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  1. The Draft is DEEP with WR's and there is no need to reach for a WR in the 1st round when there will be 1st round WR talent in the 2nd round. Not saying the Bills should not draft a WR in the 1st round.
  2. What do you think about signing up Sammy Watkins, if he passes a physical.
  3. Kansas City at home on MNF, Seattle at home SNF, Buffalo at Tennessee Thursday night.
  4. Tougher over all schedule. stronger team, and weaker division. Pats no Brady. I can see same record as Divisional champs 10-6.
  5. Off season moves, Move Ford to Guard, get a OT, another tall WR and another RB.As bad as this loss is we are young and will be be back,
  6. The Bills are going to Texas Pancho Billa's home state of Texas to play the Houston Texans. You know Pancho will be there in spirit. This game and win is huge for US fans. Buffalo win it for Pancho and for US we waited long enough. GO BILLS. "When it's to tough for them, it's just right for US."-Marv Levy
  7. Maybe so, but does hurt to upgrade for rotation.
  8. If the Bills beat the Texans, then the Chiefs and the Titans beat the Patriots, then the Ravens, the AFC Championship would be in Buffalo. I know, but I can dream.
  9. I was at the Stadium in Tampa surrounded by NY Giant fans. 😞
  10. Joe B is just a typical talking head who never played the game. He was probably in the drama club in school. Pay no attention to what he says.
  11. When it's to tough for THEM, it's just right for us. 2020 AFC EAST CHAMPS!
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