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  1. Watson comes off as arrogant to me...not a fan
  2. I like the blue on blue with the white facemasks we wore on turkey day.
  3. I hope we wear those turkey day uniform...clean as hell and served us well in Texas!! Let’s go get this dub boys!!
  4. That would be my mom she just discovered some sort of app on her phone. I honestly didn’t notice until my brother pointed it out.
  5. You must be a lot of fun at parties! It’s a family pic I wouldn’t be flipping off anyone.
  6. it started They started ***** talking when I celebrated the Hyde pick early...ended up being a flag but they said "sit the f*ck down." Game on...back and forth ensued. My mom was convinced they were MS-13 lol
  7. Mom surprised me with this. After the game photographers come take your picture and hope for you to purchase after, Kind of like Disney. Anyway check the Cowboys fans in the back lol. Such a fun game!!!
  8. I for one am ecstatic to have Josh. Id rather him grow from these ups and downs than be thrusted into stardom and not be able to handle the lows.
  9. Stfu let time take its course we’ve made it this long why ditch on the one guy who’s actually got us this far.
  10. Cannot even fathom why McDermott didn’t challenge that even to slow the game down
  11. my biggest question as well...not like it hasn't been working
  12. looks like a faster Stevie Johnson which im thrilled with. Also love that kid from CO as well.
  13. I wasn't too worried until I logged on here and everyone was saying collarbone
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