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  1. This guy is worth a shot on the Bills. He is having a great game against San Antonio.
  2. Tatonka68

    Charles Clay Released

    Overrated, a 3rd round pick at best. Slow.
  3. Tatonka68

    Charles Clay Released

    Ice Cream Hole??
  4. Tatonka68

    Charles Clay Released

    Roll the dice and give this dog a bone.
  5. I see him as a MCBean player, he friends of Harrison Phillips, can play multiple positions, a hard worker, and is rising in the draft. More what I think the Bills would do than what I might do.
  6. I am not a fan either of trading up, but by past history is what i expect.
  7. TRADE 9th pick for 15th and 46 pick with Redskins. 15th pick Dalton Risner OL Kansas ST. Can play anywhere, McBean type player. TRADE Bills trade 40th pick and 74th pick for 33rd pick with Arizona 33rd pick AJ Brown WR Ole Miss, Bills trade up to take WR that falls out of 1st round. 46th pick Chris Linstrom OG Boston College. Run blocking monster. 105th pick Darrell Henderson Memphis RB, McCoys back up / replacement. can run and catch. 124th pick David Long Jr OLB West Virginia. replacement/back up for Alexander and insurance for Matt Milano 136th pick Youhanna Gaifan DT Wyoming, great name, played with Allen. Depth. 147th pick Ross Pierschbacher OG/C depth on O-line 167th pick Savion Smith CB Alabama. Depth and special teams 201nd pick Stanley Morgan JR WR Nebraska, Depth and Special Teams, kick returner. 204th pick Mitch Wishnowsky P Utah. Need to firgure this position out.
  8. Tatonka68

    Could the Bill's end up with 2 first rounders?

    24. Dalton Risner OG/C/OT Kansas St can play anywhere but will play Center. 27. Chris Lindstrom OG Boston College. 40. Irv Smith Jr. TE Alabama 74. Isaiah Buggs DT Alabama. Free Agents, Daryl Williams OT, Randal Cobb WR, and Thomas Davis LB. Starting line up QB Josh Allen RB Lesean McCoy WR Randall Cobb (FA) Great sage and mentor to young WR core WR Zay Jones, Robert Foster TE Irv Smith Jr, 2nd round pick. Clay is cut. RT Daryl Williams (FA) RG Chris Lindstrom 1st round pick C Dalton Risner 1st round pick LG Wyatt Teller LT Dion Dawkins
  9. Tatonka68

    Could the Bill's end up with 2 first rounders?

    The cupboard is almost bare time to restock. Lets get #17 some players.
  10. Tatonka68

    Super Bowl Ratings Hit 10-Year Low

    Sorry Charlie but I did not.
  11. Tatonka68

    Super Bowl Ratings Hit 10-Year Low

    How many times can anyone stomach the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I did not bother to watch this garbage again.
  12. Tatonka68

    Post your mock draft here

    Trade 9th pick with Washington for the 15th and 46th pick. Daryl Williams signed as FA OT. 15th pick Noah Fant IOWA TE, Bills move on from Clay and add safety blanket for Allen. 40th pick Chris Lindstrom Boston College OG, road grader to open holes for running game. 46th pick. Jerry Tillery Notre Dame DT ,if you cannot stop the run you will not beat Pats. 74th pick. Eric McCoy Texas A&M Center, more Offensive line help. 105th pick Miles Sanders RB Penn St, Shadys back up/replacement 136th pick David Sills WR West Virginia, compete for starter 147th pick Terril Hanks OLB New Mexico St , back up special teams 167th pick Sean Bunting CB Central Michigan back up starter 102nd pick Hjalte Froholdt Arkansas OG, Back up spot 204th pick Wyatt Ray Edge Boston College, roster spot
  13. Tatonka68

    David Culley (former Bills QB coach) gone- to Ravens

  14. Tatonka68

    David Culley (former Bills QB coach) gone- to Ravens