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  1. I don't mind when you say

    That you're going away

    I just don't want to be lonely

    And I don't care if you share

    Only moments a day

    I just don't want to be lonely


     I'd rather be loved and needed

    Depended on to give a love I can't give

    When you're gone, when you're gone

    I just don't want to be lonely

    I'd just rather be loved

  2. Like a snowball rolling down the side of a snow covered hill, it's growing
    Like the size of a fish that the man claims broke his reel, it's growing
    Like a rosebud blooming in the warm of the summer sun, it's growing
    Like the tale by the time it's been told by more than one, woo, it's growing


    Everyday it grows a little more than it was the day before
    My love for you just grows and grows
    Oh, how it grows and grows
    And where it's gonna stop I'm sure, nobody knows

  3. On 7/11/2024 at 10:50 AM, Ethan in Cleveland said:

    As you know I'm not a fan of special teams but to deny that they have an impact on the game is nonsense as well. 

    The HOF is as much about the players as it is the history of the game.

    It's hard to near impossible to talk about the evolution of the NFL without talking about how the original special teams expert changed the game. So in that context I would vote Tasker in.  If you are just going off of talent alone however then I would not vote Tasker in.


    For those that should be in on talent:

    Jim Marshall

    Clay Matthews

    Reggie Wayne

    Otis Taylor

    Sterlin Sharpe


    I would also vote Dick LeBeau in again as a coach. He already is in as a player. 


    I can't think of any other coach. They finally got Flores and Coryell inducted.



    For those I would remove, there are several. There are so many guys that are in the good to great category but are not truly elite. As of late it seems much more watered down. All of the following would be removed and I would be fine with it


    Steve McMichael

    Patrick Willis

    Rhonde Barber

    Zach Thomas

    LeRoy Butler

    John Lynch

    Brian Dawkins

    Kurt Warner

    Marv Levy

    Lynn Swann



    Great post! Another WR who had the talent but lacks the stats was Isaac Curtis. They had to change a rule for players to cover him. Curtis ran a 9.3 40 and had great hands. Injuries, the era he played in, and his team (Bengals) did not help his chances.


    The fact that Otis Taylor has never been voted in is a disgrace imo.

  4. 2 hours ago, Einstein's Dog said:

    I seem to like K Coleman more than you.   one thing that may have had appeal for K Coleman was his attitude and interview.  He will be a fit in the new young culture they're bringing in.  


    The disconnect I have with the FO on this move is, for a young, developing player with special gifts you take him at the end of the first.  The small move down into the second would seem to be for someone with a lower ceiling who was more pro-ready for immediate benefits - a McConkey type.

    You make an excellent point. If McDermott loved Coleman SO much, why would he be willing to trade away not once but twice before selecting him? 

    Now, he may have had some sort of agreement with the Panthers prior to the second trade. This I will admit, but still; he received a scant return for the deal. 

  5. We skipped the light fandango

    Turned cartwheels 'cross the floor

    I was feeling kinda seasick

    The crowd called out for more

    The room was humming harder

    As the ceiling flew away

    When we called out for another drink

    The waiter brought a tray

  6. I sent a letter to a man I know
    Said, "one for the money and
    Two for the show"
    I waited all summer for his reply
    Said, "three to get ready and four to fly"
    There's two things in the world I love
    That's rock 'n' roll and my turtle dove

    When I was a young man, I needed good luck
    But i'm a little bit older now
    And I know my stuff


    Come on honey, let me sing them away
    Come on honey, let me sing them away
    Oh, honey, let me sing your blues away


    RIP Robert Hunter

  7. On 7/11/2024 at 10:25 AM, Logic said:


    House Ballard
    Will Wolford
    John Fina

    Dion Dawkins

    Sorry, but Jason Peters was better than any of those OTs and by a lagre margin imo. I will go a step further and say that he was easily one of the best players in team history.


    A certain first ballot HOFer.

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  8. When I think of all the times
    I tried so hard to leave her
    She will turn to me and start to cry
    And she promises the earth to me
    And I believe her
    After all this time I don't know why
    Ah, girl, girl

  9. 9 hours ago, Utah John said:

    Just watching the game now, the announcers only gave you a small taste of what was going on.  A guy pissing to put out a fire?  That's gotta be some kind of record for a non-soccer sporting event.

    Yeah one would think that he might have feared getting something burned off LOL.  By that time he probably has 25 or 30 beers. I have NEVER seen this many drunk people at the same time and that is truly saying something.


    I saw more stoned out people at Grateful Dead concerts but those are stories for another day. :) 

  10. When you put your arms around me
    I feel so satisfied
    I want to love you forever
    I just can't, I can't decide


    Every time I move I lose
    When I look I'm in
    And every time I turn around
    I'm back in love again
    Right back, right back
    In love again (Alright)
    Seems like, seems like
    Back in love again

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  11. 4 hours ago, Utah John said:

    Just watching the game now, the announcers only gave you a small taste of what was going on.  A guy pissing to put out a fire?  That's gotta be some kind of record for a non-soccer sporting event.

    It was in the stands behind the endzone. By then many of the seats were empty.  Wives and girlfriends must have demanded that they wanted out of there. I could see it because by then I had the best seat I ever had. Security wasn't worried about correct seating lol. When the Bills would make a great play, I stfu!!!

  12. On 7/12/2024 at 12:00 AM, That's No Moon said:

    This game is counterargument number 1 when someone talks about how bad spectators are these days.

    What I left out was that the weather was exceptionally warm for a halloween, and people started tailgating early in the afternoon for a Monday Night Game. I knew before the game even started that a very high percentage of the stadium was heavily intoxicated. A Bills fan was punched out a few rows down from me and ran up the stairway aisle. Before he got to the top he was attacked by another Jet Fan. 


    Again, I was NOT wearing Bills gear and to this day I will never, not ever wear an opposing team logo to any sporting event. I wish good luck to those who do but it is quite the risk imo. I went to the Alabama/Arkansas game in Tuscaloosa in 2023. There were some fans with Arkansas T-shirts. To my surprise, nobody bothered them (that I witnessed) and Crimson Tide Fans are insane. I guess one never knows but many Jet Fans at The Pumpkin Game were behaving like criminals.


  13. I was there. It was unreal. Girls were getting molested and drunks were shouting various obscenities at them. One was going up the stairs and started to cry.  At halftime, almost every woman left.


    A guy lit a chair on fire. It was blazing and when security came their extingusher didn't work. When he left to get another one, some nut pissed on it.


    Morganna the stripper streaked the field.


    Bills fans were getting beaten and bloodied (I was luckily in plain clothes). A HUGE pumpkin balloon was being punched around the stadium. When it fell onto the field the stadium erupted and shouted "We Want Pumpkin." Security actually threw it back and drunk fans continued to punch it around. I saw one guy miss and punched another fan and knocked him cold.


    At one point the game stopped and the players were watching the fans fight. Cornelius Bennet was staring into the stands in disbelief.


    After halftime most fans left. I stayed for a while and we moved down to Row 1 in the Mezzanine at the 50 yard line. Then it was time to go. 


    I was never at a sporting event that was 1% as crazy as that night.

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  14. Well this job Ive got

    is a little too hard,
    Running out of money

    Lord I need more pay.
    Gonna wake up in the morning Lord, gonna pack my bags,
    I'm gonna beat it on down, the line.

  15. Well, life is too short so love the one you got
    'Cause you might get run over or you might get shot
    Never start no static I just get it off my chest
    Never had to battle with no bulletproof vest
    Take a small example, take a tip from me
    Take all of your money, give it all to charity

  16. Come down on your own, and leave your body alone
    Somebody must change
    You are the reason I've been waiting all these years
    Somebody holds the key

    But I'm near the end and I

    just ain't got the time
    And I'm wasted and I

    can't find my way home

  17. 17 hours ago, GunnerBill said:

    Really sad. I liked him too. Tragic.

    He was a very interesting player. He only played 2 seasons at Alabama and he wasn't a starter. That said, when Saban did put him in he was a VERY good player. He was a steal in round 4.  


    May he rest in peace and his loved ones be blessed.

  18. Nothing you can know that isn't known 
    Nothing you can see that isn't shown 
    There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be, it's easy


    All you need is love
    All you need is love
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need

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