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  1. That is supposed to mean something? He had fewer drops then the other bad WRs on his team... So he isn't the worst on the Cowboys (for 1 season) is what you're saying lol
  2. Cooper has most drops since 2015... So no.
  3. They still would have said we got the wrong Josh, and that idiot guy who stopped writing b.c the Bills took Allen would still be writing
  4. I thought 9 inch hands were small?
  5. They make more money off of one international game then they would with a home game. The NFL knows what it's doing don't worry about the money they make. TBH the owners already have this worked out so it is a non issue
  6. It's not a bad thing I guess someone said this when they went from 14-16 also... And the world didn't implode.
  7. Every chain restaurant I ever worked at the manager was the one who had to clean the bathrooms. They wouldn't let the employees clean them said it was a health risk if you were handling customers food. This was about 15 years ago.
  8. He had no business doing what he did. I never called him stupid, said it makes him look that way.
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