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Alex Smith announces retirement


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2 hours ago, whorlnut said:

Good for Alex. He was able to come back and go out on his own terms. It’s probably best before he has any other issues with the leg...


Not sure this is entirely on his own terms. 


If it was, I would think he would have retired immediately after being released by the WFT.


I think he just wasn't getting offers, or at least not offers from teams/coaches he wanted to play for.



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I don't mean to take anything away from Alex Smith - he's been courageous, tenacious.  He's worked at his craft.   He had plenty of reason to complain about things that happened to him in his career and pretty much never complained.   But ...


Alex Smith was a number 1 overall pick and a quarterback.   He was in the limelight.  There are ten guys who retire every season who have had the same experience - hard work, bad breaks, underappreciated, great guys.   Smith is the poster child for all of those guys.   


So congratulations to Alex Smith for being a great guy who did his job under sometimes difficult circumstances, and congratulations to all those other guys who did, too.  

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I think moment of his career I'll remember most was back when he was with the Niners and they beat the Saints in the Divisional playoff game.  I think it was about 9 or 10 years ago.  He hit Vernon Davis with about 9 seconds left to give SF the win.  It was a crazy game.

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11 hours ago, MJS said:

Underrated QB. He had some really good years in KC and San Fran. I think people just got so used to calling him average or below average that they didn't realize that se of his seasons he was easily a top 10 QB when you look at the stats. And he was a 3 time pro bowler.


I also think it was super lame that he got the boot after taking the 49ers to the Superbowl. San Fran should have stuck with him.


Underrated but still the #1 draft pick. He just didn't live up to it early in his career so he got the mediocre badge. If it wasn't for draft position, he would have been known as a solid top tier QB.  A total class act and he proved everything to himself by coming back after that horrific injury. I always liked the guy.




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