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  1. I am a Bills fan who live near Boston and have been to a number of stadiums as a visiting fan and my experience with the fans in this area is the worst I have experienced. Jets fans were pretty bad too. (I used to live in the NYC area and attend those games regularly.) The general rule I've found to be true is the better a team is doing the more obnoxious the fans become. I try everything to avoid fighting by engaging in friendly conversation with the fans around me but as been written here by others alcohol make everyone louder and stupider. To be fair Bills fans can be awful too. I remember almost getting into a fight with Bills fans in Buffalo when trying to help out a Dad and his young son who had the nerve to wear Broncos jerseys into Ralph Wilson Stadium. I genuinely wish security would screen these intoxicated fans better.
  2. I don't get the Norwood jersey either.
  3. I was just thinking we should reach out to the Bears and offer them a pair of first round picks and see if they are willing to part with Big Nate!
  4. I suspect no one is bringing their shoes to camp this year
  5. I agree with you and I think its by design. I suspect the entire team is going to be a little more serious this year following the unexpected early exit last year. It was a big disappointment, I even suspect that Diggs is leading this "time to be serious" approach.
  6. I think he was quietly told it was time to move on. I suspect he and McDermott have a strong personal relationship and they found a way for the Bills to make a change without making him look like the public scape-goat. He seems like a genuinely good man but I am glad the Bills made the change. I would rather they had bought in a new DC rather than have McDermott take over that role too though.
  7. That makes sense to me, Henry has two or three years at best and the Titans seem to be rebuilding. I'd love for him to be added to the Bills but I don't know how they fit that salary in. He would certainly make the offense more balanced and would likely open up the passing game for Allen because teams would have to respect the running game. I don't think he will be coming here though. I'd give up a couple of second round picks if the Titans eat some of the salary
  8. I suspect he just wants to keep his name out there in the news. He looked pretty done last year
  9. PFF.com has Washington as the #4 TE in the draft and going early on day 2 so likely a second round pick. I would like to upgrade the TE position what do you gentlemen think of Mike Gesicki? He was a pretty solid threat in the passing game before the new coaching staff came in; he was an after-thought for Miami this year but I think he could be an inexpensive 1 year try-out and would be a big improvement in the passing game over the current TEs.
  10. Interesting that fixing the lines is OVERWHELMING the choice of this group, the people have spoken. Truthfully I didn't. To me a new DC is the most important but fixing the lines is by far the choice of most fans in this group.
  11. I think Frazier going is the most critical change, how many more bites at the apple for him as DC, the D comes up small in every big game
  12. Terry Pegula asks you're advice on one thing he can do to get the Bills to the next level what's your one choice?
  13. $14.46MM on an aging S seems more like an emotional decision than an intellectual one
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