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Buffalo songs and rituals for celebrating Bills victories


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When the Bills win and my brother and I are not at the stadium, we often smoke a cigar on the porch and have a drink or two while listening to a playlist that I made of songs that reference Buffalo.  All of the songs either directly mention Buffalo, or in some cases, were written and/ or  performed by someone from the greater Buffalo area. The playlist has grown over time and has become a cool soundtrack that now accompanies memories of almost a half-century of rabidly cheering on the Bills. More than that, the music and  other Bills game rituals seem to connect us with family, the great city of Buffalo, and fellow Bills fans, wherever they might be. 


It would be great to hear about other post-Bills victory rituals from you all, and any other song suggestions.  In the meantime, here is the playlist which I have saved on spotify.  Enjoy and Go Bills!



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A few more Buffalo songs for you.  


The first one by Kathleen Edwards "Buffalo" 


The summer months left me alone
But the fall rolled in on the back of a storm
In the night, you and I drove
Have you ever seen lightning and snow?


And up ahead the roads were closed
And the Gennys ran most of Buffalo
The customs man at border patrol
Said, "Yes, you can go, but you won't make it home"




Next a deep cut from a band from my neck of the woods, Southern Culture on the Skids from Chapel Hill, NC with "The Fly That Rode From Buffalo"


The fly that rode from Buffalo he got in at Albany
Flew around the van lookin for a place to land and landed on the drummers knee
The drummer gave a swat and air is all he got that fly's too quick for me
Was the fly that rode from Buffalo he got in at Albany



The Church. "Buffalo"


Snow came up Friday, I gotta go
Spending winter up in Buffalo
Someone I met there is calling me so
You've got to escape the blues man, don't you know




This last one doesn't specifically mention Buffalo,  but is about playing a less than desirable gig at the Erie County fair. 


On this useless night
With you so far away
I stand in front of this ferris wheel
And I wonder what am I doing here
And I wonder what am I doing here



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I subsequently realized you can only listen to the links I posted if you have spotify, so here are youtube links to many of the songs


Below the Funk – Rick James



Harry Nilsson -  Shuffle Off toe Buffalo



Rock and Roll Girl - Fogerty



Detroit or Buffalo – Barbara Keith



Bills Mafia Anthem - Benny the Butcher



At the Hundredth Meridian



Erie Canal -  Springsteen



Truckin -  Grateful Dead



Saint Dominick’s Preview – Van Morrison



Black Averageness – Shad



The Flyer – Nancy Griffith



Better Days – Goo Goo Dolls



Little Plastic Castle -  Ani Difrenco



Hell Bent for Buffalo -  Aaron Pritchett



Comin’ to Your City – Big & Rich



Me and Paul – Willie Nelson



Broadway – Goo Goo Dolls



Skitchin Buffalo – moe.



Manana – Jimmy Buffett



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1 minute ago, muppy said:

Fireball shot for me,  tequila for hubby. Ditto for fighting Irish football. Its tradition. 

FIreball shots for me as well. If it's a mixed drink, Wybo Wodka or New Amsterdam Gin. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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