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When Big Mac throws the 9


A Big Mac attack  

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  1. 1. When Mac Jones is chucking those balloons 35yrds down the field do you think he.....

    • Makes a primal grunting noise to get that extra 5 yrds?
    • Has earned the title Elbow Macaroni?
    • Needs new batteries?
    • Thinks he's throwing to one of his white boys?
    • Looks like my wife trying to throw a tennis ball past my dog?

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12 hours ago, Simon said:


If it was only a joke about his reputation for being a dipspit redneck, then I agree it would have been too much of a stretch and I would have left it laying by the side of the road. But when you combine it with the old trope that white receivers are slower than black receivers (i.e. you have to be careful not to overthrow them), it becomes a double envelopment attack and worth adding, imo.

The fact that it is next to last in voting suggests you might be right, although I'm not sure whether that's because we've become too oversensitive to cracking jokes about our respective races or whether it's actually just a ***** joke. 🤷‍♂️

Does New England have white receivers? I don’t think Jones had many white receivers at Alabama to pepper. I don’t understand the thoroughly explained joke. 

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