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  1. What about Kris Richard? Not too long ago he was touted as a HC candidate and he was apart of the legion of boom defense in Seattle.
  2. Fangio’s scheme is 3-4 also he’s interviewing in Miami today
  3. I didn’t mean to put don’t. That’s a typo I actually do see the dolphins signing him. They’re known for overpaying for washed up players
  4. Yeah I see them paying top dollar for a 32 year old SS with injury issues. That would be asinine to make him a rotational player
  5. I’ve seen comments about her bitching about the snow storms
  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t she cheat on him with Antonio Brown?
  7. I do as well. Bunch of Miami fans on Twitter excited about getting poyer when it’s obvious his best days are behind him and they’re gonna over pay for a washed up 32 year old Strong Safety
  8. Looks like his wife his pushing him to sign with Miami. Also there’s another picture I can’t upload that shows Poyer liking a Dolphins fan IG about him teaming up with Jevon Holland. I think Beane keeps Edmunds and we see Poyer in Miami next season.
  9. I highly doubt he’s gonna want to go to the jets and follow the same career path that Favre took. Aaron has lost quite a few steps and it’s obvious his heart is not in football anymore. That would be a dumb trade for the jets
  10. That’s what’s interesting about people these days. They’ll believe anything you tell them. I’m sure there’s people that think Elvis and Jim Morrison are still alive
  11. What the ***** is this *****?? Conspiracy theory🤣🤣🤣 I guess we better call Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Anyone who believes in conspiracy theory’s need to get their heads checked and get on medication immediately
  12. More than a first How long did Payton go 7-9 with Brees?
  13. https://www.wgrz.com/amp/article/news/local/state-board-approves-bills-stadium-deal-buffalo-football-wny-billsmafia/71-d0a85c0b-536c-4abf-9939-050231925bd9 Well none of us have to worry about that
  14. I don’t see how wanting to support your teammates/brothers is a bad call.
  15. I think if Marty went to Miami after Johnson quit on them in 97 he would’ve won a SB. Marty never had a great QB to work with. McDermott is more comparable to Marvin Lewis at this point.
  16. He won’t get a ring anywhere if he leaves Buffalo
  17. Not Allen’s fault his defense didn’t show up today. We can run the ball, Diggs could barely get open. You can’t expect Josh to be Superman all the damn time you need to be realistic
  18. Ok so let’s dump Josh and go watch him win with another franchise while we go back into QB purgatory. You guys are delusional. When Allen’s hot your allover his sack but when he plays bad you guys want him gone. Buffalo fans like you just suck and are unrealistic
  19. So who are you going to get?? Because I can tell you Payton ain’t coming here. No one’s going to give up their entire draft for a HC who rode the tails of HOF QB and failed to do anything after him and left his franchise in a ***** load of debt because his stupid overspending
  20. What ***** running game does he have beside himself?? His o line sucks and outside of Diggs and Knox he HAS NOTHING!!!!!!
  21. You know what, ***** trade him and go watch him win a SB with another team. And watch the bills go back to being bottom feeders again. ***** this fan base
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