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  1. why is Fromm always on the injury report?
  2. me too, I remember he had a nice pbu against Kelce.
  3. im a huge josh supporter but the fact that he can't dump the ball away is crazy.
  4. maybe we should convert him to TE and make Knox a DE.
  5. I was talking about the other 3 in which you quoted. Prob wouldn't be far off though 3rd and future 5th. Yannick was traded for a 2nd and 5th.
  6. Ok any of the ones i listed could be had for a 3rd round pick no need to be a smart ass
  7. other options Anthony Walker (IND) Jarrad Davis (DET) Haasan Reddick (ARI)
  8. good point. maybe restructure the contract after the season.
  9. worth a shot if the price is right. if not who do you hope for us to look at?
  10. Haven’t seen many quick slants/ high completion % passes early in games to get josh in rhythm.
  11. 1.) hate our play calling 2.)defense mostly sucks(even though they held sb champs to 26) 3.)vanilla 4.)no run game 5.) defense getting blown off the ball
  12. Y’all are a bunch of cry babies. Go bills we will have our ups and downs, but to mention Trent Edwards...reaches an all time low.
  13. For those worried about fantasy. Our league is doing an alternate lineup that we screen shot and send to our commissioner to use in case of untimely cancellations.
  14. I'm sure this has been discussed and also some of y'all are in the same boat. But if you had Bills D, Josh and Singletary do you start dropping people and preparing if they don't play for fantasy?
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