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  1. You lost me at the first sentence.... Post season?? might as well increase those odds and “if the Bills won the Super Bowl....”
  2. Highest Paid Center in the League can’t practice.?. Is this another Chuck Clay situation?
  3. Better Odds?? 1. This guy making the team. 2. Glass Goodwin making the olympics.
  4. Man. They really stretch the definition of “celebrity” soon theyll start including social media “influencers” lol
  5. Don’t think you can hang bro... Certainly not GOAT. Maybe MAOAT. Most Average of all time. 😝
  6. Bottles fell over = Fail. I wonder if Reid knows the point of this challenge?
  7. The league will split the cost with the owners. The State only has to give up maybe 25%. Can Upstate afford that? No, no they can’t.
  8. Not a huge fan of nickel and dime websites. Pass.
  9. Touching a hospital floor!?!? Then he shakes the sick boys hand, spreading his germs. Heart warming but gross.
  10. Yeah. It’s definitely worth paying for the internet. Did you have cable tv at least?
  11. Money is made by advertising. That’s the whole point; to reach as many people as possible. Paying to read something is ridiculous, in concept alone...
  12. Beane had to sacrifice the entire 2018 year for this. Most GMs don’t have that luxury. Last year was bad. Let’s hope for improvement. 🤞
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