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  1. I have 4 tickets for sale... 2 in row 7 of section 122 (tunnel) and 2 in the first row of section 132 (35 yard line behind bills bench)
  2. To be clear- football is kind of nonsense.... message boards are nonsense... I don’t fill my life with weekend highlights- but when I’m watching MNF, I hope to catch up on the “to do’s” from the weekend in the league- not what white two-pack is spitting trying to earn enough to pay child support....
  3. I will Not be in need of a parking spot this year. Gonna miss you guys!
  4. When you say nae nae..... did you whip first? This poor bastard has at least 3 fish on and wants to make sure he gets his camera time by smiling.... puss off and reel them lines in fat boy
  5. I mean... you crock pot hot dogs with cabbage... how am I supposed to know?? I can’t only follow my context clues...
  6. WTF does cringey mean??? Do you even speak English????
  7. This is why we call you ‘Mayo’.... I find your tone condescending and racist She did you such a favor!!! You need to appreciate her! I felt like it was an inner city make a wish event.... it wasn’t even good music
  8. I expected highlights.... or at the very least, something that someone that’s watching a football game would also enjoy watching...
  9. They guy waiting to see the highlights from the weekend...
  10. Maybe his balls were sticky..... that’s about the only reason.... but why on the hook of a car? Perhaps he’s fronting
  11. Did he suggest that the rapper was ‘woke’ or “lit AF”? Dang, now they are playing that trashy music into commercial breaks.... perhaps it’s time to go back to NASCAR.... oh wait- they are snubbing the 2nd amendment.... Time to learn hockey things #crusadeliveson
  12. I will continue to pay for season tickets in order to NOT have to watch that crap from home, lol
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