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  1. Jeetz1231

    Our Last Win in the Playoffs

    What a time to be alive, I was 11.
  2. Jeetz1231

    Baldinger on Josh Allen's Elite Athleticism

    I don't remember what game it was but i'm pretty sure Brees juked a LB to score or put him on the spin cycle, Bress is underrated when it comes to athleticism I think Foster can be that guy.
  3. Better numbers, bigger market, bigger name recognition (USC, NYJ)
  4. Damn man, kudos to you for putting in all that effort. I think it's going to take awhile to change the narrative of the national media because the book on him coming out was his accuracy and that is what the "Experts" are going to hitch their wagon to. As long as his numbers at the end of the day show 60% or below you will continue to hear them bang the drum about his accuracy issues. Until he can either start winning lots of games or significantly up his % you will still hear this argument. I personally would love to see his % tick up a few numbers but the narrative that he is an inaccurate passer to me is flawed. Again, great work, I appreciate the time you put into this. Go Bills!
  5. Maxx would be interesting, he seems to have under-performed his draft status. I know there were lots of us clamoring to draft him, maybe he could be our solution to one of the biggest needs we've had. Clay certainly didn't solve the issue.
  6. Jeetz1231

    Is Vander Eshe to Edmunds the same as Juju to Zay

    Who would have thought the youngest guy ever to start at MLB in NFL history would have some bumps in the road in his development. I love where we are at with our young guys.
  7. Jameis is interesting, he makes some pretty great plays from time to time but I believe his mistakes outweigh the good. I would give him one year with Bruce and see what you have. Marcus is a bit of a surprise to me, watching him live at UofO many times i thought he would translate pretty well in the NFL but I think he is going to be a highly paid backup in a year or two.
  8. Jeetz1231

    Josh Allen at #9????

    I haven't started looking at prospects yet, is there no OL worthy of a top 10? I'm fine building the defense but the ol seems to be more of a pressing need.
  9. Jeetz1231

    Bengals set to hire Zac Taylor as HC

    As long the candidate has smelled a Mcvay fart they are in consideration for a HC job in today's NFL
  10. Jeetz1231

    Gregg Williams to Jets as DC

    Well he'll have to go through his immense list of offers before he decides.
  11. Jeetz1231

    Tremaine Edmunds - Season Highlights

    Very exciting time to be a Bills fan.
  12. Jeetz1231

    Whose renewing seasons?

    I've always said if the Bills look like they are going to make a deep run to the playoffs I will fly out for my first Bills home game, hopefully this is the year!
  13. They end the lunch with some exciting essential oils!
  14. Jeetz1231

    Kingsbury finalizing AZ HC deal

    The definition of failing upward.
  15. Lawrence is a generational talent. True freshman dismantled Bamas D, this kid is going to be legit. But I am all in on Josh, I think he can take us deep in the playoffs within a couple years.