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  1. When the kneeling started, after a period, the networks just stopped showing the national anthem.
  2. I did the same. He was fun to watch. I remember one catch at the back of the end zone where he set his feet at the end line and with full extension of his body caught the pass that was a couple yards out of the end zone. His downfield blocking for OJ and others was outstanding.
  3. I’ve been to about a dozen Bills games here out West over the years. First win I saw was against the Rams 4 years ago. I guess I should’ve stopped then, as I went to the Chargers Peterman game the following year. Seattle was different in the Kingdome in Kelly’s last year.
  4. I was at both that Rams game and Chargers game. There were so many Bills’ fans, it was a blast. Despite Peterman’s horrible game, there were Bills fans all around me and we were chanting “We want Tyrod!”
  5. Mike Kadish, 1979 at Pierce Arrow.
  6. I agree! I hate that rule on all plays in the last 2 minutes. We’ve seen the Bills be set at the line of scrimmage to run the next play and the refs stop it to review. Not only do you lose the 10 seconds but also the advantage you may have had of not huddling and ready to run a play. They should at least give the offensive team the option, but they would still stop the play. Sometime there will be an instance where a team almost scores but it’s obvious didn’t with less than 10 seconds left. The refs will review, say it wasn’t a score and game over. The NFL frequently doesn’t think things thru on some of these rules.
  7. In possibly the worst example of painting a picture that I heard, back in 1986, the San Francisco Giants hired a broadcaster named Phil Stone to their radio team. Phil had previously done just TV broadcasting. Here was his radio call: “Here’s the pitch, centerfielder’s under it, inning over.”
  8. Did anybody listen to Van’s radio broadcast of any of the Bills’ Super Bowls?
  9. Sorry, I have no time for the opinion of an ex-QB who couldn’t even keep track of the back of the end zone.
  10. I think you may be right. The one thing he needs to improve on is game management. That can make the difference in close games and big games. He needs a better system for replays instead of what seems to be ‘gut feel”. He also needs better clock management. Working in concert with Daboll and Josh, hopefully it gets to the point where Josh is a coach on the field and takes care of it, ala Peyton Manning.
  11. Cole Beasley. Arrival of Diggs will take away a lot of opportunities and he changed his number from ‘10’ to ‘11’.
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