, too- but we will inevitable lose a game or two we shouldn’t....
  3. A few quick things come to mind- AJ Green will not be traded to us if he’s tagged, his market value is 9-10m and paying him at his tagged price isn’t something our FO will do. Saying we will get Waddle back next year is pretty presumptuous considering he was on a 1 year deal and is a UFA. I don’t think Murphy is going anywhere. He’s incredibly inexpensive, I believe he’s hitting the cap at 1,750,000 or so annually.... he exceeds his contract, thus won’t be cut IMO. I think Milano is nice in passing situations, but how many times this year did being undersized hurt us? I like him as a 4th LB- which, based on our roster means he stays as a 3rd or we address the position aggressively- he probably stays as a 3rd...
  4. I would sign Cory Littleton from the Rams as a UFA... he’s a stud MLB, and then slide Edmunds outside. I think we need improvement over Milano as well- he would be a good rotational LB, but every down player, he is not
  5. You forgot Andre Roberts... I’m pretty sure we will bring him back
  6. Houston doesn’t know what’s about to hit them! Can’t wait to see the Lyft drivers face when I say “take me to your finest road kill”
  7. Listen, buddy... I could type a away with all the ins and out and what have yous, but I doubt you’d keep up, lmao!!!
  8. I was considering making a shitload of wings for the tailgate- but it requires someone in the area with a turkey fryer and propane.... if someone coming to the tailgate can supply that, I will bring wings, sauce and oil.
  9. I’m missing work Friday through Monday because I will be in HOUSTON for the motha fuggin’ PLAYOFF GAME!!!!
  10. We will see you, I’m sure... Boyst will be excited that we are all staying at the same place!
  11. mom not sure this is possible.... usually we get stuck with “odd you” 🤣 Mrs Cletus and I will be in Houston Friday and leaving Monday morning. We have 2 extra tickets in section 322 for sale.
  12. I have two tickets to the playoff game section 322 row N.... currently listed on the secondary market, but would love to pull them and sell them to a BILLS FAN. We ended up buying seats right on the Bills tunnel as well.
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