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  1. Bills will run for over 200 yards, Gore+Sngletary+Allen. Dolphins will come to play but Fitz is starting and he loves INT's.
  2. Last year the Bills adjusted the game plan to JA the offensive personal and you saw the results, Hopefully we see the same with the additions of Duke, Singletary, Foster and Kroft Rest of the season, Allen 198 - 330 - 2409 60% 16 TD's 10 INT. 5 rushing TD;s.
  3. Did da Giants win???????? NOPE! Should of Run.
  4. I think the Bills will get two more cracks at beating NE and I expect at least 1 victory against them. Nothing less than a Vince Lombardy trophy will due.
  5. Yup you run right at them and grind them into the turf. Slowly but surely.
  6. The Bills need to go heavy and run right at them. Use 3 tight ends, Lee Smith, Dawson Knox and hopefully Tyler Kroft. The Backfield is Gore and DiMarco. And only one receiver Smoke. 3 tight ends forces them to adjust their secondary and put a LB on a tightend. Then run at them all day. It wont have an impact at first but you will slowly wear them down and your defense will keep you in the game. Pound the rock with carries to Singletary. . This should slowly tip the time of possession in the Bills favor and Brady might press to impress the home crowd and commit a turnover. It also takes a lot of pressure off Allen and opens up play action.
  7. So you are saying he missed on 37.1% of his passes? Very inaccurate.
  8. Jordan is on the Invisible Bills who MSM does not even cover, or believe in. He could have had 7 sacks not would not even be mentioned. Houston played in a prime-time game and beat the undefeated KC Chiefs.
  9. The Patriots had an off game they say. Not the Bills dominated them. Anything the Bills due well is because the other team didn't perform well.
  10. A.J. Epenesa, DE/OLB, Iowa and Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa 1st two pixks next year?
  11. Allen needs to crank out a 300 yard 3 TD game to erase the memory of the last game. Lets Go!
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