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NFL Week #11 - Browns at Bills (Detroit) - 2nd half game thread


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49 minutes ago, Einstein said:


An offensive avalanche? Come on. Maybe in Rick Dennisons world. Field goal after field goal.


Leading to 31 points. Do you know how many teams would kill to score 31 points the way we did today? Probably 28 of them.

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10 minutes ago, popcornpam said:

OK then how would you fix it? I’d run a different scheme.


Get our injured guys back. Backups play like backups. Welcome to the NFL.

7 minutes ago, Bermuda Triangle said:

Lewis is a 3rd year guy.  Coaches chose to start him over Marlowe, who they had just traded for, and is familiar with the defensive system and scheme 


Sorry in my head it was Benford. Was it Cam on that play? I am not sure why they traded for Marlowe and then 2 weeks in still didn't play him. 

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1 hour ago, delirious said:


Dude, the Bills should have wiped the floor with the Browns, like Miami did.  They are still showing bad play like they have since the GB game.  They have been (objectively) playing bad.  Put the homer glasses down for just a second.

By that account Miami didn't beat Pittsburgh by as much as we did lol...teams match up better against one team than they do the next....just bc Miami beat Browns by more than us has no bearing on Miami being better than Bills lol

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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