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  1. It’s a fact the refs favor patriots* especially Tom. In this scenario, yes, 100% a penalty. If we are playing the Jets, it could go either way. Refs have long been suspected of doing everything in their power to change the outcome of our games. Bills are at the very bottom of the totem pole.
  2. COTC

    Is Peterman as Good as Gone?

    Let’s hope so. McD starting Anderson is the writing on the wall. Nate is finished, he can now follow his passion.
  3. COTC

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    Both points from this post is completely wrong. That anxiety you feel from negative posters is similar to the Nate anxiety. Trying to control something that is uncontrollable. Let it go and either ignore or don’t let it get to you. ke sera sera
  4. COTC

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    We are a competitive team. We don’t suck. We are better than a lot of other teams, we are average. Peterman is by far the worse on the team. The guy is obviously not right in the head. I hope the bitchin stops once we cut him.
  5. COTC

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    What’s up with McD herpes?? Stress causing a flareup?
  6. COTC

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    The build up and uncertainty along with potential of disaster = anxiety Anxiety is a broad/ general term. Could be as simple as butterflies in the stomach, could be as severe as constantly pondering the situation; regardless it’s anxiety. We don’t want our season sabotaged by one lame ass player.
  7. COTC

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    Logan would be an upgrade from the total liability we call Nate. He is a wasted roster spot.
  8. COTC

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    The Peterman anxiety has got to go. Hopefully he will be let go sooner than later.
  9. COTC

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    Can we just cut Nate now.
  10. Only to be out the 2019 season, our front office will refuse to draft another QB or address in FA and this vicious cycle repeats itself. Spinning the wheels from irresponsible leaders.
  11. COTC

    Hernandez Beaten, Abused as Child

    Beaten and abused in prison also...
  12. COTC

    The ownership has no respect for us

    Sabres and Bills are on the same path. The owner is not intelligent enough to make his own business decisions so he trusts others to. He couldn’t care less about the fans.
  13. It’s unfortunate, however typical. If you don’t like irresponsible leadership mixed with bad luck then I suggest finding a different team. This franchise just spins its wheels with excuses. Its primary concern is profit. Winning is not a priority.