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  1. Yes, I am of the opinion that a player that holds out and doesn’t show up for workouts with his new team is not a team player and McDermott would likely not want anything to do with him.
  2. Can this ESPN slight still go back to Tom Donahoe and Chris Mortenson?
  3. My lasting memory of him will be a play where he rolls out to the right and Charles Clay is running parallel to him 5 yards away. EJ pumps once, still holds onto the ball, and then throws it into the ground.
  4. How about Blitzen as a linebacker?
  5. I’m surprised nobody mentioned McD wearing the sweater vest that Rex left behind in the office closet.
  6. Yeah, they started out saying it was 3 hours coverage and they’d try to show as many teams as they could. I wondered why it wasn’t a block of 3 hours, but blocks of 1 hour instead. Turned out they just kept repeating the same stuff over each hour segment. Kyler Murray, Jets, Eagles, Steelers, Cowboys. Very disappointing, but not surprising.
  7. Brett Favre? Most recently Jason Witten.
  8. I feel the same about “giving 110%”
  9. How did they come up with the 53 player rosters anyways? And only 47 dress? It’s a violent sport with many injuries; why such restrictions? With 11 starters each on offense and defense for 22 total, basically teams are allowed 1 backup for every position. Since most teams have the 3 specialists of kicker, punter and long-snapper, there’s your 47.
  10. Right, the only important defensive stat is points allowed. The Bills were right in the middle as the 15th worst in points allowed with 374 pts , an average of 23.4 pts per game. Yes, the offense was responsible for 35 of those pts with 5 turnovers resulting in TDs (4 by INT, the other a fumble) but that would’ve only moved them up a couple of spots based on only points given up by the defense. With how pathetic the offense was for most of the season, it was just as much responsible for the 6-10 record.
  11. Bobby C was my idol. Too bad he played in the age of the running game, although it gave him the opportunity to show off his downfield blocking for OJ.
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