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  1. If only those highly ranked defenses translated to championship level football. Do you care to post the defensive stats from the playoffs and where those stand since regular season rankings carry so much weight with you?
  2. I wholeheartedly disagree with #3. Dorsey is the biggest gamble? On what planet? Continuing to bring back your defensive coordinator whose defense has proven to fail time and time again when it matters is the biggest gamble. The sample size is also 5x as larger than Dorsey and that unit has hoarded all the premium picks. Funny how Buscaglia can make excuses for Frazier, but then condemn Dorsey. Fact is they both probably need to be replaced, but I’m willing to see if the offense can evolve with a 2nd year play caller and more resources allocated to his side of the ball. I have no faith in the defense next year to make the plays when needed. None. And much of that has to do with who’s coordinating and calling the plays. I have years and years and years of history that paints that picture.
  3. To hug up on the opposing QB, he takes the loss better than a Brady would 😅
  4. Donald was already thinking of retirement prior to this past season. No doubt the Rams would want a bounty in addition to taking on his hefty contract. If he was coming off a rookie deal, no doubt, figure it out. But a Donald who’s already considering retirement? No thanks.
  5. Maybe put Allen in the Arena League for a summer. That’s where Kurt learned to get the ball out super fast 😄
  6. A SB preview of sorts. These two battled last year in PHI. Mahomes went off, but he won’t have a key WR from that game, not that he’s had him all year. Neither defense could stop the other from moving the ball, but Spagnuolo’s unit made more plays. Chiefs vs Eagles 2021
  7. You’ll have someone come out and say Rosie looked better during her teen years.
  8. You must not have watched the games. Allen’s first 5 years was not on Brady’s level in his first five. No objective thinker would believe otherwise. Yes, it is pure homerism and if you took this ridiculous take to anyone in the NFL, including Josh, you’d be laughed at. And as far as hardball? That would mean Allen would’ve had to hold out for more than Mahomes. Which was only slightly more. Need I remind you Allen set a record at the time for guarantees. There was no discount, no matter how much you believe there was. It was a fair deal for Allen. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/agents-take-comparing-patrick-mahomes-and-josh-allen-contracts-making-them-nfls-highest-paid-players/
  9. Mahomes has lived in the AFC Championship game (5 straight), so if any QB threatens Tom’s 7 rings it’ll be him. But he has to win next Sunday to make it less arduous of a feat. There’s this fallacy that Josh gave the Bills a huge discount on his contract and it’s simply not true. It was a fair deal to both parties at the time it was signed. Made him the 2nd highest paid QB in the league to Mahomes. Chiefs actually got a much better deal provided that Pat stays healthy for the 10 years and doesn’t ask to renegotiate his contract. Comparing the deal at the time to deals now signed 2 and 3 years later is off base. I’ll never forget what the OC of the Pats said when Brady stepped in his 2nd year after Bledsoe got hurt. He said that when Brady went into the lineup, the offense was much more machine-like. His play calling became easier, more stuff worked. Brady wasn’t setting the world on fire stats wise, but he was unflappable and still processed the game at a higher level than Josh does today. Brady was better than Josh Allen in their first 5 years, regardless of what the stats say. He also wasn’t asked to be the entire offense which helped, but he made the plays he needed to make to not only send the Patriots to the SB, but actually win the whole thing. To suggest Allen is a superior QB is homerism and I love Allen, he’s just far more Favre and Roethlisberger than he ever was Brady.
  10. Nick Wright has already crowned Mahomes the 4th best QB in the history of football, says he’s behind Brady, Montana, & Manning. With a win Sunday he leapfrogs Manning. Would love to see the Eagles make Mahomes look pedestrian, partly to shut up Nick Wright and his worship, but I dunno. Pat has a good OL now and he’s never trash for 4 quarters. I do think the Eagles OL can keep Chris Jones from going off, but I’m not sure if Hurts is equipped to handle Spags aggressive blitzes.
  11. I wanted a 4th poll question, but thought of it just after I hit submit: Philly Cheesesteaks or KC BBQ? Would probably be the BBQ for me, though I’ve never tried it.
  12. Thought about putting that as an option, but the majority probably would’ve picked it.
  13. Interesting matchup. As we know, the Eagles are loaded on the line of scrimmage. If we switched QBs for this game I think it’d likely be a blowout, but as it is will probably be close. The Eagles haven’t faced too many explosive or efficient QBs and did allow Dallas to put 40 on them. Meanwhile the Chiefs defense always seems to step up in the playoffs despite being mediocre in the regular season. Can that unit slow down the birds? Who ya got?
  14. I have a very simplistic view of this. My question is “what has the player done or what plays did he make in all the Bills playoff losses?” If we lost the game but the player made ripples, you re-sign him. If we lost the game and you hardly heard anything about the player, you move on. I vote to allocate Tremaine’s salary to upgrading the OL.
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