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  1. Consistency is key. What is so exciting is that we are seeing more positives from Allen a lot more consistently.
  2. Maybe Carr doesn't trust the offense because he doesn't understand it. And if you don't know what an offense/defense is ranked don't try to fake it. It makes someone appear uneducated and lazy. Neither trait provides reliability or trust.
  3. I dunno, its not like Peter King is calling Ford a bust at right tackle, at this point. If Ford was actually a turn style, then why not give Bates a chance out there? He is active on game days for a reason.
  4. It has been well documented that by Whailey giving up so much for Watkins at the draft, it put unfair expectations on him. There has been discussion about Watkins work ethic and the organizations concern, especially regarding his rehab. : http://www.nfl.com/videos/buffalo-bills/0ap3000000828588/Why-did-the-Bills-trade-Sammy-Watkins . Sammy isn't the first player the Bills have drafted that struggled with the fans: https://nypost.com/2015/10/28/bills-sammy-watkins-blasts-loser-fans-doubting-his-health/ . I wish him well and hope he does great things during his time in the league. But he won't ever again be in a Bills uniform and I am perfectly ok with that.
  5. Sammy had an opportunity in Buffalo and he failed miserably. As long as Beane and McDermott are running the show at OBD, Sammy will only ever y be allowed in the visitors locker room. Typically a player drafted as high as Watkins doesn't get traded while still on a rookie deal. He Isn't a "process" guy, only plays for himself, isn't reliable, doesn't want to evolve his talent. Doesn't want to work, isn't a good fit for the team or the community. No thanks. I believe we should pass.
  6. I think Ron could come in IF Leslie hits the road at the end of the season, either as a HC (if the opportunity arises) or as an addition to a new coaching staff. But I dunno. This really doesn't surprise me. The Panthers struggled all year despite the effort of McCaffery , and their defense hasn't been good enough. A lot of things can happen between now and next season, I am primarily jacked up for the rest of our season. Lets GO Buffalo!!!
  7. Great observations, talking points and perspective. As a fan I have noticed that we have been missing something on the field, for the past two decades. To some extent it has either been talent or execution. But the Biggest thing is HEART. One of the greatest things about Buffalo is the connection between the fans and players. When the Pegula's bought the team and started marketing "One Buffalo" it became more apparent what the team and Buffalo community were missing. Freddie Jackson and Kyle Williams understood what the team meant to the town, and what the town meant to the team. But they couldn't immediately impact the overall team performance. It was only when McDermott and Beane were brought in that things begin to materialize. The culture, the atmosphere, the mind set. It was all beginning to come together. When Beane and McDermott determined that Allen was going to be that guy to take us over the top. It was a puzzling decision. He came from a small school with limited exposure. But they understood and saw what no one else did. That he never quit. He never gave up. That is one of those immeasurable traits that you can't scout, you can't test for. It is as natural to a person who has it as breathing. That is why McDermott told Peter King that he is glad to be part of something special in Buffalo. It has been a long time coming. But I honestly believe the results will be well worth the wait.
  8. This is great stuff. Being proactive instead of reactive on offense, will provide plenty of opportunity for our skill players to succeed.
  9. Great Points OP: Toss in the fact that not only do we have a talented QB, but our injury report is typically one of the shortest in the league week in and week out. That current FA signees like Brown and Beasley, have raved about the training/medical facilities at OBD, being the best in the league. Not only keeping them on the field but also extending their careers. all arrows pointing up for JA and the organization. If it's a year early so be it. Everything that transpires the rest of this season will carry over to other seasons in the future.
  10. I feel for Kyle, but he left on his own terms. Unlike Eric Woods, who had to leave the game because of his health. On the same note. How much fun would be if Terrance McGee and Freddie Jackson were also part of this. I know Terrance is a bit of a stretch because he played so long ago, but no less deserving IMO. Even though there is a lot to be proud of, up to this point. There is still so much work left to be done. Lets keep it rolling. GO BILLS!!!
  11. This season isn't the destination for this team, only an early part of their journey. I am excited not only for their current opportunity but the position they are in to be successful in the future. I appreciate everything that McDermott brings to the organization, both as a person and a head coach. Pegula got it right entrusting the future of this organization to Beane and McDermott. I fully intend to enjoy this ride.
  12. The final score was a lot closer than it needed to be. Interesting ending. Thanks Houston
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