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  1. Their other 3 games were against the Bears, Seahawks, and Broncos. Not exactly the Titans, Dolphins, and Ravens degree of difficulty.
  2. I heard the opposite, that Cook was all world in practice. Von even said something similar after his fumble against the Rams, that he consistently made plays and he told the rook “take the next one for 80.” Many beat reporters who showed up at camp said “Cook just looks different. He’s the most explosive back the Bills have.” We’ve seen none of this in games though, his opportunities have been limited, which doesn’t help his confidence.
  3. I commented in the game thread that it was odd Allen’s vision was 10 yards and in on almost every play in the first half. He had WRs running open deep and intermediate, had time in the pocket, but didn’t take advantage. If one pass in particular was thrown to McKenzie who was wide open in the middle, he could’ve outraced the DBs to the endzone. Another had Diggs frustrated because he was open about 15 yards down the field but the ball was again thrown short of the sticks. Receivers are open for explosive plays, Allen just needed to get that aggression back he seemingly misplaced in Miami. We saw more of that in the 2nd half.
  4. Whenever Kelce is on the line rather than split out wide, I’d have a DE jam him before rushing. Every single time. But teams never do it, why I don’t know.
  5. Pacheco is 5’10 215 lbs and runs a 4.37 40. I don’t know how he lasted til the 7th just based on measureables, but good find Chiefs.
  6. Every time Moss gets the ball I’m assuming 2-3 yards at best. 1 or negative yardage most likely. I wish the team would move on. The rookie Dameon Pierce in HOU has a comparable athletic profile but is 10x the runner.
  7. Allen has stopped looking down the field. His vision has been 10 yards and in almost every play, regardless of time in the pocket. It’s strange.
  8. Was just coming to say this. Wide open. Josh is playing small ball more often these games.
  9. After scoring only 17 pts on 90 plays, if there was one position on offense that should shoulder most of the blame, it’s OL. Not Allen.
  10. He’s the most dangerous dual threat at the QB position and has a league MVP to his name. With that said, he’s never really gone off on the Bills. Let’s hope this ages well…
  11. Was it from a reliable source? Rhodes apparently has a long history of hamstring problems.
  12. It was an absolute bomb exactly when they needed it. If he uncorks a routine 50 yarder or so, and the Bills don’t get a holding penalty, you’re talking about 25 more yards there at least for a FG. One of the strangest games I can remember where the Bills dominated everywhere but the scoreboard. Felt worse than the Patriots wind game.
  13. High ankle sprain, probably will be out a month minimum.
  14. To be fair, there shouldn’t be a willingness to stick with the running game when moving the ball through the air is what we do best. One of the most egregious drives of the game was that run, run, pass on the 8 yard line with Moss where Allen was strip sacked. Almost every run feels like a throwaway down because the line doesn’t consistently move people.
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