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  1. 15 hours ago, Virgil said:

    I wouldn't trade Josh Allen for anything.  Keep Mahomes' wife and brother the hell away from this team.  


    People used to ask if I would trade for Brady or the Hoodie for one ring, and I said no.  Same answer with Mahomes.


    Also, absolutely no one could have predicted Mahomes was going to have the career he's had.  He fell to 10 for a reason.  Yes, some people thought he had potential, but at the time, no one was harping on the Bills for that trade

    Not quite true LOL. 

  2. One fine morning, girl, I'll wake up
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  5. On 2/12/2024 at 9:47 AM, Buffalo03 said:

    Not beating them in the playoffs doesn't mean we're not better. I would argue we were better team in 2021 in 13 seconds and I would also argue we were the better team this year. We should have won both games against them. Shooting yourselves in the foot doesn't mean they're better 

    Point taken but McDermott is not on the same planet with Reid, and never will be.


    Many argue with me which is great, but my contention is that McDermott is a so-so coach and has far too much power wrt the draft and free agency. 

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  6. And the seasons, they go round and round
    And the painted ponies go up and down
    We're captive on the carousel of time
    We can't return, we can only look
    Behind from where we came
    And go round and round and round, in the circle game

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  7. 2 hours ago, GunnerBill said:


    Jermaine Burton is intriguing. Pure tape grade I gave him a late 2nd. Love the separation and play speed (even if he might run mid 4.4s I think he plays as fast as some of the fliers) but I worry about strength and ability v press man and again consistency is a bit of an issue. Not sure you see the same effort every play. 

    He got MUCH better last season than he was when he first arrived. Two seasons ago I heard one ex-player say that he lacked effort but last year he was very good. He has great hands and makes the tough catches. Again, playing with Milroe makes it harder to judge him. 

    I'm not hating on Milroe but I'm hoping that Coach DeBoer will have a full QB competetion this season.

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  8. Hey, have you ever tried
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  9. Disclaimer: I am not posing as or pretending to be a scout or some sort of "expert." I do just watch and tape all of their games, and for this reason alone I feel as if I might have some insight as to how they may fit into the NFL (and hopefully the Bills in some cases).  OK, here goes.......


    1) Chris Braswell - Edge

    Chris is listed at 6'3/255. He doesn't look that heavy but he might be because he is as strong as an ox. I  have seen him more than once shove a offensive lineman into a QB and knock them both over. He is a vicious pass rusher. The combines will tell us a lot about his speed. I saw him try to cover on a few rare occasions with mixed results. He is a bull rusher, not a cover lb. He didn't play much before this season whereas he sat behind Will Anderson and Dallas Turner. I see him as going somewhere between very late first and early 3rd. 


    2) Kool Aid McKinstry - CB

    Kool Aid is tall and lanky at 6'1"/195. Good but not great tackler. Good speed, covers well and is consistent. Saban took him off of punt return duties because a few times he called for fair catches when there was room to run, and fumbled a few others. He looks to be more of a zone corner imo. Based on the popularity of corners in the draft, he will probably go somewhere in round one. Is he Patrick Surtain? No.


    3) Will Reichard - PK

    Very consistent and does well in pressure situations. Not THE greatest distance range but he has improved in each of his years at Bama, and holds the NCAA record for most points. I think that he will have much success in the NFL but it is hard to predict where kickers will be drafted. Saban loves the kid.


    4) Jase McClellan - RB

    Good, consistent, versatile RB. He doesn't have outstanding strength or speed but he is not slow or weak. His biggest asset (imo) is his ability as a receiver. That said, he really is an all purpose back who plays hard and is a decent blocker. Jase is a late round pick imo.


    5) Jermaine Burton - WR

    Burton played two seasons at Bama (transfered from UGA). Jermaine has good speed, very good hands and seems to get open with ease. He would appear to be a terrific target for Josh. I think that his stats were hampered by having Milroe at QB. Milroe did not make quick decisions and runs quite often, and I suspect that Burton was frustrated at times.  Now, a couple of people who claim  to have inside info told me that he is a bit of a head case. I have no idea if this is true but this kid can play. Would I like to see him on the Bills? Absolutely, and I don't see him listed as a first round pick in most mock drafts. I think that he will last until round 2 but who really knows?



    6) Dallas Turner - Edge

    Very talented, extremely consistent player. Smart, strong, fast, and VERY quick pass rusher. He can even cover. He didn't miss a beat after Will Anderson left for the NFL and will probably continue to improve. Early to mid first round pick imo.


    7) JC Latham - OT

    JC was projected to play LT this season but his weight balooned up and he played the right side. He has AMAZING strength. I am talking about insane amounts of weights that he pushes around and he is still agile. An ex-Alabama player told me that he thinks that the weight gain is simply due to over eating. This will probably cost him millions of dollars in terms of his draft slot. I'm a bit put off by overweight RTs. I guess I am still recovering from Mike Williams syndrome lol. That said, he was crushing folks on the right side.


    😎 Terrion Arnold - CB

    😎 Terrion is a great player imo. He covers, blitzes, is strong, and defends the run. He gets less discussion than Kool Aid but I think he is a better player. He is listed at 6'0"/196 but plays bigger. He is said to be very smart and a hard worker. Saban loves this kid. He will probably gain some weight and muscle in the NFL and could wind up at safety, I don't know. What I do strongly believe is that some NFL team is going to be very lucky to draft this kid. He might last until round 2.


    9) Justin Oboigbe - DE

    Solid, much improved player in 2023. Big strong kid. Held the edge well and good pass rusher. Combines will be interesting. Listed at 6'5'/295. He was hurt in 2022, came back strong last season. Very interesting player, will probably go in the 3rd or 4th round.


    10) Jaylen Key - S

    Only played one season at Bama and was not a starter. When he did play he was very good. He will be a late round pick or a UDFA.


    11) Trezman Marshall - ILB

    Good if unspectacular player. Another Georgia transfer. Plays hard, could make an NFL roster. 






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  10. Every night I still hear
    All your sighs, very clear
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  11. On 2/14/2024 at 3:18 PM, Dr.Sack said:

    Josh is about to turn the same age Jim Kelly was in 1988, but that’s with a considerable higher odometer reading. I think it comes down to two key factors; having the will, and being healthy. 

    Having the will is key. Some QBs make 50 million per season. In 5 years that is a quarter of a billion dollars, this without the advertisements. That is enough to make many people lose the necessary drive imo. If I had a couple hundred million dollars, I would not want to get hit by Matt Milano. No thank you.


    This is now starting to effect college players due to NIL. Most college football players come from poor backgrounds. In some cases very poor. I think that this gave many of these kids the ability/desire to do what it takes to succeed. The Georgia QB just bought a Lamborghini. https://www.si.com/college/2024/02/06/georgia-bulldogs-qb-carson-beck-lamborghini-urus-performante

    Do you think that he will be out partying with lit or let it sit in the driveway? 


    In any event the NFL rule changes really do protect the QB, to the point where they can have longer careers no doubt. I do however think that the huge salaries will keep the numers down wrt QBs over 40.




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  12. Life's too short to make a mistake
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  13. I sent a letter to a man I know
    Said, "one for the money and
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    I waited all summer for his reply
    Said, "three to get ready and four to fly"

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