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  1. I don't think they care since every other news station is in the exact same boat.
  2. "Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672"... That is over 1 year from disease that already had a foothold on the world. We are at 83k+ just from Coronavirus which started not more then a half a year ago.
  3. I havent... So I guess you are talking about yourself?
  4. Numbers are not suffering offensive lines are just as good as they always been and yet you pretend like it's b.c they don't have more "Hitting practices" if that was true numbers would be suffering yet they are better now then they ever been.
  5. Here we go more excuses.... If it did they wouldn't be talking about taking preseason games away, these same coaches would be playing starters in preseason games for more practice. Basic logic, homie.
  6. It has nothing to do with practices linking a few Opinion Articles mean nothing. OPINION it is not "Widely considered" as you made up in your OP. Yet we still have very good offensive lines and very bad ones b.c of players that are good or bad and injuries. Nothing to do with "lack of hitting practices" You want so bad to be right but you aren't. Go start your own thread about Offensive lines if it really bothers you that much.
  7. Like I said making things up is also found in people generally not well read.
  8. Tyson isn't back until he threatens to eat someone's kids. So sad 1.5 second looping clips and he thinks he is back.
  9. Lol widely considered... Come on man stop making stuff up.
  10. You just can't make this stuff up... I wonder who will be the next "Greatest Bill to never play a game"
  11. None of that really matters as much as you think which is why they keep taking practices away. Don't forget every other team is in the same boat so it is even field still. Don't use any excuses for Allen.
  12. Anyone that made a career after Wrestling.... So The Rock.. And that other dude... I don't remember his name. The real top 5 professional wrestlers are probably the last 5 guys that won Olympic gold before they got rid of wrestling.
  13. Sorry Sammy you just not good enough. I guess so but Ty Dunne got a story of bull#### from Sammy so all he did was show how crazy Watkins is... Not really a good story TBH.
  14. And yet you posted another tweet by them.... Looks like they are still winning.
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