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  1. This Orchard Park High School Graduate ('91) has been to many games. Mostly 80s and 90s. Including several Grateful Dead shows at RIch Stadium. Man, I miss those days for sure. The parking lot off Rt20... wow!! 🤪
  2. So this move means Joe Burrow gets thrown into the NFL fire? Cincy has Jake Dolegala and Ryan Finley listed as QB. Never heard of either one. "Ok, Joe, get in there and make some magic happen - have fun kid!"
  3. I don't know about all that, and I'm not saying you're wrong though. What I do know is Jimbo screwed up the final drive and he didn't get the Bills in better FG range for Scotty. That was the killer.
  4. Thurmanator was definitely MVP of SuperBowl 25. Screw Otis Anderson!!
  5. Give me wings and let me play in the snow! Great pick! Go Bills!!
  6. Gotta admit, this is a perfect choice for Gronk. He definitely has the personality. I'm just happy he's gone from the AFC East!
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