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  1. They remind me of the 2020 Steelers. Complete paper tigers and Hurts is nothing More than a game manager
  2. I think he’s been playing with a concussion. That first half of the GB I thought Buffalo was going to massacre them. Then Allen took a hit to the head and played 100 percent sloppy.
  3. Good QB🤣🤣🤣 I guess you didn’t pay attention to him in Miami last year or his time with the colts. He’s an average bridge veteran. That’s about it
  4. Part of it to me is injuries and that hit to the head he took in that Green Bay game. And not only the injury with his elbow but no one is talking about the hand injury he sustained against Miami when he got into it with Wilkins for grabbing him
  5. Maybe that TD can shut some of you Allen haters up for a minute
  6. See right here is just a nonsense comment to make. Your really trying to compare Allen to Wentz ?? Cmon man 🤦‍♂️
  7. You guys suck. You bills fans absolutely suck. Call yourselves the best fans in the NFL. You guys are punks.
  8. Well then you guys are stupid. No other way to put it just stupid. I hope Allen requests a trade off this team so I can watch this franchise completely crumble and go back to being a worthless doormat like they used to be.
  9. And who’s available??? Who’s gonna want to coach here?? Think logically please
  10. That’s a smart ***** move. Absolutely brilliant. How most of you guys aren’t rocket scientists or brain surgeons I’ll never know
  11. Lost all confidence in Allen?? Your a fake fan. Go jump on someone else’s bandwagon
  12. We’re getting a new stadium i’d say that’s pretty nice. Some of you guys are drama queens on here
  13. Some of you guys need to get your eyes checked. He was down
  14. Irsay has 100 percent turned into his father. Like Elway back in 83, no first round QB is gonna want to go to the Colts.
  15. Yeah cause he did wonders when he was our GM
  16. Marv levy🤣🤣🤣 cmon man. Guys 92 years old. Who in the hell is going to listen to him?? Buffalo will not be a highly sought place if McDermott gets fired
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