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  1. Jeetz1231

    Ameer Abdullah Released

    Dude is only 25, he was stuck in a weird committee situation in detroit, he could turn into a serviceable RB. at this point why not see what he can bring? He's young enough to have several productive years ahead of him
  2. Jeetz1231

    How and Why The Bills Could Win Monday Night

    We could be winning in the 4th quarter and Leodis Mckelvin will magically appear to return a kick, fumble it, and lose the game....As is standard.
  3. Jeetz1231

    Should McDermott and Beane be fired after the season?

    I don't think they should be fired until after the rebuild is complete. Give JA another year and re evaluate after 2019 is done. If they aren't close by the end of next season then it's time to seriously consider moving in another direction.
  4. Jeetz1231

    Football czar.

    I'm waiting for the bring back Whaley threads.
  5. Jeetz1231

    Trade deadline escapism

    We will be sellers at the deadline if anything. The teams who are going to get those guys are looking to win now, we aren't. That would be like the Baltimore O's trying to get a big name guy at the deadline, it doesn't make sense.
  6. Jeetz1231

    Anderson's real value to the team

    Ha ha, no we unfortunately didn't have a "Jeetz" coach, but the point is having someone who has seen things before in any line of work makes it a lot easier. I'm sure your first year at whatever profession you currently have you weren't as effective as you are now. I'm sure there was someone there who was more senior to you who helped train you at your job, and helped guide you through situations you hadn't seen before and for some hearing advice from someone the same rank (current QB to current QB) can go further than hearing it from a coach. I'm not saying by any means that this is going to turn the franchise around this year all I am saying is there is a positive to having DA on the roster.
  7. Jeetz1231

    Anderson's real value to the team

    haha, I know the situation right now is not ideal but this is better than him and peterman alone in the QB room, at least the guy has experience.
  8. This might be a little long winded but here it goes. I work as an executive manager and have been doing it now for 6 years, my first year was filled with lots of ups and downs and I made some stupid mistakes and was learning on the fly for the better part of 6 months. At the 6 month mark we hired another manager from a different agency who was about 15 years older than me and worked in management for the better part of his life. He wasn't the most effective manager and was riding this job out until his retirement and was essentially going through the motions, but he did provide lots of insight to me on how do get through the mundane day to day tasks and how to handle crisis situations because he had seen it before. I was much younger than he was and had more "Potential" and now I am in a higher position than he ever got to but learning from him during my first year was invaluable to my development. Regardless of DA's stats there is something to be said about having a guy who has seen things that JA has not, there is something to be said about having a guy in a room who can teach the nuance of the game that comes from a guy who has been in the league for years. Hopefully this little break will give JA a chance to mentally reset, because this is a lot for a kid to take in. Go Bills!
  9. Jeetz1231

    Learning from a veteran

    I've seen it before it happens all the time, the starter gets injured and a veteran signs
  10. Pass rushers are hard to find from what I hear.
  11. Jeetz1231

    Things I Wonder About

    Well we most likely will be top 5, if a scenario comes up where we can get a kings ransom for some team that wants Justin Herbert I say trade down. If we are in a position to draft Bosa or a top flight WR I say we draft them.
  12. Jeetz1231

    I mean...I’d still pay for Teddy

    Every GM is well aware of our dumpster fire situation at QB right now and would likely leverage that into us paying a premium for a QB. We need to look beyond now and realize draft picks are more important than a....BRIDGE qb (Get it??)
  13. Sounds like that dude has better accuracy than NP.
  14. This is one of the more well thought out posts I have read here in awhile, the bar is pretty low for that lately though.