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  1. Yeah man. My group of friends love to go out and have a great time. I know it’s hard
  2. OP, Please treat others with respect. This type of behavior is unbecoming.
  3. Im sorry, I didn’t mean to confuse you. I didn’t see EJ Manuel. He reminds me of a hybrid between EJ and Teabow. A gamer with potential. -Esque
  4. These refs are making the nfl unwatchable.
  5. C JA has got to get his head in the game. Too many rookie mistakes for a second year player. Looks immature and has a lot of growing to do. EJ Manualesque. He is still a question mark. Hopefully he will turn the corner soon.
  6. Looks like a totally different quote. No?
  7. False Start penalty on a key 3rd down. Other than that, nada.
  8. Meryl Streep? The Netflix celeb. That’s a similar level to an Instagram “influencer”.
  9. Bills won today because I took out my helicopter and flew it in a Bison like pattern. Landed it on my yacht to pick up my 6 wives, made sweet love to all of them then was drivin to the game. Drinking and swearing like the sailor I am. What a great day!!
  10. I would say he’s more of a mid level celeb. Not quite porn star status.
  11. Locked on. Thanks for pointing him out. It’s like “where’s Waldo” in this pic.
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