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  1. I agree on the accuracy. Rivers is masterful. When you mention awareness, I'm thinking pocket. I believe JA has good pocket awareness. He feels pressure and makes something happen with his legs. Something he clearly needs to harness. I think the better talent on the OL coupled with the game slowing down a bit in his 2nd season should hopefully make him react more with his arm capabilities. Trust in himself, the scheme and his teammates.
  2. really? Rivers has nowhere near the athleticism JA has.
  3. So good coach not a great parent? Can you categorically list each accomplishments of the these 2? Besides a ton of regular season football games, what else has Reid accomplished? Not football related.
  4. Please feel free to canonize him. I stick by my summary. nice act....by a GIANT douche 😉
  5. Those standing around thought it was an “isolated incident” too.
  6. Well the Chargers have a tendency to underwhelm, don’t you think? and you’ll take every chance to bash McDermott. I’m shocked.
  7. I won’t knock Lynn, but he inherited a pretty good roster.
  8. Hear that. Its been quite the drought for those Knights.
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