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  1. Right, all picks are subjective. In most cases the same people touting the WRs praises were also touting Ford. Ford was not an obscure OL. Additionally, I did not say whose mocks are legit or not. Take that to someone else. Beane addressed the WR position last year. Lets not pretend he didn't. The first pick this year? Used on a bonafide stud WR who's capable of stepping onto the field day one improving the offense tremendously. Sure, the jury is out on Ford. Let's see his progress this year. I wouldn't change events. We're on the right path.
  2. You asked - Is he really ready to walk away? Go back to your post. I'll say it again - he walked away. No debate. Now, could he come back? Sure I suppose. Oh, and owner may or may not be crap, but make no mistake, the team HE WALKED AWAY FROM, was ready for success.
  3. Agree- VF asked if Luck was really ready to walk away. Obviously he was. He did.
  4. Right - but he walked away. Did he leave the door open for a return?
  5. The case you make for WR is valid. Still hindsight. I don’t fault the Ford selection. Never a bad idea to fortify the trenches. Ford was highly touted. Was it the right call? I surely don’t know. But I won’t say it was the difference in us winning or losing vs Houston. Ok - I understand until proven otherwise, but let’s not pretend that Brady leaving is inconsequential.
  6. How long can you go between oil changes on your hindsight-o-meter?
  7. Respectfully disagree with the word "need". Beane will draft BPA. That may be any of the aforementioned, but not sure edge or OL are warranted at 54. I think there stands a much better chance of WR or RB fitting the bill.
  8. I'm kind of like "eh" on the OP's list. Flacco would be a decent b/u, but don't see the other 2 accepting anything other than starting gigs. Re: RB - draft some young legs. Plug and play. AJ Dillon is who I'm clamoring about. Love that kid.
  9. Agree on Gaines. though I’m not crazy about drafting a QB as backup. I’d prefer an established vet.
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