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  1. Bills - 31 Fish - 14 Knox shines w/ 2 Tds
  2. Disagree I think most have acknowledged his fumbling - myself included. If you think this is going to be his best performance, you're in for a surprise.
  3. remind me I'll probably forget jets? Did they give it, or did we take it?
  4. He will vs the Chiefs yes to yards and TDs well - committing to the run would be helpful
  5. This - except 4 4 is blue on blue (ie. bills at cowboys last year) white socks, shoes, masks.
  6. Oh - I'm not endorsing him. That's just how it works.
  7. I'd think if Allen explodes this year, Dabs gets on the short list of HC candidates.
  8. I'm glad we have the opportunity to prove otherwise in 5 or so weeks.
  9. Imagine the hunger and determination once he steps out there.
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