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  1. hahahaha....yeah I remember.....and Little Beaver.....although as I got older that took a different meaning lol
  2. Yeah you are old lol........Yes saw that, Bruno was awesome.....he brought a lot of fun memories in my younger days.....when wrestling was real! 🤪 Hate to admit to this but I saw these guys many times live...especially Billy Red. i dont remember Big Chief White Owl
  3. Lets not forget Wahoo McDaniel now...5 time NWA champ! In his football days had 23 tackles in one game with the Jets vs the Broncos. PA Announcer would say “tackle by guess who?”.....crowd would yell Wahoooooo!!!
  4. It showed the heart of our fan base.....truly the best!
  5. Some on this board were prepared to give basically everything this year AND next years first for Rosen......when he could have been had for 2 seconds and a flip of 1sts.
  6. RFL

    Did Terry P push for Allen?

    You should probably bail and pick another team bud, because You sure arent a Bills fan the way you are acting. Bills fans are the toughest sob’s on the planet.....Allen was the pick, suck it up. The Pegulas’ are the only reason the Bills are and will stay in Buffalo. Now get a grip....
  7. RFL

    How long do you give Allen?

    Agree totally. AJ has already been groomed, did his learning as a backup, and has some nice film albeit limited. AJ is ready NOW.....and Beane went and got him on the cheap. This FO has yet to make a bad move in my opinion.....and IF they whiff on AJ (which I doubt) they will buy us a vet in FA next year. i get tired with some of these negative posts from some on here calling themselves Bills fans. I liked Rosen too but Beane saw something more in Allen. Im betting its also his confidence with the AJ move. Maybe you are right, we might not even need to worry about the Allen pick......and I hope you are.
  8. Ive seen grades from A+ to F
  9. RFL

    How long do you give Allen?

    And of course they know more than the GM’s and scouts
  10. RFL

    How long do you give Allen?

    AJM could be the next Jimmy G.......lets see what he’s got. Beane signed him pretty cheap compared to most, he might look like a genius when all is said and done.
  11. Great night for Beane. Perhaps Allen is there at #12, maybe the Dolphins take him at #11. Good call on the move. Tremaine Edmunds was a friggin steal at #16. Wish we still had our two’s, but thats the cost of doing business. Bucs were huge winners too
  12. Yeah that was the downside, losing the seconds
  13. Im not so sure, Dolphins might have takem him
  14. RFL

    DJ Chark in 3rd

    I thought Beane woulda bit somehow to get back into the 1st with the Eagles.