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  1. sounds like he's interviewing for the job to me.
  2. That_Guy

    Jets defensive gameplan for bills...

    it doesn't matter which of our QBs is in on Sunday. All any team has to do in order to beat us is stop our run and force us to throw. That's it.
  3. That_Guy

    Friend wants to go to a home game..... I ask why?

    If we were 0-15 and the last game of the season was at home and I had the opportunity to go from VA to NY to finally see a home game in person, i take it
  4. That_Guy

    Kubiak’s QB evaluation

    haha Croom didn't rub a guy off
  5. That_Guy

    Why did Rex only get 2 years?

    it was 2 years too many
  6. That_Guy

    Predict Buffalo at Jets score

    Jets - 10 Bills - 9
  7. That_Guy

    Some terrifying Bills offensive comparisons

    wait, so you're saying our offense sucks? thank god this thread was created to illustrate that. the previous 1,536,732 threads failed to do so.
  8. That_Guy

    Atmosphere at last nights game

    The best part, by far, was the Bush "half time show" where they played a minute of a song from 1995 in front of the Falls while old people sang along. How the mighty have fallen.
  9. That_Guy

    Terrelle Pryor in Buffalo! Update: He's signing!

    you guys ever stop to think: Why in the world would he want to come to Buffalo, the dregs of the NFL? I imagine it's because no other team wants him very badly. There's a reason for that. He's not good anymore.
  10. That_Guy

    Bills are not that bad.

    we're pretty bad, man, aside from the defense that must be getting tired of trying to keep us in games.
  11. That_Guy

    NO points... AGAIN!!!

    I was thinking the same thing about McCoy except I was comparing him to CJ Spiller. Always bouncing and trying to run around the lines side-to-side and getting nowhere or pushed back. It was refreshing to see Ivory come in and go North/South.
  12. That_Guy

    Sean McDermott is Out of Answers

    i don't listen to the pressers but it sounds like his verbal answers are as lifeless as physical presence on the sidelines is. Just once I'd like to see him get really pissed off at a player for making a dumb penalty that brings back a good play.
  13. That_Guy

    Complimentary Football vs. Derogatory Football

    does he mean complementary as in positive reinforcement? or does he mean it as in the pieces need to compliment each other and build off strengths and cover weaknesses?
  14. That_Guy

    Media trying to get McDermott fired.

    the Vikings game was great but we can probably acknowledge that it was an outlier and isn't indicative of the kind of performance and season we're going to get this year game-in and game-out. it's not really a valid example of how the team is doing and therefore it's not really a valid argument that the coaching staff is doing a good job. Yes, it's a rebuild and "the process" is still in the process of getting things turned around but the QB situation we're in right now is proof that the coaching staff could've, and should've, planned things better for this year than they have. Proper prior planning prevents piss-poor performance and we've got a lot of piss-poor performance going on right now.