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  1. 9 or 10 wins minimum, agreed. No way should we be looking up at the Browns, Colts, Broncos, Texans, and Steelers after 12 weeks. The majority of those teams don’t even have a QB. Most would also agree that coming into the season we wouldn’t be looking up at the Dolphins, Jaguars, and Ravens after 12 weeks - unless Josh was injured for a portion of the season. KC, for all their subpar play, will almost always find a way to win in the end. Wish the Bills had that knack.
  2. And with no money to spend! 2024 is looking like a retool year. The encouraging thing is that KC won a SB in their retool year so it can be done. Just very unlikely.
  3. What happens if the Joe Brady offense continues to excel and franchises want to interview him (again) for head coach positions? Would Terry be forced to move on in that situation? Those who want McD back even if the Bills fail to make the playoffs, would you feel the same if it came down to McD or Joe Brady?
  4. It could be orchestrated as others have guessed, specifically for all the talk lately of getting rid of McD. The Bills, since Beane has been in office, have largely been buttoned up. Very few leaks of any news, so when something like this comes out, it might be safe to assume it’s planned. Like a player agent leaking something to the press that serves his client. ——————————————————— If we are stuck with McD for at least one more year, there are two immediate changes I would like to see. One would be to stop calling defensive timeouts, the other would be to stop calling soft zone coverage or cover 0 when protecting a lead. As to the first request, I have no doubt the Bills win the :13 second game if he kept his timeouts because the Chiefs wouldn’t then have the time to assess how the Bills were playing them, talk it over, and then implement those changes. If McD was in Reid’s shoes as the Bills were driving down the field to take the lead, no doubt he would’ve called at least one defensive timeout, which would’ve meant that he didn’t have all 3 to later get into position for a game tying FG. Stop the defensive timeouts and stop the cover 0 or soft zone lead protection. Play your normal base nickel defense, but challenge the other QB to make tight window throws to win the game. Dont give it to him on a platter. That Dan Orlovsky video showing the pass to the left flat 6 consecutive times or whatever it was, was disheartening and damning. McD has to be better and I think he knows it. But will he ever learn? Or will it always be “hindsight is 20/20”?
  5. Agreed, it’ll take the players going into Terry to voice their concerns in order for it to happen. I’m not sure how well McD is regarded in the locker room. There was a poll a short while ago of coaches players would love to play for and he didn’t get a single vote, not that it matters a ton, but it was interesting.
  6. From an article in the Athletic: Welp. Sources close to T Pegula speak
  7. I believe the Bills had the 2nd highest odds to win the Super Bowl coming into the season. What other team(s) in the history of the league had similar odds, but missed the playoffs?
  8. It’s like those who don’t want McD gone at the end of the year fail to recognize the repeated gaffs he seems to make in big games (and even against lesser teams). The Bills are inconsistent because their HC is inconsistent. Cry me a river about all those inferior rosters coaches had to work with during the drought years. After 6 years, we’ve plateaued with McDermott and it’s time for change.
  9. As much as McD practices situational football (according to him), he’s an incredibly poor situational coach. I don’t know his overall record in one score games from the time he got here, but I’d be surprised if it’s not a losing one. Without even knowing the record, I feel confident in saying if the Bills aren’t up by multiple scores with minutes left in the game, McD’s poor thought process and decision making will lead to an L more often than a W. He seems like a solid person and a good coach, but he’s clearly not a championship caliber captain.
  10. He didn’t really say the defense did its job to force a tough kick, did he? Please tell me that isn’t true. The defense’s job isn’t to force a tough kick, it’s to stop the opposing team from even having an opportunity to kick.
  11. Whatever happened to hiring a Madden championship player? I know I read somewhere there were talks of it, considering that person would have been through thousands of football situations our head coach hasn’t even been through. Yes, it’s just a video game, but it’s still a simulation of sorts. He needs to be on the sideline as a game day consultant to the head coach. I don’t think some of these close, ridiculous losses happen with his input.
  12. I was yelling “No time out! No time out!” As the kicker was lining up and the play clock was dwindling down. I knew we’d need that time out to drive into FG range with 25 seconds left if he made it. The fact that I, a total novice, could recognize the value of a time out there while a coach who has been coaching for more than half my life couldn’t… It’s time. McDermott must go. Hopefully Pegula feels the same.
  13. If I was Terry, I’d love to candidly know what my players thought of McD. If there was a way to secretly have them submit to an anonymous ballot, the question would be: “do you believe McDermott is a superbowl caliber coach?” If the votes come back with 46 “no” and 7 “yes,” or something else majority “no,” then I’d have all the information I needed and couldn’t possibly retain McD because the players wouldn’t believe in him.
  14. The two pass interference calls (as I type this) against Houston to keep the Jags drive alive are horrendous.
  15. This thread is proof how subjective officiating can be. Everyone is reading the same situation, but the ruling isn’t unanimous. I think rules need to be stripped down, subjectivity should almost never be part of a call. For me, it was a catch because the offensive player is down the minute he contacts the ground. There’s no “survive the ground” rule in HS as far as I know. If there is, then the call should be an INT.
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