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  1. Jeetz1231

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    Man how can you not love this off-season so far. Can't wait for the draft, I have all the confidence in the world in this front office. Go Bills, have a great Monday everyone.
  2. Jeetz1231

    Beyond Blue and Red: Josh Allen - Full Episode Posted

    Can't believe I didn't see this before. Awesome.
  3. Jeetz1231

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    No. It's usually a conversation starter, I live in Oregon so not many bills fans. Most people I run into have a soft spot for them since the tragedy we suffered in the 90s
  4. I said in the last sentence Andrew luck is a franchise quarterback.
  5. Jeetz1231

    Bortles signs with the Rams

    He must be attending the "Ryan Fitzpatrick school of keeping a job in the NFL"
  6. Jeetz1231

    Who gets cut when these signings become official

    I go to the gym every morning, I have not got one workout bonus from the state of Oregon for doing my workouts!
  7. Dropping an Ursula reference, well done.
  8. Yeah, the more I thought about it the more I thought about deleting it but I had already put in so much work!
  9. I don't trust Pac10 QBs Rodgers is the only one I can think of recently who has had long success, Carson Palmer worked out too but not as well as Aaron. The rest have been Matt Barkley, Sanchize, Leinart, Rosen (jury is out) Mariota (looks like he is going to fizzle out) I'm sure I am missing a few but the Pac10 has been abysmal at sending pro ready qbs in the recent past. I am good with Josh Allen. As I'm writing this I forgot about Luck he is obviously a franchise guy, and I also forgot about Goff who also seems legit.
  10. Jeetz1231

    Found on youtube. Best plays of 2018

    Some of the throws allen makes are insane. I don't know how many times I have watched that throw to foster in the Jags game. I honestly can't say I have been this excited for a season to start since Kelly was at QB. Lots of work still to do with his overall game but that kid has an entire stadium and team behind his back every time he steps on the field (at home obviously). You can tell the team plays their heart out for him.
  11. Jeetz1231

    Beane was pi##ed off about Buffalo comments

    I don't think the Quarterback tree was in season the last couple years so we couldn't go pick the QB of our choosing off a branch.
  12. Jeetz1231

    Mitch Morse talks a bit on why he chose Buffalo

    All I saw was a picture with no text next to it, I might be in trouble!
  13. Jeetz1231

    The Browns will self-destruct on October 21, 2019

    I'll take the bet, I don't have 800 but I will put up my entire balance that they will be better than 2-5. De-Browning themselves will be their biggest hurdle.
  14. Jeetz1231

    Is Poyer giving up his jersey # to Gore?

    Sign of respect for a HoF player. I get it.