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  1. It’s really disheartening and disturbing these last 5 games how many have turned against Allen. Guy gives it his all and puts his heart and soul on the team. Has he played reckless? Yes he has. But the team around him outside of Diggs has not helped him much at all. Davis is not the true number 2 WR that we all hoped he would become after his playoff stint against the Chiefs. Knox has also taken a big step back since getting his new contract and that’s becoming a growing theme not only for us but to every team around the league. Also the o line has regressed and large part due to injuries. Chances are we’re going to need a new center and move on from Morse. to all those who dislike Allen now. Just remember what we had for 17 years before Allen came to us. Remember Bledsoe, Losman, Fitzpatrick and Edwards, Van Pelt etc
  2. Without that throw and catch, they for sure would’ve lost.
  3. Any fan that’s turned against Allen is not a Buffalo Bills fan. I wonder how many people on this board would B word and Moan if Kelly was playing today? Majority would’ve tried to run him out of town. And I can honestly say that I’m not one of the fans that adores or praises Kelly.
  4. He’s playing hero ball and is trying to make up for the lack of talent on the offense. We can’t run successfully because our O line isn’t good and outside of Diggs our WR corps is very average at best. Defenses are starting to catch on to our offense being one dimensional seeing that we can run the ball effectively and consistently
  5. What a complete and pure nonsense thread I mean seriously???
  6. INTS are apart of the game. No QB is perfect. Kelly threw some ugly INTS in his career, worse than what Allen has thrown.
  7. You know what to all the people bitching about Allen. How about we get rid of him and go another 17 years of ***** QB play.
  8. The scheme isn’t working. Frazier has been here since 2017 and the defense is still a problem. He needs to go
  9. Are you gonna dome the roads as well?? I’m so sick and tired hearing about a dome stadium. ***** the dome, you can’t handle the cold then stay home and crank up your heater and watch the game from your TV
  10. Highly doubt a Brady type QB will be in the sixth round in the 23 draft
  11. Honestly Buffalo beat Buffalo in that game. If they pulled their heads out of their asses then Buffalo wins that game.
  12. Kirk cousins is garbage just pure garbage. Now everyone is seeing why Diggs wanted out of Minnesota. Guarantee Jefferson will be next to try and get away from Cousins.
  13. Unless they plan to tank the rest of their season for a higher draft pick then they won’t be in a position to grab a top QB in next years draft
  14. I think it was clear that Wilson was going to be a bust the moment the jets drafted him. People complain that Tua is small and dare I say that Wilson is smaller than Tua. Yes Wilson has a strong arm but that ain’t gonna do Jack ***** for you if you can’t hit the top ocean from the beach. Jets are going to be in major trouble moving forward because of their QB problem. 18/25 154 yards is a decent game to you ??
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