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  1. Wouldn't the same risk apply to the punter? Losing your only punter during a game could easily cost you a game as well.
  2. The all access only allows you to watch online in the market with the game is being broadcast it doesn't make all games available. I don't know if you can "trick" it using a vpn with a western NY ip address but it might work.
  3. Not that I have heard of, the only other Bills Bar I know of is where the BB of The Fenway meet, The Bleacher Bar.
  4. I like that we are starting 12 players, smart!
  5. Yeah I'm sure that's she was hired....most qualified no doubt
  6. ""We've been able to sell stadiums for 10-year deals, anywhere between $15,000 and $20,000 a year," said Jeff Bertoni, the company's president of sales. "You have kind of a unique situation going on in Texas, where they're getting multimillion-dollar deals for their sponsorships of their stadiums." That's a lot of chipping in
  7. I don't get the Kim Jung QB reference
  8. And Stabler has one the all-time great lines with Upshaw, Shell, Jim Otto
  9. The Snake is my all-time favorite player in the NFL and the only non-Bills jersey I have bought. I grew up watching him play but in all honesty I don't see the comparison. Allen definitely has a better arm. Stabler was more of a precision passer. Stabler could move around in the pocket to avoid the rush but his knees were in bad shape by the time he made it to the NFL. Personality Allen strikes me a the all-American boy next door while Stabler was the original Joe Cool. I'd love it if were true but I don't see it.
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