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  1. I was watching some show on NFL Network that included some ex-players. They said Belechick and the Patriots confused them and made them have to think so much that they were mentally exhausted after the game.
  2. Sam Darnold has a QB Rating of 2.8. C’mon Sam, let’s get it under 2 !
  3. Who was it that predicted the Jets would win? Cowherd?
  4. Yes, that is an unknown. There was a play after we took the lead on like 3rd and five where Allen threw it deep and I wondered why they didn’t just try for the first down. We don’t know if that was the play call or if Allen reverted to hero-ball again.
  5. Yes, but he also seems to have dropped down the depth chart.
  6. They’re already at the 5 wins some predicted they’d win.
  7. And it took a FG at the end to keep us alive.
  8. Have the Bills ever won in Pittsburgh? Dude’s smoking those Mile High doobies.
  9. And coaches’ challenges has finally hit the NBA. Their system sounds idiotic. If a head coach wants to have a call/play reviewed, he must immediately call a timeout, without being able to review a replay first. That is just dumb. They only get one challenge per game. Now, you have the NHL giving a team a 2 minute minor if the call is not overturned. That’s ridiculous and too harsh. There will likely be less challenges though. The MLB system takes too long and still doesn’t always get it right. Replays for all of the 4 major sports can kill the momentum of a team, regardless of the decision. I think it’s wise to use technology to get the calls right, but all of these systems are flawed and it seems impossible for that to happen. Back to the NFL, they don’t seem to think through some of these rule changes. Seemingly smart coaches like Sean Payton are on the competition committee, but they tend to make decisions that don’t improve the product from a fan’s perspective.
  10. Every broadcast now includes a former ref to comment on calls under review, etc. Those guys are doing a good job of analyzing the plays but it seems half the time, the decision from NY is the opposite from them, including plays where it is obvious to us viewers what the decision should be.
  11. Too many #*<\%¥& rules! The others that drive me crazy are requiring everyone on offense to be statues. A lineman moves his arm an inch and the defenders start pointing and it’s 5 yards for illegal motion. If the defensive players can move around, why can’t the o-line move? Then there’s the rule that the receivers on one side have to stagger. What is the purpose of that?
  12. So, the girl in the picture below Josh called in sick to her evening job and doesn’t want to be caught on camera?
  13. Correcting journalists sounds like a full time job from what I’ve seen lately. I even saw “should of” in a print magazine recently.
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