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  1. I hadn't heard about the Von Miller police investigation but it sounds pretty dire https://www.denverpost.com/2021/02/23/von-miller-criminal-investigation-prosecutor/
  2. Id feel better about this if the Dolphins, Colts and Raiders weren't also selected to win the Superbowl.
  3. I get your point but I honestly don't care what the "national media" thinks of this team and if the Bills sneak up on some teams like they did the Cowboys last year I am fine with that.
  4. I can certainly understand if the Patriot fans and supporters think they will always find a way to win the division, get to and win the Super Bowl... I'd probably have the same sense of entitlement and confidence if my team had the same success. As a Mets fan who listens to WFAN in NY during the summer Yankee fans NEVER lose confidence that things can and will be fixed.
  5. Agreed! Good for him, good for us. Early in the game I started complaining to my son when a Seahawk running back beat Klein to the corner for a first down. After he sacked Wilson and caused/recovered the fumble I turned tomy so and said, "see you wanted to bench this guy"
  6. Danold's is having the same early career issue as Ryan Tannehill, its called Adam Gase.
  7. Absolutely, that is just my projection of his potential. I think he is a top 10 QB in the league but not as you said ""MVP who has revolutionized the league" he was way overrated last year. I think we are on the same page.
  8. You just knew this was coming, guys like this write this for the reactions'
  9. Possibly but not certainly, I should have been clearer I meant the teams that are legitimate contenders for the Super Bowl. The Seahawks and Cardinals are playing much better football than those two right now.
  10. Jackson isn't as good as the media made him sound last year but he is a QB you can win play-off games with and likely a championship. He's just not in the same class with Mahomes, no one is right now. Some writers tried so sell that he was the #1 QB in the league which he isn't. The Ravens have done an outstanding job of playing up his strengths and masking his shortcomings but he clearly has some. I suspect that the QB rankings after Mahomes will fluctuate week to week.
  11. You're right and I can't say that I have been that excited about the Bills performances against the Titans, Chiefs, Jets or Patriots either but they can change that with wins against the Seahawks and Cardinals the next two weeks. They need some wins against teams that are play-off bound this year
  12. I was thinking of Jarius Bird, Jason Peters and more recently of course Sammy Watkins
  13. The but for the grace of God.... the Bills have been through this same situation many times.
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