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  1. Jeetz1231

    Josh Allen. Let's get real people!

    Real people are so much better than cartoons or robots.
  2. Jeetz1231

    WR Russell Shepard to sign with Giants

    Kerley can match his production. Surprised we didn't add to Carolina north though.
  3. Jeetz1231

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    Completely agree, if Peterman wins we are in trouble.
  4. Jeetz1231

    Am I the only one who has confidence in our WR's?

    I have confidence that our receivers will rank somewhere near the bottom third of the league in production. I think Zay steps up his performance from last year and I think Benjamin will have value in the red zone, but after that I don't have a lot of confidence. I do, however, think we will improve on last years dreadful production.
  5. Jeetz1231

    Has a 1st or 2nd round QB you disliked been successful?

    Goff threw for almost 4k yards with 28 tds and less than 10 ints in his second year. I would take that all day from a young developing QB.
  6. Jeetz1231

    What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

    He would run into a pile up of bodies and somehow would get through and pick up 10-15 yards. Still my favorite RB to watch in the 90's along with Barry Sanders.
  7. Jeetz1231

    Has a 1st or 2nd round QB you disliked been successful?

    I didn't think Cams game would translate to the NFL, while I still don't think it's the most effective style of play he makes it work and they have had sustained success with him behind center.
  8. Jeetz1231

    Poll - Buffalo Bills Number Hall of Fame

    He was supposed to be the two way OL/DT that could turn this franchise around. Travis Henry had a lot of productive years for us. He also has all time numbers off the field with 11 kids by ten different women.
  9. That's a really narrow way to look at things. i think it came down to coaching and finally getting the right culture in place. I feel like guy's were held more accountable this year and everyone was put on notice that if you didn't perform you were expendable. High round draft picks in their athletic prime were shipped off because they didn't fit the vision the F/O had (Darby, Watkins) and we still came together. That is what can make a marginal team a playoff team and a good team a contender, right now we are the former but hopefully within the next couple years we will be contending, regardless it's nice to see this team trending in the right direction. Go Bills, hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday night.
  10. Jeetz1231

    What jerseys do you own?

    Jim Kelly, Marshawn, TKO Love that you have a moorman jersey.
  11. Jeetz1231

    RB Kenjon Barner visiting Bills

    For everyone saying he is old keep in mind the guy has never had a full workload as a RB, he is a ST player. I watched him live at Oregon multiple times, he was a beast, I am not saying sign the guy necessarily but he doesn't have the same amount of carries a normal 29 y/o RB would have.
  12. Jeetz1231

    Go get Tanner Gentry

    Sometimes......Dead is better.
  13. Jeetz1231

    We Dem Boys!

    I worked out with Jordan Poyers cousin the other day in Salem Oregon, FWIW he told me that Jordan loves Buffalo and wants to stay there the rest of his career.
  14. I don't think that is necessarily true, Kelvins frame alone gives him separation, and when the ball is in the air he can battle for it.