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  1. I don't get the Kim Jung QB reference
  2. And Stabler has one the all-time great lines with Upshaw, Shell, Jim Otto
  3. The Snake is my all-time favorite player in the NFL and the only non-Bills jersey I have bought. I grew up watching him play but in all honesty I don't see the comparison. Allen definitely has a better arm. Stabler was more of a precision passer. Stabler could move around in the pocket to avoid the rush but his knees were in bad shape by the time he made it to the NFL. Personality Allen strikes me a the all-American boy next door while Stabler was the original Joe Cool. I'd love it if were true but I don't see it.
  4. Thinking seriously about it depending on the airfare
  5. I agree the flipside though is with the concentration of power the weaknesses as well as the strengths of the few hands are magnified.
  6. Didn't do so well with Rob Johnson at the helm before or after he played
  7. Sadly I am an expert! lol
  8. Sir, a Big Mac is from McDonalds and Biggie Fries are from Wendy's; are you proposing that you would somehow merge these two fast food giants simply because you were able to accomplish a 3-5 year business plan in a meer 4 months?! Balderdash!
  9. Shula/Marino and Dungy/Manning ahead of Johnson/Aikman? You could easily make the case that Johnson/Aikman belong ahead of Holmgren/Farve and Levy/Kelly.
  10. This measurement is more about which team generates the most interest than who has the "best fan base". This is click bait wrapped the the veneer of academia.
  11. It feels like McDermott is setting up a running back by committee approach this year, but I also get the sense that he will go with the hot hand. If McCoy comes out smoking hot he will get a lot of carries. Same applies to Yeldon and Gore.
  12. I care deeply about fidget spinners and am deeply offended.
  13. Agreed, its not the blitz packages that cause problems for Brady its when the front four can get pressure without blitzing that causes Brady to look more like Kyle Orton.
  14. Wow what a beautiful beach...
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