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  1. I’d take that bet, Shanahan was ready to dump him after the 21 season. They know what Jimmy is. It’s only a matter of time of either screwing up badly or getting hurt.
  2. I highly doubt the 9ers will be in the SB this year. Only a matter of time for when Jimmy G fully ***** the bed like he always does
  3. Niners are going to the SB?? Is Montana coming out of retirement?? Maybe Steve Young
  4. Dude anyone could’ve won a SB coaching that Rams team last year. We’ve all seen this show before, example 2000 Baltimore Ravens and 2002 Buccaneers. Superstar team with a staunch defense great WR’s and a decent running game and a veteran QB who just has to play mistake free. That’ll probably be the last SB the rams see for a long time. Their GM ***** up that franchises future by sending away most of their picks for aging veteran players Reportedly he has tendinitis in his throwing arm. His arm looks shot I work with a rams fan and he told me that Stafford is going to play into his 40s like Brady lol. I told him good luck with that
  5. You can tell losing Von has hurt their defense. Bobby Wagner was a downgrade, also Stafford isn’t going to last the season with how bad their O line is. Same, most overrated HC in the league.
  6. That’s not saying a whole lot lol
  7. I take it you didn’t watch Kenny throw 3 INTS. In fact his first career pass was an INT. Tomlin is a fool to start this kid with their upcoming schedule
  8. That name Pickett is not going to age well lol. Even though he’s a rookie he didn’t look promising in the slightest
  9. I think Miami wins that game even without Tua. Jets looked like ass against Pittsburgh and Wilson has to be one of the worst QBS I’ve ever seen. Did you not watch how bad Wilson was. Their defense is improved for sure but they don’t have any type of offense. They barely got passed a Pittsburgh team with no QB
  10. I have a feeling this will be Reich’s last year in Indy. They downgraded completely going from Wentz to a washed up veteran in Ryan. Chicago has a draft bust at QB they have a good defense just no signal caller at QB. Atlanta is a weird team, every week their either up or down
  11. No I’m not concerned. I was pissed off with the sloppy first half like most of us were but Josh and company found a way to kick it into second gear in the 2nd half and won a game that most analysts had us losing. Now offenses that are concerning to just flat out anemic are GB, LV, Denver, NE, Carolina, Cleveland and Pittsburgh
  12. He didn’t lol he threw 3 picks. They were better off keeping Mitch out there. I dont think McD is gonna let these guys look past any of their games especially this one. But without TJ Watt and a major QB problem I don’t see Pittsburgh as a threat. They can’t even run the ball that well with Harris.
  13. I understand 100 percent that Pickett is a rookie but man he did not look good at all in that game against the jets.
  14. Would you expect anything less from Collinsworth lol
  15. Well I can say the MVP conversation for Jackson has ended. At least for this week. This is why I’ve continuously said and stand by comments that Lamar is a great athlete but as a QB he leaves a lot to be desired. He has those tendencies like Tyrod, if his first and second reads aren’t there then he’ll just take off running instead of being patient and scanning the field. He relies too much on his legs and most of the time it works when defenses aren’t prepared or on their A game. But when defenses are either on their A game or they adjust, he can’t seem to handle it and he struggles big time.
  16. I think this will be last season. Didn’t want to be there for the first 55 min lol. I saw his disinterest in game 1. I think he knew the passing game was going to be in trouble after they shipped Adams to Vegas. Now he has no one to bail him out
  17. Besides his second year he’s been pedestrian at best. He hasn’t lived up to his MVP status that he had his second year. As an athlete he’s a freak of nature but as a passer of the football he’s meh at best
  18. To quote the great Don Shula regarding David Wooldley. He’s an athlete trying to play QB, Lamar is not at the level of Allen, Mahomes, Rodgers or Brady or even Burrow for that matter. He’s probably the greatest athlete I’ve seen since Vick but as a passer he’s average.
  19. This. Daboll and company know they don’t have a franchise QB on their roster also 23 class is supposed to be QB heavy. Might as well trade off assets and collect as many picks for the future
  20. With how soft the Defense is playing I think Ravens score on this drive.
  21. Well it won’t be OBJ since he won’t be available till November-December. And I don’t think OBJ wants to come here anyways
  22. I don’t understand Josh is 6”5” almost 6”6 and his passes get batted down??? WTF man 😡🤬
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