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  1. The team will go as far as Josh Allen can take them and he has much to improve. Who wants to chart the last 20 Super Bowl winning QBs? I think the only average QB to win was Flacco, the rest have been superstars. EDIT: Eli Manning fits the Flacco tier of average even if he had above average SB performances.
  2. Yeah gotta be hard being a 49ers fan. So many opportunities to win, it’s like giving up 3rd and 18 multiple times this game.
  3. 20-10 going into the 4th Q. 49ers had two consecutive short drives, one a 3 and out. You gotta know the best QB in the league would get hot at some point.
  4. Need one WR, one RT, and a beast of a DE. Gotta sign one of those in FA and hope to hit on two in the draft.
  5. When he gets the deep ball down he’ll be a legitimate force. Chunk plays will help to mask many of his other inconsistencies.
  6. Not sure there’s a price the Bengals would be willing to entertain to trade out of #1.
  7. Good run, Trevor Lawrence. You just ran into a more talented team tonight.
  8. Better than great. And that’s not a scrub defense he’s shredding tonight. And surprise, surprise, all first round QBs don’t look this special against college DBs.
  9. Hey, I’m rooting for our guy, we NEED him to take the next step, but I’ve got QB envy every time I’ve seen this Burrow dude play.
  10. In a heartbeat. I think we’d be getting an upgrade at the most important position on the field, everything else is gravy.
  11. QBs who have that “IT” factor make the game look easier than it is. We see this on the NFL level with players like Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers, etc. I’m seeing the same trait at the collegiate level with Burrow. I have no doubt he’ll transition well to the pros. You can try to teach what he has, but that type of ability is largely innate.
  12. And overall consistency. But if Allen were to hit more of those deep passes, It’d help to mask many other shortcomings.
  13. I’d be surprised if Etienne isn’t at least a 2nd round pick.
  14. I wonder what could be done to get our boy to read the field faster? Would absolutely love if there was some kind of VR Allen could use to read as many defensive schemes as possible. I hope he’s somewhere working on the deep ball as I’m typing this. We need points in 2020!
  15. Getting the pick right is far more important than trading up. We’ve burned too many premium picks trading up when players selected later go on to have better careers.
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