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  1. RFL

    UFA WRs

    Then again stop letting decent talent walk.....Nick O’Leary, 4 targets, 4 receptions and a TD today for the Phins.
  2. RFL

    FIRE Daboll ASAP

    I will repeat what I have said before.....Daboll is the worst OC in the NFL.
  3. Sure I do. Could you imagine what our run game could be with Shady and Ivory IF the D wasn’t waiting for them? Go get a WR.....use picks whatever. Give Josh a target, its not rocket science. In the meantime Daboll needs to be more imaginative. I gotsto go....everybody have a great day!
  4. Not at all. Simply stated and At THIS point in time his ‘numbers’ rank him last. He needs to crank it up a notch (my point) because we wont win alot of games scoring 12pts. I want Daboll to succeed.
  5. Yeah, I don’t know a thing about football.....Lets say we agree to disagree. Look I know Daboll is playing a ball control game, rookie QB, no burners at WR, but if our D didn’t play lights out and get turnovers we lose that Titans game. Green Bay shutout.....opponents D dont have a hard time drawing up a game plan against us, and was my point. BTW.....20/30 vision without my wisdom glasses.
  6. Stats don’t lie. If you or I had ‘numbers’ like his with performance at work, how would that work out? As stated, he needs JA to air it out, we need him to develop. The interceptions will come yes, but so will some big plays.....especially now. First play in Houston should be a bomb (not to KB) Pass game sets up a better rush game, we have no pass game. KB cant get separation down the sideline he runs like a TE... he needs more crossing patterns.
  7. And then we have those irrelevant things called stats.......Bills under Daboll play calling game averages. Total Pts=12.6 (32nd), Total Yds=221.2 (31st), Passing Yds=121 (32nd), Rush Yds=99 (20th).....oh forgot.....opponents Pass Yds are double ours. To date AND to prove my statement that he is the worst OC in the league (at this time) Daboll needs to get with the program and get the kid airing it out. He doesn’t attack but plays ‘not to lose’.....sheesh our opponents don’t even need a safety.
  8. Swap Watson with Bortles......Houston OLine is bad
  9. Daboll is the worst OC in the league.....hands down. He plays 60’s football. You have to ATTACK and try to score. Daboll calls a timid game trying not to lose.....like those World Cup Soccer teams, playing for a tie hoping they can win in a OT shoot out.
  10. A good D attacks not sit back. McD showed Frazier how its done.
  11. A 5th rounder for Shady? It certainly would get it done......Bills organization laughed out of the league
  12. RFL

    2018 Head Coach Rankings

    Possibly re Hue.....but the Browns would kick our butts this year, glad we dont have to see that.
  13. Roster purge is bang on analysis. Look at the Browns now, they went and got some weapons, drafted their QB.
  14. “Embrace the suck”......Im still laughing 😂. Can see the commercials now....
  15. They dont even have to TANK, the losses will come. We’re in rebuild mode and obviously a step backward this season.