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Good thoughts for Mazie the Wonder Dog


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Mazie is home!!  High flow oxygen treatment was successful in getting her lungs opened enough to get her breathing solid enough to come home. 

She looks like she went through a war, lost at least 15 lbs.  Her appetite is slowly coming back and she is on a fistful of pills twice a day. It will be months 

before she gets her health back but we are so grateful to have her back. home.


Thank you all for your good thoughts that did so much to pick up our spirits during what was a long and dark week.  

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Now that Mazie is home:


1. Great and the most important thing overall

2. Thank you for sharing and for the way you described it
3. The scariest part of this was the pit bull attack from which Mazie became a hero.  The twist you threw in there where the pits started as hero by attacking the spandex mafia dude but then turned heel and attacked your wife was surprising.  It reminded me of 80s/90s wrestling.  Was that real?

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8 hours ago, EmotionallyUnstable said:

Lmk what that final hospital vet bill is….those things are outrageous!


7 hours ago, BarkLessWagMore said:

Way to go Mazie! So happy for you and your family. BTW, our beautiful Berner Annie lived to be 12 and survivrd two cancer surgeries. I wish a long and healthy life for your Mazie.

Thank you so much and I'm glad Annie had a long and happy life. 

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In the hope that it may spare others from what we have been going through, I thought I should share how this all happened. 


Late Saturday on 6/25 which was crazy hot (99 degrees), Mazie looked lethargic, was uninterested in her food and was just not looking right.  By the next day she added a weird cough to her symptoms, sounded like she was trying to clear some congestion. We took her to the vet the next day and they found that she had a slightly elevated temp, was lethargic, still not eating, drinking only minimally and was frequently coughing.  We now know these were all symptoms of aspirational pneumonia. The vet felt it was just a reaction to some mild overheating due to the weather that Saturday.  We were told just to monitor her condition, push fluids and try some bland foods like boiled chicken and rice.  She started eating better when we did that and had a little more energy but still was coughing and seemed to be panting more than usual.


After about 10 days of her going back and forth, getting better then getting worse, we noticed that her tongue was blue. That is when we rushed to the veterinary ER. The vets there were surprised that our vet didn't react to the elevated temp but also said aspirational pneumonia was a diagnosis that was easy to miss. Lessons learned? First, if your dog doesn't look right to you, something is wrong. No one knows your pup like you do so even if you don't have the knowledge to know what the problem is, you are the the one who knows best that there is a problem.  Second, insist on an explanation for any abnormal finding, no matter how small and don't accept a guess like "its probably the heat" just because it is coming from a vet.  Lastly, get pet insurance!

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