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  1. Great article on Iowa's Josey Jewell

    I want this dude bad! 2nd round pick, sign him up.
  2. Cutler due for a 4 INT game. It'd been a while and he is not all that.
  3. Cincinnati is loaded with talented players, OT, DT, WR & LB you name it. But their QB is not great. The Result plenty of playoff appearances, ZERO playoff victories. New England has one of the best QB's in history who makes their OT, DT, WR & LB more talented and wins SUPERBOWLS! Isn't 17 years of missing the playoffs and the last great QB suited up for the Bills in 1995, Jim Kelly. Enough is enough, without a great QB we will always be a big joke, Lets change this in 2018.
  4. Slide for Sam?

    Nope any QB not selected in the 2018 draft. But thanks for playing. How many playoffs games has the REDSKINS won lately????????????????????
  5. Slide for Sam?

    So you would settle for an overpriced 2nd hand schidt QB who never won a playoff game?
  6. 2018 Trade partners moving up the board

    Without a Great QB, the Bills will be crap. OT, DT, LB, WR means NOTHING without a great QB. Look at Cincinnati they are loaded with talent but Dalton is a dud so they loose every playoff game. I would give EVERY draft pick to move up to get a franchise QB.
  7. Time for a new OT, Glenn is always hurt, Henderson also.
  8. Sadly, we get outclassed by the Dolphins!

    Nothing Sad about it, either the Bills win and have a shot at the playoffs or they lose and move up the draft boards. Either way we win.
  9. Slide for Sam?

    Make the Playoffs and trade up for a quarterback. And just say NO to Kurt Cousins. No more 2nd hand QB's please. He will be overpaid and is not that good.
  10. Lets just go for Kirk Cousins in the offseason

    1 playoff game and lost. Not what I am looking for. Let someone else overpay for him.
  11. Lets just go for Kirk Cousins in the offseason

    How many playoffs came has played in? Any playoff wins.................................................................
  12. Todd McShay 2018 Mock Draft 1.0

    If they do Bills need to trade down again and gather picks for next year. They aren't getting away.
  13. Sam Bradford To The Bills..? Puke

    Might as well resign Fitz and repeat 17 years of garbage.
  14. Todd McShay 2018 Mock Draft 1.0

    1995 was the last year the Bills had a QB, that is a long time.
  15. Lets just go for Kirk Cousins in the offseason

    "PLEASE NO MORE 2ND HAND QUARTERBACKS!!!" If they are "ALL" that, why are they available?