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  1. How The Jets Changed Everything

    1. Cleveland - Darnold QB 2. NY Giants - Barkley RB 3. NY Jets - Rosen QB 4. (TRADE) Bills - Allen QB NEVER WANTED ROSEN NOT A MCBEAN PLAYER. I am fine with this and Allen in my opinion will be the next Elway.
  2. Darnold and Allen fit the process, Rosen and Mayfield not at all. Trade 12+22+65 to 3 for Darnold or Allen.
  3. No. Would rather play tennis. Not a McBean or a Buffalo guy. Allen or Darnold or bust. If Cleveland takes Barkley we trade with Giants for either guy.
  4. Whats the plan at LB?

    With at 22 Mason Rudolph QB.
  5. Who else really wants a first round MLB?

    12th pick Josh Allen QB, 22nd pick Rashan Evans LB would be nice.
  6. Josh Rosen myths

    Are you talking about Josh Allen or Josh Rosen? Rosen I heard from my sources is a selfish spoiled rich kid just looking to get laid, Your ignorance of the word bigoted is exceptional.
  7. Some concerning Josh Allen stats

    ball placement looked great at Senior Bowl, maybe you should take a look.
  8. Some concerning Josh Allen stats

    How can you say he is horrible, on what evidence do you judge him. It takes two for a completion not one.
  9. Who is the better bridge qb Tyrod or AJ McCarron?

    pretty much a draw, tie breaker is the salary & potential which makes McCarron a winner.
  10. Some concerning Josh Allen stats

    Winds at New Era Field are not for the weak armed. Rosen arm is not bad, but Allens is the best. Allen > Rosen.
  11. Some concerning Josh Allen stats

    Footwork can be taught, arm strength cannot. Allen > Rosen.
  12. What ya'll are getting with AJ

    He might be our next Jim Kelly, but he could definitely be our next Frank Reich.
  13. Never say never, could be possible but not likely.
  14. Bills signing S Rafael Bush

    Can Bush rush the passer?? LOL