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McD on late game decisions - "Hindsight is always 20/20"


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7 hours ago, Jerome007 said:

McD can still save his job: lead the team to the playoffs. Anything but that and he should go. 


Thing is, before that happens, Bills have to have a clear idea of a few available candidates to replace him!  Too many people just want to fire the guy, without thinking of the next step(s).


BTW the team played hard still, so the "lost the locker room" narrative crap has got to go.  But he is the opposite of clutch.




Being one and done in the playoffs is not good enough 7 years in.


It's not our job to think about the next steps.  They will have interviews in place.  They aren't stupid.  McD is not the only coach in the world.


I don't think he has lost the locker room persae but I do think his message is getting old to these players.

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9 hours ago, Bruffalo said:

It's like he's not ready for these obvious questions from the media and gives the worst answer possible. 


Sort of like how he is at high pressure situations in game, I'm seeing some parallels. 


That's because (a) he is a deer in the headlights and (b) he has no in-game situational awareness.

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2 hours ago, Since1981 said:

Terry isn’t in this for the money (tickets or contracts). If he’s not having “fun” (however he defines it….then). A $7 billionaire can’t spend it. 

I’m sure he likes Sean but if Terry isn’t having “fun” because of Sean


costs Terry .01% of his children’s inheritance 


Whether its a money thing for him or not, it's still a business.  Terry isn't in the business of building a new stadium just to have it empty.

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hind sight, hmm, he is lookin at an @ss when hes in front of a mirror....cant defend em any longer

2 close buds r dolphins fans n if i gotta hear another 1 liner or c some stupid meme im gonna go nuts...niagara falls as do the bills n such n such..some r quite comical i have to sadly admit, but 2 hear em week after week gets old real fast...

a team with this roster, even barring the key defensive injuries should make the playoffs, yes there is still time, but its a long hard uphill climb, which is gettin slimmer by the week...tuff 2 make wholesale roster changes with the cap n cap penalties n such but a new coach well......

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9 hours ago, Pine Barrens Mafia said:

what an absolute clown show


100 percent. If anything he should’ve known his defense couldn’t close out a game to save their lives and use the 20 seconds and a time out to get in fg range. He just coaches scared and it translate into his players attitude and play. 
The culture has got to change.

they won’t win crap like this. Ever.

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20 hours ago, Niagara Dude said:

Or PI just like Denver got on us,  but remember the game last season against Detriot similar situation only difference was Allen had 23 secs and Allen hit Diggs for 36 yards to set up 45 yard FG and win the game


Yeah, it's all hindsight but when general fans see the same deficiencies the commentators/analyst's see its almost comical he is still employed. He should thank Josh Allen every day.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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