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  1. But these idiots are allowed to call offensive holding on a play away from the ball that has absolutely no bearing on the outcome of that play?
  2. It’s an interesting observation, but unfortunately a regular season win in 2019 does nothing to lessen the blow of losing those playoff games.
  3. When no one is schemed open or has 2-3 yards of separation, Allen will often roll out of a clean pocket, shortening the field and inviting the pass rush. What I’d like to see is for him to stand in there and take chances when players are singled up down the field. He did this on the game winning drive against the Jets, threw it up and allowed Brown to make a play, but he doesn’t do it with any consistency. There were a number of times yesterday and in other games where players are singled up down the field but Josh lacks the trust to put the ball out there. Hopefully in the games to come he’ll give Duke those opportunities since he’s a bigger body - as well as Knox and Sweeney.
  4. As long as no one expects Duke to be the second coming of Anquan Boldin, expectations should be tempered. I personally just want to see a player who’s hungry for the football. Someone who has that junk yard dog in him to fight for everything thrown his way. If he can show that, I’m good. I’m not expecting a superstar, just hoping for a reliable target who can bail his QB out once in awhile. He deserves a shot to succeed or fail.
  5. The NFL’s current sack leader was once cut and put on a practice squad. The practice squad does not equate to “talentless,” or “inferior to ALL players on the 53.” The squad is simply an avenue for those who have not yet reached their potential, or just haven’t been afforded an opportunity (whether that’s because of numbers, politics, or whatever). There are ample practice squad players around the league that will be regular contributors once they get their shot, so to demean these guys’ skills is silly.
  6. He was missing on his deep balls versus air at his pro day, so I’m not surprised he’s missing them when 300 pound dudes are trying to sack him. That’ll be the next skillset he needs to develop.
  7. Jason Peters. Dawkins is a good LT, but not a great. Still gets beat too much for my liking. 2nd choice would be an Eric Moulds in his prime.
  8. Eight sacks for the Steelers. EIGHT! They only had six on the season coming into this game. Meanwhile we were struggling to get to Dalton. Only 3 QB hits all game.
  9. I was against drafting Allen given his Wyoming tape and especially against trading up for him. After he was drafted, he had (and has) my full support. But seeing other young QBs around the league routinely throw for 300+ with multiple TDs a game leaves me envious. I can only hope Kyle Van Noy’s comments about Allen “being shook” and “lost out there” burns a fire within him to elevate his game to levels he wasn’t even sure he could achieve. We need this dude to pan out.
  10. This is how the Bills should’ve embarrassed Cincinnati at home.
  11. Do the Bills win yesterday’s game with Lamar Jackson at QB?
  12. Pittsburgh racking up the sacks
  13. As others have said, I can’t totally fault Allen for not seeing Gore’s defender slip because his primary read on the play was Zay Jones... and he had him. The problem is Allen held the ball. Off of play action, he looks to Zay, sees the safety isn’t in position to break up the pass, so he had to let it go right then. Zay obviously had separation (or was on his way to getting it) which makes the decision to launch an anticipatory throw all the better. Throw the ball to a spot, let him run under it. Would Zay have made the catch? Now that’s debatable.
  14. The hit alone wasn’t worthy of a season suspension, but with his reputation and his response to being thrown out the game (smiling and blowing kisses), he dug his own grave.
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