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Kudos to Defense - The Offense is What Failed


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It was just one of those fluky sort of games where we got the L.   So many injuries going into the game, lots of injuries during the game, players dehydrated and gassed who didn't have anything left in the tank at the end.   Not to mention all the missed opportunities by players and the perplexing elimination from the playbook of the QB sneak.  That 2nd and 1 from the goal line and not just having Allen QB sneak with having Gilliam and Zack Moss there to push him in was for me the most frustrating part of the game.


That 3rd and 22 that they converted I don't put on Frazier or McD, Waddle made a very nice cut to the middle he sold the post and that is where the Safety bit and turned him around. Even though that was a hugely impactful play, I chalk that up to being a great play call and execution.  The defense played really well, despite not being able to get consistent pressure.


The Bills are clearly the better team, but with all these mishaps, weather and injuries it proved to be too much to overcome.


Next time the Bills will blow them out.

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30 minutes ago, BADOLBILZ said:

The offense killed their home field advantage hopes last year as well.    They have limitations on offense that were not addressed in the slightest last offseason.


The defense has been overloaded with 1st round picks and big dollar contracts...........they played "well" yesterday........the big pass to Waddle goes on Frazier........but they didn't make the game changing play or turn the ball over.     If Milano catches that gimme pick six they win the game.     There are going to be days where the defense has to do more than they did yesterday because that side of the ball has been favored lopsidedly with regard to personnel.   We know about the injuries but the defense is practically two deep EVERYWHERE.    The offense is threadbare on the OL and at WR and TE after the starters.


Just stop.


They put more resources into the defense, because we have a Top 3 quarterback who raises the level of everyone around him.

However, the Bills have invested big contacts in Stefon Diggs, Dion Dawkins, Mitch Morse and now Dawson Knox. 


Our offense has been Top 3-5 each of the last two seasons, and started the same this season.  One punt in the first two games.

They had another nearly 500 yards yesterday.  The big problem was finishing drives with touchdowns. 

  • If the third-string center doesn't cause a bad snap before halftime, that's three more points.  
  • If Gabriel Davis doesn't drop the touchdown... followed by the blocked field goal, that's another three or seven points.
  • If Josh Allen doesn't double-clutch and throw the ball into the ground, that's another touchdown to McKenzie in the 4th Quarter.


This offense was absolutely devastated by injuries, and gassed by 100 degree temps.  Yet they EASILY could have put up 30-35 points with just a couple bounces going their way.  


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16 minutes ago, whorlnut said:

Good points

It’s called bad oline depth. 

After our online starter's got injured or heat issues and the fish's dline taking over in the trench's we never adjusted our offensive game plan. Josh is getting pumbled with the lack of protection. Dorsey needs to adjust his game plan to what is trending on the field. Once our online was on the sideline he needs to call roll out to give Josh more opportunities.


Go bills 

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1 hour ago, Mickey said:

Granted, the defense played waaaaay better than anyone had any right to expect and the offense did have a lot more mistakes. The defense did have a few blunders though.  Milano dropping a pick 6 and needlessly pushing Tua down drawing a flag certainly made a difference. Giving up a first on 3rd and forever late in the game also played a role in our defeat. I blame Frazer for that one as we only rushed 3 but still it was a critical down where we had everything going for us and we blew it. 

That pick 6 miss by Milano was rough.

To be fair and honest though, Josh had 3 -4 balls that should've been picked but I guess throwing 62 times with a makeshift ol will do that. While Tua had under 20 passes


Defense played great. Shootout to the rookie CBS, especially Elam who seemed to put the clamps on Hill, who was invisible all day

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I think the Kumerow injury really hurt.  Gabe Davis brought virtually nothing (and probably shouldn't have played) and so by the end Diggs was completely worn out.  We needed someone to spell him.  It's one thing that has gotten overlooked and that I don't think anyone has mentioned, but we might be a little bit thin at outside receiver.  We could've used at least one more yesterday.  It hurt us at the end of the game.

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This was a team failure. A lot left on the field in all three phases. But cannot win them all, though sucks losing such a winnable game. As others have said this was like that ugly Pats game. Move on and hope you learn from it and piss you off to go beat the fins 56-0 next time. 

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I certainly wouldn't blame the defense especially with all the injuries but when a team only has 19 minutes of possession and only runs 30 plays yet scores 21 points we didn't exactly shut them down.  The offense just kept the ball most of the game.  All three phases left points on the field Sunday and that is how you lose games.  Probably better to get a taste of that now instead of somewhere down the road. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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