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  1. Tatonka68

    Week 6 predictions: Bills at Texans

    Allen 23 Hopkins 14, Allen is due for a good game and will connect with McCloud for 2 long touchdowns and the defense dominates. Hopkins scores two Tds
  2. a 2nd round plus a 3rd round equal a 5th round doesn't it. LOL
  3. Sure..... You are comparing them to a hall of fame player. LOL
  4. IF they Trade McCoy they will not win another game and will be unwatchable. Will set record for worst offense yards and points and Allen will not make it through the season.
  5. Because he can play. Bills dont like talented players they like drafting Zay Jones.
  6. if Buffalo trades McCoy they are trading their ONLY play maker on offensive, are definitely tanking the season. Might as well trade Hughes, Williams and Hyde too.
  7. Tatonka68

    Encouraging thought about the future and Josh Allen

    18-30 245 YARDS 1 TD 0 INT
  8. Tatonka68

    2018 TO 2019 ROSTER

    2018 2019 QB Josh Allen QB Josh Allen RB McCoy RB Bryce Love Stanford (Bills 1st round pick, traded down from top 5 and pick up 2nd pick) WR Kelvin Benjamin WR Anthony Johnson UB (Bills 2nd round pick) WR Zay Jones WR Stanley Morgan JR Nebraska (Bills 3rd round pick) Zay Jones 3rd Receiver TE Charles Clay TE Charles clay LT Dion Dawkins LT Dion Dawkins LG Ducasse Vladimir LG Chance Warmack (free agent) C Ryan Groy C Jesse Burkett Stanford (Bills 2nd round pick) RG John Miller RG John Miller RT Jordan Mills RT Jordan Mills Big Difference, young guns on offense. McCoy will be gone.
  9. Tatonka68

    Report: Bills Will Work Out OT Matt Tobin

    If he was playing with only one leg he would be better than most of the starters.
  10. Tatonka68

    Predict the score: Bills at Vikings

    Minnesota 23 Allen 14. Josh Allen is the team, 1 TD rush and 1 TD pass to Zay "i'm not crazy" Jones.
  11. Tatonka68

    Nantz and Romo for Bills-Vikes

    Why they put those two on this a$$ whooping game. Cannot wait to hear them trash Allen and worship Cousins. PLEASE!
  12. Tatonka68

    SI - Josh Allen, Thrown to the Wolves

    Even under these poor conditions WHEN Allen starts gaming the doubters will have to shut up. They cannot say he looks good because of the supporting cast. LOL!!
  13. For the very 1st game of his career, Allen played well. He made some mistakes but he has to learn somehow. This year might be rough but the future is bright. The Bills never ending QB search is over. Give Josh a better line and a game breaking WR and look out NFL.