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  1. Once again the credibility of the league is in question. Shocker!!!
  2. As long as he cleans up the turnovers and makes better decisions on the field, He can jam out to Celine Dion and Miley Cyrus. it's all about the "W"!
  3. I do believe Dan Snyder would be that stupid. the only time Rex should see the field is when it's on the big screen where his fat @$$ is sitting in the studio.
  4. The only time I think "oh...I really wish we had this guy". Is during the draft. Once the games begin and the season starts I focus on our roster and what talent we have.
  5. Its between Duke and Robert now.
  6. maybe the pats are making room for Kroft. Would anyone be truly surprised if we trade the TE to NE for a ...oh lets say...maybe a 5th round pick in 2021?
  7. I will LMAO the first time Zay's Parents call out Gruden on Social Media. All feelings aside, Good Luck Zay, unfortunate how things worked out in WNY. I hope your career rebounds in your new environment.
  8. I am all for letting the kid play his game, his way. He is smart, he WILL figure it out. Last year he got blasted in the draft for his completion percentage. He finished at what yesterday? Will he make mistakes? Yup. Love his drive determination and heart. The sky is the limit for him and the team. We have a young defense, an offense still trying to gel, a ST coach who is learning on the fly, and yet we are 4-1. Can't say enough about what Beane and McDermott are building in Buffalo. Its been a long long time coming. and with the type of culture that has been created and the "process" that is currently in place. I am going to enjoy every second of this rollercoaster ride.
  9. Gotta give that Jordan Phillips cat a handle.... "CLOSER"
  10. it appears that our 7th rd pick Darryl Johnson could very well be Shaq's replacement. The kid has been productive and he will only get better.
  11. I would be more inclined to being more aggressive just before the half IF our starting C,RG AND RT were on the field, at that time.
  12. Great rebound game for Josh.3-0 away from OP and we all know how hard it is to win on the road in the NFL. The TN defense is very good. He didn't do anything spectacular but didn't hurt the team. Anytime JA throws 2 TD's and has only 1 TO, he is really easy to cheer on.
  13. The determination this team plays with is amazing. Morse gets hurt, Next man up. Feliciano moves to center. Next man up. Ford gets hurt......Next man up. Duke gets the nod and validates the decision to activate him for the game. KUDOS to Beane for building such a deep roster. Josh is s l o w l y getting the message. To the fans that went to Nashville for the game LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!. Way to standup and represent. But a great road win.. 3-0 on the road. Enjoy your bye week. Its well deserved. Feels great to be a Bills fan.
  14. I don't ever remember 3 players, let alone on the same team, clearing concussion protocol in less than a week. Kudos to our medical staff and trainers for keeping our players upright and prepared to go the distance on Sunday. Great news. Lets Go Buffalo!!
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