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How Allen will Work to become a better QB

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18 minutes ago, Protocal69 said:

Ok you don't watch the games. I bet if they kept a stat on how many times a QB got a defender to go Offside I bet money that ALLEN would be top 5 EASILY


Actually watched every game and only remember a few times when it worked. That would be have to be measured against the total numbers of times attempted. There was a thread here not too long ago about Josh's hands telegraphing when using the hard count. 

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The only thing I want from him is to learn how to block out the noise, ignore the hype, settle in, and ignore the pressure of the moment.

Whether it's the implications of the game, trying to live up to the fan praise & expectations, playing in front of a raucous crowd (home or away), or a specific in-game moment, I just hope he can ignore it all.

If he can, it'll help him with other areas of his game, including taking some of the worst sacks in all of football. Instead of going down when he's beat or just throwing it away, his mind is still telling him THIS moment right now I have to be the hero! Instead of just knowing a small sack or lost down via incompletion is fine & keeps us in it the next down, he might get driven back 20+ yards trying to stay alive and completely murder a drive.

And I feel it's because the implications of the game, the pressure, and all the noise is really absorbed by him. He knows what's at stake, and can't bring himself to let something go. Sometimes it works, but a lot of times it makes him play very unlike himself, and definitely not at his best.

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He's got to stop running backwards when he's rushed and just throw the ball past the LOS and into the ground.  I personally believe he has a bit of a nervous problem (like bi-polar) in trying to be perfect and doing so many things on his own in a team sport.  There are medications for that and they won't inhibit his performance.

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20 hours ago, billsfan1959 said:


Of QBs with over 250 pass attempts (34 QBs), Allen had the 9th lowest sack % (4.3), was 5th lowest in averge yards lost per sack (6.1), was 16th in total sacks (26), and was 20th in total yards lost (159). Pretty sure sacks and handoffs were not a real problem for Allen.


As far as the fumbles go, it is less about carelessness with the football than it is about style of play.



This year, Allen was one of the best at moving within, and stepping up into, the pocket - and you rarely saw him bail when he didn't need to. He kept his composure, rarely panicked, and always kept his eyes downfield while moving around in the pocket, which is why he had one of the highest ratings in passing from the pocket.


One of his many physical gifts is his ability to escape pressure and extend plays with his athleticism. There are going to be times when he is going to take a sack when he could have gotten rid of the ball, or have the ball stripped loose while trying to extend a play. IMO, it is not bad behavior, and rarely is it the result of carelessness or bad decison making. It is inevitable that his style of play will result in a bad play now and then; however, those are far outweighed by all of the good to great plays that result from his athleticism.


He is a smart kid who is getting better and better at understanding the game and how his style of play works within it. Since his first year, he has continuously improved in taking care of his body, making better decisions, making fewer mistakes, and knowing when/how to use his athleticism - all while still staying within his style of play. He is only going to get better.

Billsfan, in general completely agree.  In this game he made some good decisions, but on the large loss sacks it was additionally difficult, because he thought he could beat the pressure.  I love what I’ve seen from him this year, and he also improved in sliding when he ran.  I was speaking to how Mahomes doesn’t help himself when he makes these calls going backward, but in these few instances Allen did the same.  If you know my history, you know I’ve been an Allen proponent.  With Daboll and Allen both coming back, Sal mentioned on the radio we could see even more out of Allen in year 4.

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