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  1. So all the evaluations were wrong when they had him as a first round grade? I am sure there were some outliers who had him going after the first round but those opinions, like your's are an anomaly. He was a consensus 1st round prospect.
  2. Jeetz1231

    NFL.com Free Agent RB's

    Andre Ellington was good before his injuries and then David Johnson took over, Orleans Darkwa was serviceable.
  3. Jeetz1231

    VCR ALERT: 2017 Bills highlight film

    I dumped Comcast for PS Vue a couple years ago. The sports package that includes NFL network MLB NHL and NBA and tons of other channels is 60$/mo. Best decision I made, I hated comcast.
  4. Jeetz1231

    Shady McCoy: "I Have More to Prove"

    I really hope he is the exception to the rule, love the guy and love his attitude and I really hope he doesn't have the precipitous drop like most RB's do. I would love if he could be serviceable this year and we could get a stud in the mid rounds next year.
  5. Jeetz1231

    pancho needs our help- we are the best fans on the planet

    Done. Get well, F cancer.
  6. Jeetz1231

    What are your favorite football nicknames?

    Christian Okoye= Nigerian Nightmare. Loved that nickname and loved watching him run
  7. Jeetz1231

    Confession time at TBD

    I loved Mallet coming out of college.
  8. Jeetz1231

    NFL Coach Rankings

    It's the slowest time of the year for NFL news, probably just some writer getting his content quota and probably doesn't even know who McDermott is.
  9. Jeetz1231

    Jerry rice possible return to NFL?

    I was joking more about the second part, I think he would do incredibly well as a WR coach, no way he could actually play at the NFL level anymore.
  10. Jeetz1231

    Jerry rice possible return to NFL?

    Could teach the young guys about preparation and what it takes to be an all time great. and honestly he would probably compete for our #1.
  11. Jeetz1231

    Who Will Win the AFC East?

    Patriots for the next year. Once TB retires it will be a battle between Darnold and Allen. Tannehill is next in line to get replaced at QB.
  12. Short answer yes, he is in his second year and set the NCAA record for receptions, he is young enough and has enough potential. Think of guys like Alshon Jeffery, he took a couple years to make his impact. WR isn't a plug and play position, it takes time to develop.
  13. Jeetz1231

    Thoughts about the Bills Official Website

    This feels like someone from the official site wrote this poll. -Honestly though, BB.com used to be on my daily list of sites I check in on. I haven't been to that site, or much less thought about it in a couple years. The content was usually a day old, and once the BBMB went away there was no reason to continue (Not the the MB was any good either)
  14. I could see him developing into a Patrick Willis type player, game changer with elite physical traits.