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John from Riverside

My way too early thought...Beane crushed this draft

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6 minutes ago, artmalibu said:

To be honest Im not a big fan of him,  but if the trade compensation is low like players who may not make the 53 or make the 53 any better, why not?


This year cap space is no issue, and I believe he could be franchised. If he has a good year franchise him and trade for draft capital.   Or  trade him during the season the deadline is after 7 games, there just might be a team that is banged up  need a pass rusher bad. 


The biggest problem I see is we already have a solid DE rotation.  


Yeah, they have a lot of money tied-up at DE.  I'd rather see what Murphy can do and have them develop Johnson.

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7 hours ago, Limeaid said:


Yea brand new because he overreacted, fired all and then after he actually looked at them more closely brought 3 back.

This is part of Coach McD's "dump the baby with the bath water" philosophy.

It is also why we got a lot of bad coaches who only lasted one year.

If anyone was brought back it was by Beane who is the GM and responsible for the scouting staff, not McD.


This is a brand new HC and he is learning as he goes. Being a first time NFL HC, he doesn't know what he doesn't know! Be happy that this HC recognized a wrong personnel decision and corrected it. Some of the coaches he hired came with some really quality resumes of past NFL experience. The NFL is a results business that requires good results and this HC demands an assistant coach get positive results to keep his job. That's a great thing!


Hey, I don't know if McD has the wherewithal to be guy who can beat Bill Belichick on a regular basis like Marv levy did against Don Shula. But I think he has a earned a few more years to show that he can simply by getting this team to the playoffs in his first season. A 9-7 season with Tyrod Taylor at QB!!!...a guy who got one win for Cleveland in 3 tries and was promptly replaced. McD had a rookie QB last season along with some backups who had about a week or so to prepare to start.  


Speaking of that, the QBs in the draft who were noted to be more polished and ready to start in the NFL. The #1 overall pick at QB in Baker Mayfield only won one game more at 7-8-1. The QB selected #3 overall took his team to a 4-12 record and was on pace to break the rookie interception record before being injured for 3 games. Most of this board wanted the Bills to draft Josh Rosen "the chosen" to be their QB and wanted Beane to trade away the farm in that years draft along with the 2019 first round pick to move up to the #2 with the NY Giants to draft Rosen, who went 3-10 with Arizona. 


Lighten up, as this years team might surprise. 





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2 hours ago, artmalibu said:


Just read this




My answer has changed, no chance in wanting him...  

Geez, from that link!


"Anyone trading for Clowney would be getting his services for one year, with no ability to sign him to an extension until after the regular season ends. At that point, Clowney would have the leverage of a 20-percent raise over his 2019 salary, whether it’s $15.967 million or, if his grievance regarding his alleged status as a defensive end is successful, $17.128 million. That equates to either $19.16 million or $20.55 million for 2020, either of which becomes the starting point for negotiations on a long-term deal."


"So what would a team, assuming it has the cap space to absorb Clowney’s contract, give up in order to get Clowney for one year? And what would the Texans want to part with the rights to Clowney for 2019 plus the ability to franchise-tag him in 2020, sign him to a long-term deal, or let him walk in free agency with a compensatory draft pick arriving in 2021?"


No thanks! 

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