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  1. Eh, the three-and-out offenses before last year left the defense on the field a lot.
  2. Yes, I don’t believe they take a QB, even if they had a 2nd round grade on one and he’s available in the 7th.
  3. Thanks for sharing. It was great to reminisce, especially seeing Bobby C. Last season at the Rockpile. I don’t remember MLB Ken Lee at all.
  4. FWIW, Lance Zierlien of NFL.COM has him projected as a 3-4 OLB and in the 4th round.
  5. Did you guys see that clip of him working out in the woods, tossing tree stumps?
  6. “can’t pass block” or won’t? It’s a matter of learning and effort.
  7. I like what I read about him on NFL.COM. Sounds like he just needs more experience and coaching.
  8. How about the Bills defense that let WR Mark Ingram break several tackles to convert a 3rd and 17?
  9. And he followed it up by saying the pass was off.
  10. Yeah, they have added enough O-line help to run two practices and we haven’t even had the draft and undrafted free agents yet.
  11. But remember: Offseason acquisitions are like a box of chocolates. “You never know what you’re gonna get.” 😏
  12. “May the Schwartz be with you”
  13. Showing off with the 4 syllable words? 😏 I believe you misinterpreted. Jimmy G is a little like Tyrod where the team may win games but it’s usually not because he threw for 300+ yards and three TD passes. More so it’s that he doesn’t lose games.
  14. My Niner fan friends say he’s not very mobile and doesn’t throw well on the move. A pocket passer who has his moments but is more a game manager. He rarely has won a game for them.
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