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Doug Marrone out as Saints OL Coach

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33 minutes ago, JimBob2232 said:

He did quit on us.   Thats hard to beat.  Dick Jauron has to be close though.  

Nah, I hate only two Bills coaches: Greg Williams and Doug Marrone.


I don't care for Jauron, but I don't hate him like I hate the two I mentioned. I celebrate their failures.

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He strikes me as the kind of guy who goes around making enemies and is likely to be the guy who doesn't fit in to the culture.


I.E., he's NOT a "good guy" that people like. 


It's amazing how much money he has made, and how much time he has spent in the NFL.


Once you get in that club, it's impossible to leave!


How about our old friend Nate Hackett? I still can't believe that guy has a job.



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On 2/4/2024 at 2:25 AM, Simon said:

Spot the differences:


image.thumb.png.7281cf49bc9bd329f336c49c91244094.png           image.thumb.png.e64e2c2897ded45584281f9d20dbf2a4.png     



It's a trick question; there aren't any.




This is a god awful take. There are many many many many many many differencres.


One is one of the best football coaches to ever walk on our planet and one is unemployed

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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