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  1. You’ve never been to Cali, have you?
  2. Please stay hydrated out there. This is a major liability for the Bills, law suit has to be coming.
  3. Here in Cali, they sued stadiums that didn’t at least let us in with empty water bottles. They wound up changing the rule and now allow us in and have hydration stations for free. It has saved a ton of people from heat exhaustion.
  4. Fear of Flying = Fear of Dying. It is impossible to function with that type of hyperbole anxiety, in everyday life. The problem lies deeper within the person and usually comes with a ton of baggage. Not a recommended or positive personality trait.
  5. Isn’t this the same guy who broke into a strangers house high on meth? Then refused to leave.
  6. Could Zay catch the ball back then? Or was he a 6th offensive lineman back then too?
  7. Does this guy even play or does he get signed for his potential then fakes injuries so the truth doesn’t come out? cut this zero
  8. I have a feeling this is the game Jones takes over for the old man. 2nd quarter.
  9. There is no doubt J. Allen was a disappointment. We expected improvement from last year and it looked like he regressed a bit. Hopefully just rust. We were very lucky to win that game and that standing is okay. Defense did bend at times but never broke.
  10. The media is opinion based and not fact based. I need facts to form an opinion. My opinion on this case is the same, let the facts come out before judging a persons character. Not inconsistent at all.
  11. I think kavanahs accuser used ulterior motives as motivation to not be truthful.
  12. Other than what I read in the media, I’m not familiar enough with Shadys case to form an opinion. But I agree, many people are disconnected from real life and only selfishly care about themselves. #thisisamerica https://youtu.be/VYOjWnS4cMY
  13. I bet He will settle out of court for a substantial amnt of money. Hush hush 🤫
  14. It’s was the “me too” movement and kavanah hearings that really opened my eyes of ulterior motives of these plaintiffs. I would hope they are telling the truth but I don’t believe it until an official judgement has been made. Wouldn’t most plaintiffs would be interested in putting the defendant behind bars over getting paid? They know it will be settled and it’s easy money.
  15. Let’s get the facts before we judge a persons character by what the media reports. We all know how the media behaves for clicks and ratings.
  16. O’Brien means it when he preaches accountability. Not knowing the saints had a timeout left is bad, worth termination.
  17. The Racially Charged Meaning Behind The Word 'Thug' https://www.npr.org/2015/04/30/403362626/the-racially-charged-meaning-behind-the-word-thug
  18. We have seen first hand how an unsubstantiated rumor could ruin a mans life. Usually there are ulterior, opportunistic motives at hand. I hope she has a good lawyer. Cause you know AB does.
  19. You are serious? Do you seriously think tptb run this world? I suggest doing a bit more research before coming out publicly with this type of information. 😂
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