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  1. You know...this reallllly pisses me off. Happy 4th, my friend.
  2. Ohhh....just one more thing.......I like me some Peter Falk Mayfield. And this...this is NOT how the English language works.
  3. Please, please pleeeeease don't do away with Indian summer!!
  4. I wholeheartedly agree with your premise. I do. But Christmas isn't what it once was......and for a variety of reasons. That's a reality. Not petty as you might see it.
  5. It's spelled centaur. And won't this piss off the equine and those with great abbs communities?
  6. Except this has nothing to do with sports......if we're being honest.
  7. Treat everyone like it's Christmas? Are you sure about this? Christmas has become quite offensive to so many.
  8. If Bernie re-enters and is looking for a running mate......
  9. Well - he should know. He ran erect. Just above the bike helmet?
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