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  1. I strongly agree OP. The fact is that if we had started the season with no Von Miller, no DaQuan Jones, no Micah Hyde, and an injured Josh Allen we would not have been the overwhelming Super Bowl favorites. Heck, we probably wouldn't even have been the favorites at all. Was the loss disappointing? Of course it was. Does it dampen my expectations or excitement for the future of this team? Not one bit.
  2. I'm most concerned about his health. He's only played more than 9 regular season games once in his career and he averages 8.5 games per season. I like what he brings to the table when healthy.
  3. umm how can you blow the whistle if the ball's still moving lmao
  4. Saleh was right, the Jets will definitely see us again...next year.
  5. Jets fans sitting in the rain watching this dumpster fire makes me incredibly happy lmao
  6. The fact that the fish fans had to think they were gonna win makes it that much sweeter. Josh was an absolute STUD this game! Great team win!!!
  7. I'm in 3 leagues. First one is an auction keeper league where I made the playoffs as the sixth seed. Josh Allen has been clutch for me but I would have missed the playoffs if I didn't pick up Justin Fields and start him over Allen when Fields played Detroit and Josh played Minny. Allen Robinson was by far my biggest bust on that team. My second one is a standard snake redraft where I had the overall #1 pick. I picked CMC but my team was floundering until I picked up Fields and CMC got traded to the 9ers. I made the playoffs as the 3 seed. My third league is a league where you have only your favorite team's players. It's kinda a joke league, obviously, but it's surprisingly fun and I've won it the past two years. We have one more week left before the playoffs and I'm currently the 2 seed and only 4 teams make the playoffs. I could get bumped out of contention entirely if things go wrong this week. Fingers crossed!
  8. Not sure how you can overturn that. I think he caught it but I don't know for sure.
  9. Not used to our wins being this boring tbh. Pats have been completely toothless outside of that one big catch and run and that sack fumble.
  10. The Bills have ruined football for me. Every other team I watch is garbage lol.
  11. He can be downfield if he's an eligible receiver. I didn't realize he was covered up at the line so he couldn't have reported as eligible. I appreciate the clarification.
  12. It's only a penalty if he's engaged as a blocker downfield. Since he wasn't blocking anyone he's allowed to go wherever he wants as long as he reported as an eligible receiver. We snuck him downfield to block in the second level after setting up the screen.
  13. For me it's the Packers. Early season struggles always should have been expected for them offensively with the loss of Adams, with how green the rest of their receiving corps is, and with David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins still hurt. Their defense had a bad first half but they have a ton of talent and looked much better in the second half. They'll be fine.
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