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  1. This stuff goes sideways with Kids. It all stops if the youth leagues and high schools start to get involved and realistically, hard to imagine that doesn’t happen eventually. Anybody who played at any level wanted that knock out shot highlight. It’s cemented into the game at every level. If you don’t believe me watch Ronnie Lott’s kid just drop another pee wee player with a home run shot. What did you think Lott’s coach said? His teammates? His father? Maybe you should have held up a bit? Hell no. It was all go team butt slaps.
  2. I mean, if we can get a great return sure. But you have to figure the injury bug bites at some time. So whatever his role is he will have to contribute and we will need him.
  3. If you played football, don’t tell me you didn’t like a shot at a crack back where they didn’t see you coming. It’s part of the game. It is pointless and higher risk to injury and so was Williams at that time. But the level of hate on this. Sure it’s because we loved Williams but most fans act like it was premeditated. Simple truth to it is he got a dream crack back and acted like most football players would. I wish he wouldn’t have went so high but again, the knock out shot is still very much in most players minds. That’s the mindset very early with the sport.
  4. From some of these responses it sounds like the OP has a history here of some fun stuff. What I think he means is why can't a player with the stats you mentioned elevate his team to the next level (Super Bowl). Reality is, most people don't put Luck in elite status anymore and those are really the only ones that could do it eventually by themselves. For the 99% of the rest of the situations you need a complete team. Luck is getting closer and it still might not be enough. It wasn't for the Bills at a much higher level. I will agree, I do think Luck does have some choke in his game. I would think with a more complete team they should have a group that could go to the Super Bowl. I just don't think he will ever get there, more of a feeling than stats with that.
  5. For Tre to go, we need to have a lot of success as a team. As one poster said about DE’s and sacks, the masses respect INT’s for DB’s. Tre is more of a blanket than a ball hawk. He’s well on the radar of people who really watch football. But if you ask most general fans who Tre White is they would have no idea. With success it will force people to look at the why and clearly the more you look at what he does all around, he’s an exceptional player. I would give Edmunds, Oliver, and Hughes the best chance if we aren’t as successful as a team just based on all 3 being able to get peoples attention with stats. If Oliver ends up being the player we think he is he could even help Hughes go before he does. I really think Oliver will be special but it’s not as if we are coming off some scrub at that position.
  6. I don't think I'm alone in feeling the way I do. I think many of you feel the same way. It's hard to trust this team. It's hard to trust the QB position. 20 years of psychological warfare, unmet expectations, disappointment. This is one of the most emotionally invested fan bases in the NFL. We have been burned so repetitively we have become split between two groups of people. Ones that can let go of the past be optimistic and move forward, then another group that is just as passionate and loyal but defends themselves emotionally by lowering expectations. I'm part of the latter but always fighting myself to push closer towards the former. I saw things in Allen's statistical profile last year that concerned me a great deal. How often he was running. Accuracy issues. Topics discussed many times on this forum as indicators to be cautious. I spent a lot time watching film on Josh this weekend. From the eyes of an emotionally defeated, lowered expectation, pessimist, this is what I saw. A kid in the shape of a giant outrunning defenders not because he couldn't read progressions or step up in the pocket, but because he was either forced to roll out or more often because the defensive line completely over pursued. He took advantage of mistakes defenses made and put DC's on notice this year. If you want to play pin the ears back and undisciplined in your pass rush he will make you pay. I saw this man child hit the deep middle 20 yard throw like no QB we have had since Bledsoe (who for all his shortcomings delivered that as well as anybody). I saw him often not stepping up in the pocket and delivering the ball awkwardly, but it was not because he was afraid it was because the DL was under his chin. Shockingly, he still delivered ropes all over the field from this position. I saw a player that can make every conceivable throw a QB can make in this league and many the majority of QB's could not. A player that when in cadence and rhythm was decisive and accurate. Somebody fully capable of turning absolutely nothing into not only positive yardage but sometimes a lot more. Oh by the way, a natural leader that inspired his teammates. You would have to have beaten Bills syndrome to the fullest level to not see the same things. Allen is a special player. He carried this offense as rookie void of any talent around him on his back last year. This year he has some weapons. So why not Buffalo, lets do this one more time. I'm on board and will put the past behind me. I think we make the playoffs this season. Then I think we challenge for what we really want in the years to come.
  7. My, my, aren't we a sensitive group. Don't know anything about this guy but it's not exactly contrarian to think a rookie won't start with the type of depth we have on the OL this year. Doesn't mean his fate is doomed if that's the case. Everybody hated the Allen pick. Everybody loved the Ford pick. Show me a TV or Radio personality that gets it right more often than the general public and it might start to matter a bit. If one exists I don't think it's Mr. Brown.
  8. Been on these forums a long time and never made any claims remotely close to this on a draft pick. He will be in the Pro Bowl by year two if he stays healthy.
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