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  1. I would like to say no, but fans in times of high emotion do stupid things (Vancouver after they lost the cup). I probably would have been happy if Gronk had to miss a couple games right after he gave Tre the cheap shot, but I never cheer when players get legitimately hurt. I don't like KD at all but I feel bad for him as a human because that is a nasty injury.
  2. If the interim doesn't have authority to sign him long term I highly doubt he has the authority to trade him. I don't know what it would cost but I would love to see him on the opposite side of Jerry.
  3. Montana and Fouts would torch the league if they played today.
  4. Well I will say this, you guys have made the last few hours of night shift fly by, I appreciate it.
  5. If we go 5-3 or better the first half the Bills will get that national media attention you crave. I don't remember what year but I think it was 2012 and we were 4-1, Stevie Johnson was on almost every national sports radio show making the rounds. The broadcasters were saying "You've got something special brewing up in buffalo" turns out we didn't we had a hot start and then we reverted back to being the Bills. Until we are in the playoffs consistently every year we aren't going to hear much about Buffalo via national media, they have ratings to care about and a small market team that has been to the postseason once in 19 years doesn't drive ratings.
  6. I think he will be on the roster! I am contributing!
  7. I love this kid. so easy to root for.
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