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  1. Our base defense is very much a bend but don't break. In close games late, we turn into damn near a full on prevent. We stop rushing more than a couple. It leaves so many holes. Either from so much time for the QB, broken plays, or just check downs.
  2. You know how no matter what happened against New England, it always felt like if you left even 30 seconds on the clock it was a 50/50 proposition at best? Well, we are 0-7 since last year in games decided by 7 points or less. It stands to reason we will be involved in those games in the playoffs. We have been talking about regression and it evening out, but at some point, you really start to wonder if this team just doesn't know how to win these kind of games. At the least, what are the odds of his going 2-0 or something like that come playoff time in such situations? So while I understand that we had our 7th string in many spots, that we doubled them in yards and first downs, and all of this is likely evidence to not worry at all because we win this game 9 out of 10 times. I am a bit concerned, because we have lost games you win 9 out of 10 times at a bit of a concerning rate, especially given our aspirations.
  3. We almost give up on spreading teams out and throwing the ball or allowing Josh to be Josh. It's all predesigned to get one yard. Run your offense. History has shown the odds of us failing at trying to get one yard are probably higher than the odds of us failing trying to get 10+ yards.
  4. 49 out of 53 inactive players with 8 or more pro bowls are in the HOF. I know that was sort of the running joke with Brown, how he always seemed to end up in the Pro Bowl, as quality nominees dwindle and reality slips away, things like individual accolades start to play a big role in this. It would actually surprise me if Brown didn't make it at this point. We will see.
  5. Our defense is designed to stop an offense that wants to go over the top. We play a ton of two high safety. They haven't shown they can force teams out of that look. We are a bad matchup for them to try and stretch the field against. They have not shown the ability to stop Josh and for those that were awake at the end of the game for the Allen interview, it seemed pretty obvious he was looking forward to this one. He said something like "we know who we have next week" in a more serious tone than we typically get from Josh. He has embraced the rivalry from the start and this is the most heralded chapter in the rivalry since he was drafted if you look at impact for both teams. It's going to be fun and I think Josh and the team as a whole wants to make sure no divisional rivals think they're making up any ground on us.
  6. Yes, but what we saw against Baltimore, all man. Try playing us man. Teams just stopped last year and it created a lot of issues for us until we showed we could threaten with the rush as well. Which Josh contributes a heck of a lot with. Tua is not a statue, but they have not established a running game and they will see two high safeties all game against Buffalo. Is Tua patient enough to get 5-8 yards a play? Is he good enough to avoid mistakes when doing so? I don't think that is the case. It doesn't mean Miami isn't a threat. The WR's they have are the best tandem in the NFL, one is a generational talent, and the speed they bring is stunning. That said, we run a defense specifically designed to defend what they do best.
  7. With Russ it's that whole broken play style that made him. He is legitimately one of the best run to throw QB's in NFL history (I think our guy already is better in this area, which for him is just one area of his game). That said, this is really all Russ has ever been. In his 30's now, that style is not going to age well.
  8. Is this a causation/correlation issue? Teams that are ahead run the ball more. Is this stat more reflective of that or a type of strategy within the game? This has been talked about for a very long time. I just think it’s more of causation issue nowadays. Good teams pass. That seems pretty clear from an observational standpoint.
  9. It felt like late last year that the officials were starting to give Josh the benefit of the doubt. Which is really hard given how physical he is. I don't know that it extended to the rest of the team, but Josh seemed to get a few close ones late last year that we might not have gotten in the past.
  10. I have a van with no windows if you need ice cream
  11. I'm a full timer. My take is the Rams are at somewhat peak value, just given the previous SB. A poor ATS record follows previous SB champions. Which should scream play on Buffalo, that said, we are favorites. I would venture to say, without looking, a road team playing AT the defending SB champion week 1 has been a favorite probably 1-2 times in the last 25 years. It's almost inconceivable. Bills are at peak market value without having exactly established that position. They have been slower to optimize over the past few years. I just see no value in a betting this game as a Bills fan and would much rather enjoy the game and lay my action elsewhere.
  12. I will concede it’s a stretch to label his draft drop as a result of this. I will also say it’s a stretch that everybody knew or that even the Bills knew. I will also say this thread, congratulating how the Bills handled this, is also stretchy. We just don’t know enough. This thread should have never been created.
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