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  1. 38 yard line is in FG range for other teams, but not us this year. I can't believe we would have tried it if the penalty wasn't called. For me that call just represents the penalties the refs were going to make us overcome and the no in game penalties the Texans were given.
  2. The Ford block is a great talking point and one were most non-Bills fans agreed was a call that shouldn't have been made, but someone explain to me what they have seen this year that would make them think McDermott was going to try a 55 yard FG for the win if that call isn't made? Allen got to the 38 yard line and it would have been 4th and 5. My money would have been a punt there to try and pin them deep. Second choice is they go for it. Last is the FG. The missed block on the sweep is definitely the answer.
  3. That was the drive where we got a FG, but Watt got the sack on a 3rd down that really energized the crowd and Texans. I thought at the time the crowd and Texans where grasping at straws to find something to be happy about, but it really did end up being the turning point.
  4. I was at the game and had a perfect view. Was really, really annoyed that he didn't get up. Would have and should have scored on that. We had multiple guys there and they had no one to stop it. One of many plays we left on the field during the first 2.5 quarters when we were dominating in a game we should have put out of reach, but didn't.
  5. We have a coach that wants a low risk/low reward style and a QB who at his core is almost the exact opposite of that. I am hopeful that this marriage will work long term, but coach needs to understand he also needs to adjust and get better and not think it is only on Josh to improve and grow.
  6. This can’t be said enough. That 100% should have been a TD on the fumble and I was saying that all game and was worried it would come back to bite us. No attempt at returning it and it was all our guys around. I agree that is a reflection of our coach and his conservative nature. The TO was considered good enough as you said. Coach did it again by playing for a FG at best at the end of a half to make sure the other team doesn’t have any time left on the clock to do anything themselves. Killing time is more important that maximizing the chance to score a TD. There is a lot I like about our coach, but he still has almost as much growing and improving to do as Allen. This all plays into the controversial post game comments. We have a coach that wants a low risk/low reward style and a QB who at his core is almost the exact opposite of that. I am hopeful that this marriage will work long term, but coach needs to understand he also needs to adjust and get better.
  7. Football and its rules are an evolving game if the last decade has shown anything. I think is something the league should look at and consider adjusting the rules on. You don't. Both opinions are fine.
  8. Didn't say it was against the rules. Was saying why the league could easily determine it should be. It was a dangerous, though legal, play.
  9. If that punch hits Allen's wrist, he's probably done for the year. In a league moving towards more and more player safety, that is not a safe play with that type of windup.
  10. I think it should be a penalty if you miss the ball and contact the player instead. If you misjudge a tackle and hit a head, it's a penalty. Doesn't matter that you meant to hit another body part. Same thing on punching. If you are going to allow those types of punches, then sure no penalty if you execute it correctly and just hit the ball. But hit the offensive player at all and you should get flagged. That was a severe punch. Watt could have really and easily injured Allen with that.
  11. We can lose tonight and still win the division if we win last two and patriots lose last two. That’s the only scenario where we win the tiebreaker with NE.
  12. That is not true. If we lose to the Steelers, but win against the Patriots and the Jets we finish 11-5. Patriots beat Cinci but then lose to us and Miami to finish 11-5. We win the tie breaker because we would be 5-1 in the division and NE would be 4-2. It wouldn't get to common opponents in that case which is where we lose out to NE. There is no way for NE to clinch the division this week even if we lose and they win.
  13. I agree there on both accounts. Whether it was Daboll or Allen making that call on 2nd and 1, that play call more than any other shows a lack of football IQ by all.
  14. Completely viable scenario Week 15: Texans over Titans Saints over Colts Week 16: Saints over Titans Week 15 or 16: Browns lose to Cardinals and/or Ravens Raiders lose to Jags and/or Chargers If this all happens, we clinch a spot before the Jets game even if we lose next two weeks. Easily could happen. Or we just win on Sunday and make it really simple.
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