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  1. 100% Correct. My dad and I were going crazy when Smerlas made that block. Bills ended up losing to The Bengals in the AFC Championship game. That damn "Icky Shuffle" dance killed us. But The 49ers beat them in the Superbowl 20-16. Jerry Rice was a god in that game, hence the MVP.
  2. All the things I want changed, the NFL won't do. So he's my list anyway. •Make it two preseason games and have two scrimmages as well. That is plenty to know who makes the roster. •Get rid of Thursday night football. They are diluting the product. That includes the opening season kickoff game. Keep it Sundays and Monday night only. •Get rid of the Hall of Fame game. It blows!! •Keep it at 16 games •Wish the league would have the Superbowl the following week after the AFC and NFC Championship Games. I don't like the extra week wait but I know they throw the PRO BOWL in between it. Whatever! Thanks for listening. GO BILLS!!
  3. Yes, I meant "Isn't". that was a typo. Thanks!
  4. I tried Reddit NFL Streams last night. It was choppy at first, but i was actually able to watch most of it no problem. I'm surprised the NFL is going bonkers about the Reddit website stream! Anybody else watch it thru Reddit? Just curious.
  5. Who remembers when it was Rich Stadium and you could actually bring in any alcohol? As long as it was in a plastic container, the stadium personnel didn't care. And don't forget pot smokers hill during halftime on the North side. Nothing like dominating the AFC back in the late 80's early 90's all buzzed up! Damn, sure miss that. GO BILLS!!
  6. Good post. I was wondering the same thing. We need Milano to be 100%
  7. I hate Thursday night football. HOF game, Season kickoff game, regular season game. Doesn't matter its terrible. Go back to Sunday and Monday night ONLY. You hear me NFL?!
  8. I like the idea but only for replays or a small split screen in the bottom or something for a short time. A whole game wouldn't be to good I'm thinking. The NHL has the "Ref Cam" on their helmets sometimes but they only use it sparingly and not in many games. When is the NFL going to put a camera on the endzone pylon perpendicular to the goal line so Refs, and fans can confirm the player "broke the plane"? I swear everytime they have the replay there its always at some funky angle or not a good view to make the correct call. Cmon, NFL, its not that difficult right?!
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