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  1. C+, majority developmental guys, rotational players, and depth. Picking at the end of each round doesn’t help, but of course the grade can change if we eventually get multiple starters.
  2. “So, Brandon, some would say the tackles were the strength of the offensive line last season, yet you drafted two this year when interior help was available. Are you happy with the interior of your line?”
  3. Don’t know why Beane was so frightened by AZ. It’s not like they had the capital to match his 2nd and 3rd round proposal. He could’ve held onto that second 2nd rounder, but it doesn’t really matter all that much now. He got his guy and we have a QB on the path to becoming a superstar.
  4. It’s a popular opinion, but every time I zeroed in on Star, he was fighting a single team stalemate. That’s pretty much what happens to him every down - he won’t push the pocket, but he doesn’t lose ground either. He’s just kinda there. There was a stretch of about 3 games or so where he started to actually show on the field, but aside from that he’s mostly invisible, unless he’s getting completely turned around as Adrian Peterson runs through his gap. Aside from offensive design, double teams are reserved for players who demand that sort of respect (ie Aaron Donald). Star isn’t one of those p
  5. Ray Ray wasn’t with the squad. I heard it was Isiah McKenzie. EDIT: yep, it was McKenzie - https://billswire.usatoday.com/2021/01/17/isaiah-mckenzie-happy-act-lamar-jackson-buffalo-bills-jerry-hughes/
  6. Rumor was Pegula LOVED Mahomes while Whaley and co thought Trubisky was the best QB coming out. The best we can hope is that Fromm vs Trubisky is a real competition for backup QB, assuming Fromm grew throughout the season.
  7. Wow. QB money is KING! To put this in perspective, he’ll make more this year than Milano.
  8. I was in the 5th grade going to recess. Overheard some friends talking about a team that almost won a championship game but missed a kick. I never watched football, couldn’t name a single team, but I asked “who?” anyway and they said “the Buffalo Bills.” The rest is history.
  9. He seems to make more impact plays than Edmunds for sure, just hoping he can stay on the field.
  10. I wouldn’t pick up the option on Edmunds. He’s a $14M/yr type of talent, but it doesn’t show consistently enough.
  11. Before the rule changes, the onside kick was an exciting play and historically was recovered by the kicking team 13% of the time. There was actually a season where 21% of those kicks were recovered! With the rule changes that number has plummeted to just over 5%, one recovery per every 20 attempts. 4th and 15s are converted at an average of 16%, so changing the rule would bring excitement back into the game, but also somewhat punish the team with the lead since it’s far more likely they’d pick up a 4th and 15 than recover an onside kick.
  12. Star may be the smallest “space eater” in the history of space eaters and isn’t all that impactful when he’s on the field. We truly need a Ted “Mt.” Washington type. Look at this picture, Sapp was nearly the same size as Star.
  13. I’m seeing a lot of anger with his decision. JJ made the best decision for himself, I don’t feel dissed by his choice. JJ may have played somewhere around 65% of the snaps in Buffalo. Don’t know how much of an impact he would’ve had as a 32 year old in decline, but for the money he signed for I don’t care we don’t get to find out.
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