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  1. I didn’t read what was linked but heard snippets this morning. Still sounds like the robotic, unnatural douche bag I’ve come to know.
  2. My fingers are crossed for K. Toney. Make it happen Beane.
  3. The way teams change HC's, another good showing by the Bills offense and BD will be a wanted man. Seems pretty logical.
  4. Silly - you misspelled his name. It's J-e-t-t-i-s-o-n
  5. I’m not sure Watt brings anymore to the table culturally than what is here. He definitely isn’t going to teach us how to win. Its what’s left in his tank is all he could bring. Agree - JJ plays with pizzazz.
  6. This is where I’m at. Not a monumental jump up, but if there’s “that guy” you really want 4-5 picks away - do it.
  7. Hmmmm - haven’t given it much thought. 😜
  8. You sure you want to stick with this? 😳
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