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  1. I was glad too see, though, that they gave Epenesa some run in the 2nd half , when nothing else was working. He was in on a couple of those 4th Qtr plays where they actually stopped the ballcarrier. Even saw Darryl Johnson. So, if Harrison Phillips and Trent Murphy were singled out with benchings, might they be on their way out of town soon? They can go somewhere else and prosper in a better scheme. Speaking of prospering elsewhere, I watched the Cleveland/Pittsburgh game on Sunday and they were talking about the Browns missing Wyatt Teller who they said was playing at an All-Pro level.
  2. Yeah, as I said elsewhere, this coming from a guy with a career 52% completion percentage. Rules were different back then but I’m just saying.
  3. Paging Jerry Sullivan. Jerry Sullivan, please report to the presser.
  4. The difference between the Bills Defense today and the defense from last season we’re: no Milano, Lorenzo Alexander, Shaq Lawson, Leituilelei, Jordan Phillips, Levi Wallace. The replacements just weren’t good enough.
  5. No, I’m exactly the same as when I was 21.
  6. Yeah, been noticing that with Hughes. Kind of like Mario Williams his last couple of seasons here. Works to get around the tackle but he’d be 5 yards past the pocket.
  7. Tackling is horrendous at times. Jefferson had Helaire wrapped up by his head and let him get away. Luckily someone else was there to clean up. It would be interesting to find out how many tackles Helaire broke in this game. Of course, many times they didn’t get a hand on him until he was 7-8 yards down the field. They showed that one replay from the end zone camera behind. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger hole. The closest players were barely on the edges of the screen. How does that happen?
  8. I picked the Bills Defense for a fantasy team. I was about to drop them before this game but kept them. They “should” do better vs the Jets but I may need to dump them if this continues.
  9. Same with Bradshaw, a career 52% passer.
  10. And he’s also good friends with Josh. I think you retain him to keep your franchise QB happy, as long as there are no obvious alternatives.
  11. IIRC, Moorman was the first punter to have a net average of 40 yards. Now most of them do it.
  12. And that was right after Espenesa made a great tackle on a run. Short leash, rook.
  13. For one carry that he lost like 3 yards, I reran several times to see what happened. It wasn’t the O-line or Singletary per se. The DB came right up to the line on the outside, then run blitzed. A play action would’ve left them short on coverage unless another defender went back. (Can’t check. I deleted the game immediately) This has me wondering if a tell has been identified with one or more of the Bills offense regarding a pass VS a run. that DB didn’t hesitate at all as if he knew it was a run.
  14. I’ve been as much of a critic as anyone of Bojorquez but he hit 2 bombs from their own end. Unfortunately the first one out kicked the coverage. 64 yard average! Wow!
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