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  1. Dear Mango, Forgive me of my snarkiness, for I have misinterpreted your response. I have erred. Please accept my apology. Sincerely.....
  2. Good post! Beane and McDermott offer stability that this organization has needed badly. I believe many good seasons ahead for this regime. There's a different feel to it and I like it.
  3. That's right, my bad. I forgot they inherited a perennial playoff team and destroyed it. They're on a path. The arrow is pointing up.
  4. Keep moving in the wrong direction? Please - explain.
  5. So, in summary.....could go bad. Could go well. I believe you're spot on. Well, typically most go to their payroll dept, provide a blank voided check and setup direct deposit.
  6. yeah, yeah....we know. You just can't wait for this scenario, can you? jeezus....
  7. No, I wouldn't be okay with that. I expect this won't be the case. I believe we'll see the appropriate next step for each of these guys which means each unit gets markedly better. This organization needs continuity and stability. We're seeing it in real time. I recommend you jump on board. This is gonna be fun.
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