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  1. Because they play a zone defense and Kelce easily found the holes. I hate zone defense.
  2. But I thought Diggs was the best WR.
  3. I bet most retired professional athletes that played decades ago are glad they aren’t playing in this social network age.
  4. Here’s someone that agrees: https://sports.yahoo.com/sean-mc-dermott-plays-its-safe-with-conservative-field-goals-in-afc-championship-loss-to-chiefs-031129771.html
  5. Isn’t Isaiah McKenzie that guy? An alternative may be in this year’s draft in Purdue’s Rondale Moore. He is actually projected in WalterFootball’s latest 2021 Mock Draft as the Bills’ 2nd round pick. Some reviews compare him to T.Hill.
  6. I see now, that although he was elevated to the active roster, he was inactive for the game.
  7. OK, so getting back to Daboll’s play calling and play development, is his strength in the passing game? He was a tight ends coach for years before becoming an offensive coordinator. In his first 2 seasons, along with Josh’s first two, they also didn’t have much of a running game outside of Josh’s running. Now the passing game is firing but the running game isn’t complimentary. Josh had been running less, outside of games like today. Maybe Daboll just isn’t good at developing running plays outside of QB sprints and RPO? The Bills have a running backs coach and offensive line co
  8. And yet again I don’t understand why Yeldon didn’t play during the season. It was only a few touches but he looked far better than Singletary and Moss did all year. He was running hard. Singletary seemed so slow getting to the line. I wonder how much of the post-draft comments about Singletary was just fluff. Or, would they have taken David Montgomery if the Bears hadn’t picked him with the pick before?
  9. Yeah, interesting that most of the analyst talk during the week about the Bills defense focused on “they may not be big, but they’re fast”. Need to find a Darrell Green. I don’t know how many times I saw him cover a lot of ground to run somebody down. We had nobody in the secondary even close to the speed of Tyreek Hill or Hardman. Granted, most teams don’t. Alternative is to be physical. They didn’t do that either.
  10. I thought Stills was going to be active? Did he play.?
  11. One of the stupidest things (one of many) that Rex did was, after losing 100 lbs, he had his lap band removed because Rob had to have his removed. “Pass the gravy, Rob.”
  12. Well, if one of his kickoffs are returned, he may have to make a tackle. Or, a botched snap on a XP or FG might come to him and he decides to run with it or throw it (think Garo Yepremian!)
  13. Yep, since they haven’t won a Super Bowl yet, that demolishing of the Raiders 51-3 to get to SB25 is the ultimate Bills game.
  14. I’d give a game ball to Mother Nature for screwing with Tucker’s FG attempts. Or was that the ghost of Kent Hull?
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