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  1. Reminds me of the time the Bills tried to sign Titans backup QB Billy Volek and he declined the chance to start in Buffalo to remain a backup with the Thumbtacks.
  2. JayBaller10

    Brian Daboll’s Temper

    I’m not trying to lead anyone down any path, nor did I come to a hasty conclusion. Perhaps you didn’t read the original post in its entirety.
  3. JayBaller10

    Brian Daboll’s Temper

    I tried finding the original article by Michael Silver, but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Anyway, I haven’t heard similar stories from other QBs, so hopefully Daboll’s mistreatment of Colt McCoy was a singular incident. Josh Allen mentioned his coordinator was very energetic and always in his ear, but he welcomed that style of coaching. Perhaps this is a non-story in 2018, or maybe it’s something to keep an eye on... “There were times I had to pull my helmet off to call a play in the huddle,” McCoy recalled in an interview earlier this month. “Guys could hear him yelling, and they’d say, ‘Just take it off.’ People said to me, ‘Man, I ain’t never seen anything like that. Just hang in there.’” Brian Daboll was an a-hole in Cleveland Daboll’s rough treatment of Colt McCoy And then there was this, from an interview with a KC reporter... Q: In the last week, we've talked to a lot of people in Cleveland and Miami in the media that worked with you, and really high reviews from a lot of the local people. However, when you Google Brian Daboll, one of the first things that comes up is a Mike Silver article about harsh treatment of Colt McCoy. Can you maybe talk about your relationship with Colt and if the article was fair and if so, why there was that dynamic? DABOLL: "The relationship with most of the players that I've coached, I have a very, very good relationship. Colt and I have a good relationship. It's not a bad relationship. I think there are certain times when you're a coach and sometimes emotion can get to you that maybe you step back and say, 'Boy, I would rather have handled it that way rather than this way,' but I think the job as a coach is to tell the players what to do, show them how to do it and really not accept any excuses. It's an emotional game, and just like certain things in my life, not just football, some things I wish I would have done differently here and there, but I have a lot of respect for Colt as well as the other guys that I've coached. I'm a high energy, up-tempo guy. I expect perfection. I know that's not possible all the time, but I think we need to all hold ourselves to a high standard of really setting the tone and expecting the highest detail and the highest execution from all of ourselves." Q&A with Brian Daboll
  4. Even after getting Allen, Beane still won't give you the order of how he ranked the QBs, which is fine. You want everyone to believe you got your guy.
  5. Denver was rumored to be very high on Rudolph. I can't blame them for passing in the 2nd and taking WR Courtland Sutton, but they had a chance to nab him in the 3rd, but opted for RB Royce Freeman. For their sake I hope Rudolph doesn't pan out... Actually, screw the Broncos, I hope Rudolph does pan out so their fans can lament the fact they took a RB over a starting QB. Shades of TJ Graham over Russell Wilson.
  6. JayBaller10

    Beane just said guy was falling that he wanted

    Yeah, Boat, that was my question earlier - are teams given an opportunity to counter an offer? Or is it a blind bidding war? I'm inclined to believe it's the latter, because I don't believe AZ was offering more than a 1st and a 2nd for pick 7. Our picks were higher in both rounds, so 12 and 56 should've got the deal done. The fact that Tampa could backtrack from their request of both firsts tells me that offers are made blind. Beane didn't know what AZ was offering, so he capitulated with a deal he could live with, one that would secure pick 7.
  7. JayBaller10

    Beane just said guy was falling that he wanted

    According to Peter King, AZ wasn't interested in spending a 2nd round pick to move up. How serious were they about moving up? And then there's this quote from Giants GM Dave Gettleman: Oh well, what's done is done. I just found it interesting the Bills parted with more draft capital than what was (likely) necessary.
  8. JayBaller10

    Beane just said guy was falling that he wanted

    Oh yeah, I agree. The most expensive chart - Jimmy Johnson's - says it should've only taken 12 and 56 to move up to 7. I realize things are inflated because it is a QB's market, I'm just wondering if the Cardinals were offering a sweeter deal than their first and their 2nd. Is it a blind deal, wherein the best offer wins even if it means you're giving up too much? Or would the Bills be allowed to counter whatever offer the Cardinals had on the table? Didn't sound like Beane was bidding against the Cards, it sounded like he was proposing whatever deal he found necessary to move up.
  9. JayBaller10

    Beane just said guy was falling that he wanted

    Well that's on Beane, he shouldn't have overpaid for moving up 5 slots! Word is the Bucs originally wanted 12 and 22, but Beane balked and offered the two 2nds. But why? Did Arizona, who only spent a 3rd and a 5th to move up, offer their first, their 2nd, and next year's 2nd? Seems like the Bills were bidding against themselves, especially if Tampa could backtrack from a two first round pick request.
  10. JayBaller10

    Oh boy Allen Tweeted about AJ McCarron’s wife this will be bad

    AJM and Poyer's wives are hot, but personally, I'd take the girl RGIII left his wife for: Greta Sadeiko. She's an Estonian born Heptathlete, competed at Florida State. Beautiful and athletic!
  11. JayBaller10

    Nightmare scenario: Josh Allen?

    Was just going to post something similar. Most of us have arrived to the acceptance stage of grief, but I still hate the pick. Allen is a Buffalo Bill now, so I'll root for him, no question, and hope he develops into an outlier, defying every "bust" statistic along the way, but I have my doubts. I just don't think he has the mind that makes the game easy.
  12. Curious how everyone else feels when it comes to QBs and draft assets.
  13. For the record, I was against drafting Allen even at 12. But for argument's sake, if the Bills stood pat and both Allen/Rosen were selected before 12, I'd have NO problem if Edmunds were the pick at 12 and Jackson was the pick at 22. Not to mention we'd still have the 53rd, 56th, and 65th picks in the draft. So it's basically Allen and Edmunds, or Jackson and Edumunds, along with picks 53, 56, and 65.
  14. JayBaller10

    Fan Reaction to the Allen Pick in the New Era Field House

    The Allen selection feels like yet another Billsy moment. Unfortunately we're used to those by now.
  15. JayBaller10

    Would Allen have been there at 12?

    I've seen too many "who cares" posts for my liking. I for one DO CARE the Bills gave up TWO 2nd round picks. Picks that had the potential to fill one of many holes - WR, OL, another LB, DL, RB. Those 2nd rounders are premium picks and the Bills caved into the Bucs demand. Would I have been upset if the two went towards drafting Rosen? Probably not as much, so the bias of not liking the player makes it sting that much more. I sincerely hope Allen defies every single metric and becomes a top echelon QB. Lord knows the Bills need a break. But then again, the Bills have had many opportunities to create their own breaks, but time and time again they piss them away... just like those two 2nd round picks.