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  1. Then they use that to trade Peterman for a higher rd pick next year to a desperate team looking for a bridge qb much like we did with AJ.
  2. Jeetz1231

    What do we draft with a top 5 pick next year ?

    I think the rule is we only draft an early running back if we already drafted a 1st rd running back that put up 1000 yards.
  3. Jeetz1231

    What if Allen isn't good tommorow?

    Those gifs kill me every time
  4. Jeetz1231

    Sal Carpaccio: Corey Coleman Is In Trouble

    People saying Zay won't make the 53 is about as dumb as saying Foster will.
  5. Jeetz1231

    Embedded Part #2

    I feel bad for him, she's an instagram model and as soon as he doesn't have the NFL QB label she'll be on to the next one.
  6. Jeetz1231

    SI's Andy Benoit: Buffalo Bills 2018 Season Preview

    Twitter is good for up to the minute injury updates if you follow the right people, it helps a lot for fantasy football. It's also good for me because I work nights and I get to see Trumps late night drunk tweets right when they happen.
  7. Jeetz1231

    The Bills Are Seven Point Dogs in Week 1

    Parlay with INDY and the under. No way Cincy and Indy score 46
  8. Jeetz1231

    Khalil Mack holding out... in Buffalo

    According to some we have a legit franchise QB who might not start week 1 (peterman)
  9. I think you are lying to yourself if you can't admit that JA and NP are neck and neck in the competition. I feel like he is showing just as much promise as Dak and Russel did in the pre season. And I think Mcd/Beane have shown starting last year that draft status has nothing to do with playing time (IE Watkins/Darby being traded).
  10. This thread is hilarious. I can't wrap my head around people not being happy that our rookie QB is progressing fast enough to be considered starting week 1.
  11. Haushka worked great for us, why not their punter too!
  12. Jeetz1231

    Ravens will be without top CB Jimmy Smith week 1

    Slippin Jimmy.
  13. That's on the ump, should have cleared it as a courtesy if there were RISP and someone got a hit. Is she still alive??
  14. Jeetz1231

    What is Cris Carter Talking about

    It's crazy how sports talk has gone from informed opinions and actual journalism to what it has become now. Now you have shows like undisputed with Shannon and Skip and other shows that have followed the template of "put former athlete on show and have him make wild statements that are unsubstantiated but will drum up conversation on our social media" I usually just stick to Dan Patrick in the morning.