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  1. Dalton Risner for culture, Taylor for need, and B. Murphy for scheme fit.
  2. It’s got to be Rudolph. The tweet praising Bobby Johnson sounded like a passive aggressive plea to McBeane to come get him out of there.
  3. He took a team with Tyrod Taylor as its starting QB to the playoffs. And don't forget. Mcdermott and Beane really are a team. They work together well and make each other better.
  4. Yeah. He and Risner are probably the most McDermotty guys in the draft. And throw in Rock Ya-Sin. He was a wrestler.
  5. Because you asked. I would bet Drue tranquill from ND ends up on our roster. Like Milano he's a converted safety. Tested welll at the combine. And is a fifth year senior. Extremely processy.
  6. Just look at demand for tackles the last couple years. No one thought Ricky Wagner would get the contract he got last year. Then you saw teams trade up in the first round for Mcglinchy and Miller. Now today, Brown got 16 Mil. per year and James 13 mil. As much as I'd like to say we get him for 10MIl. per year. The market is saying something different. I agree but if the ol we sign isn't a tackle. We almost have to go that way.
  7. The most interestimg thing is that both tackle signings today were for only 4years. I thought the Bills would have to go five years for Williams. So while the average per year is going up on all of these guys, the years aren't. I think Williams is going to get 4/60 mil. now.
  8. Someone said that if he's cut next year it's only a 1.3 mil. cap hit. Very manageable. Beane is showing he knows how to structure contracts.
  9. He was a possible franchise tag target. Collins cleaned out his locker as confirmation he won't be franchised.
  10. They have the cash to spend. Hopefully they use it here.
  11. Landon Collins is allegedly out with the Giants.
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