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Covid Protocols 2023

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Covid gave us one universal freedom. The freedom to be an "expert" on any subject we wish.


Therefore despite never going to law school or practicing law, I can confidently dismiss commie lawyers like the King and Finding as being hacks. 


If commie morons who would blow themselves up if left unsupervised in a lab for 10 minutes can be experts on vaccines and molecular diagnostics where I've established actual expertise over decades.....then I'm also a legal expert, an environmental science expert and a finance expert. Because I say so.


Sorry, not sorry.


It's the rules their masters made.



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19 hours ago, BillsFanNC said:

Furin cleavage site in the receptor binding domain of the spike protein.


"Expert" commies can collectively shove it up their proximal origin asses.


It always amazed me that ostensibly smart people bought the "wet market" claim.  Even more so when after years of being unable to identify the zoonotic origin.  Now I wonder if they actually knew and just didn't want to admit it because it implicated Teflon Tony?

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