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  1. JayBaller10

    Star Lotuleilei has played like a star of late

    One of the following DTs is not like the others... https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/W/WillKy20.htm https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/L/LotuSt00.htm https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/P/PhilHa00.htm https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/P/PhilJo01.htm (12 games)
  2. He’s coming along. What I would like to see in the offseason is for him to add 10 pounds to his frame. You look at others who are similar in height - Hopkins, Watkins, Julio Jones, they all go about 210 pounds and up. He looks so slight on the field at his size. I’d also like to see him develop a meaner/nastier edge.
  3. JayBaller10

    SNF: CIN vs. KC at 8:20 PM ET on NBC

    Haven't been watching this game, but I just looked up the box score. Good god. One of these days the Bills will stumble into a really good QB. And here's the thing - the best QBs have ALWAYS been available without any extra effort on the part of the franchise: Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson. They all fell into the Bills lap (or would have fell in the case of Rodgers). One of these days, guys. One of these days. Sure, we may all be dead by then, but it's gonna happen. We're gonna find a blue chip QB.
  4. JayBaller10

    CJ Beathard only has 3 more career starts than Josh Allen

    When I heard the Browns were deciding between drafting Allen or Mayfield, I actually felt sorry for Browns fans, thinking that organization would screw up by taking the biggest question mark in the draft. I didn’t like Allen and it wasn’t because of the often referenced accuracy issues, I didn’t like him as a prospect due to his decision making. He failed to look like a man among boys in the Mountain West conference and often struggled to throw for 200 yards. He’s a Buffalo Bill now, so I’m going to continue hoping he miraculously turns into something he never was, but if he doesn’t, the Bills deserve to toil in mediocrity.
  5. JayBaller10

    Peterman Pick 6

    The slot wasn’t the preferred read on that play. There’s a safety playing robber and if NP threw to Zay, the play would’ve ended in a violent collision or potentially a tipped pass/interception. Where NP should have gone with the ball is the TE, Charles Clay. The 11th defender was over the top of Benjamin, so if that pass went to Clay, it would’ve been a huge gain. Problem is, NP makes a decision where he’s going with the ball presnap. It’s why he looks decisive, but is also why he throws so many INTs. He never progresses through his reads post snap.