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  1. PIP

    LeSean McCoy hamstring injury

    Well you must be watching a different game than me then.
  2. PIP

    LeSean McCoy hamstring injury

    Thurman Thomas was the man this guy is a chump. Not even in top 10 of Bills backs
  3. PIP

    LeSean McCoy hamstring injury

    McCoy is a total bust only in it for a paycheck no heart no skills just that stupid little stutter step and then run to the sidelines never liked the guy never will
  4. Mccoy is a wasted roster spot. Getting outplayed by no names
  5. I just had a dream that someone started the dumbest thread woke up at 3am and holy crap it was you!!!
  6. AND? This is worthy of a thread?
  7. I have to agree and I think he is much more accurate on the run than Tyrod was also
  8. PIP

    Referees Yesterday

    All I can say is if they roughed up Mr Brady like that 5 flags would have been thrown!!!
  9. PIP

    Is Shady done?

    Dude I have been calling it for a long time the guy is a total bum!!!!
  10. Stupid thread not wasting another second of my time
  11. PIP

    Nathan Peterman Again!

    Hope he goes to the Pats and kicks our ass for the next 15 years
  12. PIP

    Bills schedule next year?

    Tank next year!!!
  13. Pick-up Fitz he is killing it for me.
  14. Wait until next year the most used phrase in Buffalo.
  15. PIP

    Peterman sets more dubious records

    He has ruined it for every QB in the future named Peterman.