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  1. It would be brain dead to go up against college football.
  2. I think it's likely we already saw Jackson's best season. His injury potential combined with an increased ability in defenses shutting down the Ravens run game as they learn more. Part of what made this year so special for him is also what puts a ceiling on him. When you have those athletic skills you don't learn progressions. A Russell Wilson type is about as extreme with mobility as you can be while still developing pocket skills otherwise you just always default to running. Vick was about the closest thing to Lamar we have seen. He did develop his pocket game more after he was reinstated by the league after his athletic skills declined to human levels.
  3. And to be clear, what I saw of Perriman was those last 5 games. I took the total (betting) in two of the 5 final Bucs games of the year. He made plays multiple times where I was just like WTF? I mean angry catches, that's why I referenced Marvin Jones. He's about the only guy I have seen make catches like that the last few years. 50/50 balls, just out muscle the DB and in violent fashion. Crazy. Understood if that isn't the norm for him. Sounds like you have seen much more. But even if it's established as not the norm, just based on his draft status and pedigree he intrigues me. If the light switch flipped on for this guy and they can at odd times for some players, he has the athletic skills to be among the best in football.
  4. If the argument is heavy passing offense, OK, he still needed to make plays with an entire defense knowing he was the only guy who knew the playbook on the field. He did so in pretty spectacular fashion watching the games he played. As a whole it seems like those that don't like him are saying pass. Ok, since we likely don't sign a real #1 or even #2 for that matter and if we draft, he likely isn't worth a crap until his second year, who can we get that you like better than Perriman for next season, a season in which we are supposed to go after a division title? I'll take my chance (which they all seem to feel like) on a guy who seems to be coming into his own, with incredible athletic skills and pedigree. This isn't a break the bank signing, none of them will be.
  5. He would be good competition for Josh Brown given the fact that we will not sign a true #1 and if we do try and draft one he will not be one next year.
  6. In 2015 drafted in the 1st round, 6'2, 212 LB's, 4.24 40 yard dash at the combine. Missed Rookie year to knee injury, moderate 2016 season then cut. Signed with Browns and then cut again when OBJ was picked up. Signed with TB this year. After the depletion of all TB's WR core the last quarter of the season was pushed into a #1 WR role. Final 5 games, 25 catches, 506 yards, and 5 TD's. I watched two of those 5 games. His knock coming out was all athlete no football player. He was attacking the football like Marvin Jones when I saw him. High pointing balls all over the field. Out muscling CB's or just running by them. Son of Brett Perriman, so comes from pedigree. I don't think we will land a big name FA WR, but a guy like this, presented with an opportunity to be a WR1. Cost effective, high upside, competition, just what we like. I would love to see us get him.
  7. I watched enough of him and TB to feel solid in my statement. Rivers is certainly on the decline, totally agree with that, but his real bonehead decisions seemed to always come in desperation mode. I think he's the right guy for TB. I expect the defense will be a top 10 unit next year, Evans and Godwin, even Perriman was coming along (I think he is a FA?) <= lets get on that if it's the case(Nearly 500 yards/5 TD's his final 5 games as the primary).. Physical, was high pointing, speed. I'm taking Tampa as my turnaround team if this move goes down.
  8. When you have solid alternatives his ball security would really make me nervous. He almost uses the ball and extends it out to help distract defenders. Maybe you could survive that in is prime but it’s not fooling anybody anymore and horrible fundamentals. That’s said, no issues with Shady. Get the ring. I just wouldn’t be rushing to get him a lot of time time with the options KC has.
  9. Rivers to TB is gold. Outside of Winston Rivers probably throws as many 50/50 balls as any QB in football. That is perfect for that group of WR's in TB that can just go up and get it. Unlike Winston, his 50/50 balls generally aren't intercepted and while he still does make the occasional bone head play it's usually around desperation time. TB is way better than most casual fans think. Defense showed a lot this year. Huge strides. Offense has talent for days.
  10. He is as close to Nate Peterman as any QB I can remember. So INT prone and seemingly always pick 6's. I will eat a whole bucket of crow on him as I preferred him to Allen.
  11. I would be interested to know the demographics on offensive and defensive coordinator's and assistants. That is your current and future coaching recruiting pool. I do not have time at the moment to research but perhaps another time. I'm inclined to agree with the notion that winning supersedes all. I would think certainly at the top like HC, best man for the job hands down. Top of the ladder is all the rule applies to. If the pool doesn't exist to begin with in the form of OC's/DC's and assistants then the rule won't help any. I also think it's somewhat faulty to compare the sample to national demographics. You should look at it with at least a slight tilt toward the demographics of the league. I'm not saying full tilt, but it should push more that way. That is at least if you think it benefits you in coaching to play at the highest level or even college. Some have, some haven't.
  12. With most the forum singing Dabs praises. Just saying, was an excellent call and design and most certainly was good enough for field goal range. That was the worst play IMO. The Milano play was just random. He’s a couple inches higher or lower, slower or faster, and the impact doesn’t get offset. Watson gets destroyed. Perfect timing on a collision from both sides offset the impact. Fords block was a petty call, but technically an infraction. We had 850 pounds to block about 240 and couldn’t. That hurts. Just visualize 3 players coming at you in a drill. It was so wide open it basically was like a drill.
  13. I agree it probably should stand, if nothing else to enforce the way the rule was written. At a younger age we get taught this thing in sports by refs called fundamentals. As an example, you can’t inbound a basketball after a basket with one foot inbounds and one foot out. Yet we see this in nearly every basketball game. Why? They stop enforcing a lot of things to the letter of the rule as you advance into college and pro. It allows for sloppiness and confusion and exactly the sort of thing we saw yesterday.
  14. It was Texans -2.5, with 55% of the money on Buffalo. Most the season, action has been against Buffalo until after the Dallas game. So I get your theory and all, but how does it work? Do the refs/NFL always want who to win? The house, public, more popular team? Curious how this works. Certainly can't be the most popular team. That would kill the house and those are usually favorites.
  15. Yup. I'm not going all in on the OP's rant, but that call was just awful. No contender is playing for OT in that spot and we seemed 100% content doing so.
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