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  1. Tatonka68

    Not all that bad if Shaddy goes

    Ask Elway before Terrell Davis joined the Broncos. Seems to me he did ok. A mobile QB with a cannon spreads the field and limits defenses. You blitz he can burn you deep, you cover he can take off and run. It is not an ideal solution but it can work.
  2. Tatonka68

    Not all that bad if Shaddy goes

    Talent. Not even close.
  3. Tatonka68

    2018 Playoff game vs Jags

    Allen as a rookie would of been better than Tyrod as a 4 year starter. He 7 chances at the end of the half to score TD and settled for a FG. 😭
  4. Tatonka68

    Top 16 All Time QB's According to Gil Brandt of NFL.com

    Obviously you never saw him play. LOL! 😜
  5. Tatonka68

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    It's a tie between, Arron Maybin & Mike (fatty) Williams.
  6. Tatonka68

    Top 16 All Time QB's According to Gil Brandt of NFL.com

    Joe Montana at #3???? LOL!! He is still #1 Never lost a Superbowl or even thrown a INT in a Superbowl and total clutch.
  7. Tatonka68

    Bringing in talent this Offseason

    Preseason roster cuts hopefully will bring another veteran WR and a OL. They won't be All Pros but they will improve the roster.
  8. Tatonka68

    Bills Are 18th Best Fans in America

    Bills Mafia crushes all these losers. Which other team has put up with more crap, 4 Super Bowl losses, OJ, 17 year playoff drought, wide right, Music City Miracle, EJ, blizzard games and still packs the stadium. #1 by a mile. WHEN Josh Allen raises the Vince Lombardi Trophy the NFL better be ready. No table will be safe in America.
  9. Tatonka68

    When does Josh Allen Sign his contract

    Josh Allen comes from a small farming town in California, he is probably asking for a few head of cattle and new tractor in the contract and Bills were confused.
  10. Tatonka68

    Question About Accuracy

    Then how you do get the idea he is inaccurate? The "EXPERTS??". LOL Please just watch him yourself. Looks pretty damn accurate to me.
  11. Tatonka68

    Question About Accuracy

    Completion percentage is NOT a fair way to rate if a QB is accurate or not. Someone has to catch the ball to be completed. How many incomplete passes were dropped? How many passes were thrown out of bounds because no one was open or the QB was under siege? PLEASE, just give him a chance with WR's who can get open and catch and a line which hopefully can block. Allen was the only player drafted from Wyoming.
  12. Tatonka68

    SI article predicts a 2-14 record

    Anyone predicts the record of a team before even one preseason game is played is an idiot. Questions like who is the QB? Are there any pre-season injuries? Are their any pre-season pick ups?
  13. Tatonka68

    Make 3 predictions for the 2018 Bills.

    1) Rosen worshipers will bring up every Allen in-completion. 2)Rosen worshipers will ignore every Rosen interception and praise every Rosen TD. 3)Allen throws more TD's this year than Tyrod did last year,
  14. Tatonka68

    Make 3 predictions for the 2018 Bills.

    1) Bills take out the Patriots on MNF in a statement game. 34 - 17. 2) Allen completion percentage is over 60% and plays in at least 10 games. 3)Rosen does not start a game at QB