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  1. Went to the Dallas game....so worth it. Will be skipping thanksgiving this year as well!!
  2. dudes going to learn so much from jerry. similarities in style of play.
  3. plays the game like Desean Jackson...those cuts against the grain are gangster.
  4. cant argue with the size part....does have nice tape though.
  5. everyone needs to relax. we have continuity on the line and great depth. KC bringing in 3 new starters.
  6. I love it. favorite offseason event. plus drafting late makes it more interesting.
  7. I would keep Milano over Edmunds at this point.
  8. id go Oline/Dline in the first. Possibly a good corner if one falls. Chuba Hubbard in the 3rd of 4th sounds good to me.
  9. I am too but I’m sure it’ll change on game day. This is the first playoff game I won’t be drinking during. I want to remember every down and feel every second. This is the first afc championship in my lifetime and I’m so stoked!
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