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  1. In This game Allen goes 17 - 21 - 227 Yards 2 TDS 0 INTs and 2 dropped passes. Rushes for 8 carries for 73 yards and a TD. Bills win 24 - 14.
  2. 1. Jim Kelly 8 playoff appearances 4 Super Bowls 2. Jack Kemp 2 AFL Championships 3. Joe Ferguson 3 Playoff appearances 4. Doug Flutie 2 Playoff appearances 5. Drew Bledsoe nice stats Josh Allen ??????
  3. Historic as the Beginning of the New Golden Age of the Bills
  4. The last game of the season against the NY Jets will be historic. I believe both teams will be playing for the last wildcard spot, winner take all. It will be in essence a home playoff game. The Bills will trail 14-10 with 3:33 left, The Bills will get the ball and Allen will pass and run down the field, He will hit Zay Jones in the end zone for a TD and the Bills will win 17-14. The next week the Bills head to Jacksonville and avenge the 10-3 loss two years before in a route 24-9. The next week they would probably loose, but in 2020 win the division and advance to the AFC Championship. Go Bills!!
  5. Bills end Tom Brady's career on September 29th as he is sacked and end ends up like Joe Thiesman. BYE!
  6. The only blow out would be Bradys knee as Oliver drives him into the turf.
  7. The Bills should make September 29th Pancho Billa memorial day. The game against the New England Patriots. Think about this before the a remembrance video on the Jumbo-tron, bring his whole family onto the field so Bills fans can give them love and dedicate the game to his memory just before kickoff. The Bills would be so juiced up they would wipe the Patriots out 48-0. It would be awesome and exactly what Pancho would of wanted. #PanchoPower
  8. Completed passes is what counts, "accuracy" is something that casual fans will always complain about. When you complete a pass for a TD, who gives a shirt if it could of been a few inches more accurate.
  9. 16 completions on 28 attempts 217 yards and a 1.25 TD per game. I am expecting rushing about 32 attempts 135 yards a game and 2 TDS. This is very realistic. 3472 yards passing 20 Tds, 2160 yards rushing and 32 TDS, 10 by Josh Allen.
  10. The Bills will never get any love until start winning with "style" consistently. When they destroy the Jets on opening day and crush NE about a month later the Bills will get what they earned. The Bills should use this a motivation. Buffalo vs everyone.
  11. Give the man a Check, playing next to Oliver will make him even better.
  12. I think TE is off the menu, probably a surprise in the 3rd round,
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