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  1. To be fair, you are the same person who compared a weather event to copycat humans by asking “would there be less tornadoes if the media didn’t cover them?”
  2. And that’s what it boils down to right there. The right to bear arms supersedes all mass shootings and other forms of gun violence. Not sure that will ever change.
  3. I also wish it hadn’t came out during a heated debate with someone else, people are more likely to say falsities under those conditions that aren’t immediately provable to bolster their argument. Has PFF responded? If untrue I’d expect them to go after Lewan for defamation.
  4. The idea has to originate somewhere, so in that sense it’s copied. Apparently this kid live streamed it on twitch and lists the New Zealand shooter as one of his heroes. I guess my point is, do you think we’d have so many of these shootings if they never got coverage? I know it’s an impossible question because it couldn’t happen, but people copy what they see. You’re right in that they’ll find a way to express that hatred, but I have no doubt they love the attention of these mass shootings.
  5. I meant social media too. Any medium that can broadcast these senseless acts to 330 million people, some idiot somewhere will see it and copy it and all it takes is one.
  6. Sad and senseless indeed. Prayers to all those affected. I have to wonder, if these things weren’t covered so extensively in the media (not that I blame the media one bit), would there be so many mass shootings? We live in a copycat society. The guy in New Zealand was literally live streaming his kills. There were mass shootings before, like the sniper on the University of Texas campus, but I remember these things really taking off after Columbine.
  7. The holding concern/discussion has been over the top IMO. Even saw an article in The Athletic with Brian Moorman talking about it. There’s far more chatter now than when Bojorquez was actively here botching his attempts.
  8. Hey gator fans, or anyone else who has watched Elam for a couple years, how are his hands? Is he a ball hawk?
  9. When it comes to the entertainment industry - acting, writing, music, sports, etc. - it will always be easier to fail than succeed. Actually, that holds true in any industry. There will always be more sob stories than successes, so if you’re thinking from that standpoint, then yes, the data is largely arbitrary, it doesn’t mean much. Most of these players are supposed to fail and it might not even be their fault, there’s just too many variables to success. We can look at the numbers Allen posted in college and declare “he will be a bust, because ALL the others before him have busted,” but we know that’s not true. The data gives you a predictive outcome based on the history of that position, so if Allen proved to be an outlier - as he did in this case comparative to his peers - then I do think it’s fair to say he defied analytics and I can’t say their process is “drastically” flawed… because it wasn’t, until Allen came along. You’re more than welcome to disagree, of course.
  10. In your original statement you said “Allen didn't defy anything. There are no analytics or statistics that said anything at all about whether Allen would be successful or not.” That was untrue. Even if you disagreed with such assessments and statistical analysis based on the body of his peers at the position, the analytics and statistics were out there. It’s predictive, not absolute. Just because all other QBs before Allen failed that came into the league with similar numbers, doesn’t necessarily mean Allen himself was guaranteed to fail, of course, but the data was gathered and used to predict an outcome. You can do this with any study, but there’s always an element of human error when going off sheer numbers because they can’t measure such things as heart and will - two things Allen has an abundance of in addition to his freakish athletic abilities. That statement you quoted about outsmarting humans and mathematics is why so many were slow to come around on Allen - they wanted to be right. They wanted him to be a bust so his data wouldn’t defy their predictive analytics. More often than not I’d say their data points would be in the right, but there are always outliers and going off the tools they used to assess his potential success, Allen is the first outlier of the sort in NFL history. Meaningless? Not quite. 100% accurate? Of course not.
  11. @billsfan1959Heres one such article that didn’t take me long to find. Josh Allen’s 60% Bust Rate There are others that go much more in depth as well if you want to do some digging.
  12. Myth or not, they were out there. And if you’re interested enough to go digging you’ll find them. It’s also why many of the posters here believe large portions of the media were so reticent to give Allen his due; based on their stats and analytics he was sure to be a bust and their models were proven wrong. EDIT: the nature of their predictive ability was comparing his statistics to the history of QBs that came before him. There’s a thread now comparing arm lengths of CBs and why successful shorter armed CBs are fewer in number. The data for Allen was similar (not for physical measureables but for stats like accuracy) except there were no successes.
  13. Oh, there was a laundry list of statistics rolled out to prove he would suck, maybe you didn’t see them. One of the variances he had was so far into the negative, I questioned myself could he do something that had never been done before (all the other QBs on the list were washouts, no successes). And obviously Beane didn’t trade up for a player he didn’t believe in, that was never the question. I remember him saying at the time he would watch Darnold or Mayfield and think “what would Allen have done here?” I thought it was a dangerous approach to take, but yes, he hit a 500 foot home run.
  14. Beane has drafted one absolute star and a host of other very good players. As others on this board have said, picking at the end of each round will be much tougher in finding true blue chip talents. Truth is, if Josh Allen hadn’t defied analytics to become the star he is today, we could very well be thinking about a new HC/GM going into the season. Hitting on the QB changes everything.
  15. New article from The Athletic, nothing groundbreaking regarding the Bills: Well, maybe except for the implication Beane doesn’t know how to evaluate the trenches. Slow news day. Article
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