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  1. Steve Van Buren. Multiple league Mvp. All time rushing leader when he retired. Cornerstone of greatest era of Eagles football. Then White and Bednarik.
  2. Sean probably moves up two spots to ten ahead of Arians and Tomlin. No one in the tier above is falling out yet. Although Gruden and Petersen may be dropping a couple spots.
  3. He's on practice squad and will in theory run scout team offense the next two weeks at least. We'll see how long he lasts after that.
  4. Week 1 and week 2. If we win those games based on strong defensive showings he might deserve a game ball. Coach Bellichick couldn't have done this better.
  5. He also knows the next two offenses we are going to play as well as anyone, being he played on the Giants last year and Jets this preseason. If we start 2-0 he probably deserves a game ball. This is Bellichick level stuff.
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