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  1. COTC

    I was very wrong about Tyrod & have to own it.

    It’s not Trod you were wrong about. It is our Coaches you were wrong about
  2. COTC

    Who to start against NE?

    That’s pretty selfish. Night games are awesome. Especially at home.
  3. COTC

    Who to start against NE?

    We would NEVER EVER get a Monday night game again.
  4. Can not wait to ask Mr. Dawkins some tough questions at the buffet dinner, all they get is soft ball bs. I hope they’re both prepared.
  5. Bad coaching... we are regressing.
  6. You’re on a Bills message board my man. If youre looking for positive re-inforcemnt, I suggest training your dog.
  7. COTC

    Bills Offense - The bottom line...

    We’ve dug too deep of a hole to recover. We need to shut it down and start over from scratch.
  8. COTC

    I was very wrong about Tyrod & have to own it.

    They traded trod because he won too much. That is not the point of the “process.”
  9. It’s like the D gave up hope. I wonder why?? our loser coach breeds a loser culture.
  10. COTC

    This atrocity should be expected

    These apologists threads have got to stop. No one was expecting this disaster. This is a disaster of epic proportions. Assuming we fire these clowns after the season, it will take 5 years to get back to average. Another 2 to compete. We are 7-10 years out before we can even think of playoffs again. This sabotage is not only unnecessary it should also be criminal. We need to bring these clowns up on fraud charges and send them away. It’s like we are targeted by con-men. This is not the 1st time this has happened and our naive owners are just fools. Future is bleak at the moment.
  11. COTC

    Who to start against NE?

    I never want to see the loser on the field again
  12. COTC

    Tank.....just tank.....

    Changing the GM and Coach is easier and quicker than tanking...
  13. COTC

    Let the Fire Sale Commence

    Didn’t we already do the fire sale? And replace them with squat?
  14. Def not an upgrade to Allen. Def an upgrade to the other loser.
  15. COTC

    2nd half thread: Bills at Colts 1 pm on CBS

    You don’t care. Most pessimistic people usually don’t.