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  1. Our offense needs to bail out the defense again. I think they can do it.
  2. We have to win this game. I don't even want to think about what my mood will be like if we lose after that BS interception call.
  3. Gaskin was breaking tackles like that against us too. Kid might be decent.
  4. I mean, the ball did start to move before he was down but then he regained possession, so I don't see how they overturn it.
  5. I remember hearing that Daboll will have very different gameplans depending on the matchup but I just don't think we had the right personnel over the past two seasons to see those gameplans in action. I expect this year to be different. The Jets have a great run defense and poor corners? Ok, then we'll run four wide a ton. Miami has great corners and a subpar front 7? Expect Lee Smith to be active and a heavy dose of the run game and tight ends in the passing game.
  6. Yeah. I'm bummed I can't watch it live but I'll check out the highlights for sure and probably watch it on gamepass too.
  7. Fins-Pats. I'm particularly interested in the revamped Miami secondary versus Cam and the mostly unproven NE wide receiver group.
  8. Jalen Ramsey is the type of player who will gladly bleed his team dry and then have an outburst when his team's not good and not realize that his bloated contract is part of the problem.
  9. Tre White for me. Dude seems so cool and funny. Would love to chat with him about anything and everything.
  10. Ugh that sucks to hear. I'll always have fond memories of him stuffing the Pats on 4th and 1 last year in New England and then us going down and getting that touchdown right before the break.
  11. The Jets grossly mismanaged Adams but they really did get about as much as you possibly could get in return for him. They got worse in the short term but should be better long term for it.
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