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  1. This rendition of the anthem….😬🤮
  2. Man…Revis must’ve stopped working out.
  3. Yes, would still be true today. He was a terrible OC. He was a terrible HC. Without Rodgers, he’s nothing. If Rodgers is washed (which I’m not sure he is), look out.
  4. Surprised the Bills haven’t had Greg Tompsett and the boys from Cover 1 escorted out. Great for us fans, but you just know McD doesn’t like it. Wasn’t there something a couple years back where those guys asked for, and were denied, media access/privileges? Team may regret that now.
  5. Like we’ve seen before, I assumed he had done it training and getting ready for camp. The dreaded non contact injury. But, per the previous post, apparently it was a jet ski accident. Who am I to criticize guys for enjoying the summer before camp and having a little fun like everyone else? That said, really tough to have that be the reason though. I’m sure he’s devastated.
  6. And so it begins…. The ugly side of football. Hate injuries.
  7. Oh come on, who among us hasn’t driven a Lamborghini 140 in a 55?
  8. Don’t love it, but I get it. At least it’s not the Chiefs.
  9. I’d settle for the white helmets, red tops, white pants as an alternate. I’d be fine with the red lids for the nostalgia, but don’t need them.
  10. Looks like Mrs. Wilson beat the hell out of that thing.
  11. Honestly, with as poor a coach as Hackett is, probably not a bad thing to let Rodgers call his own number. Probably one of the reasons he liked Hackett so much in GB.
  12. When I see things like this, one criticism of the Bills stadium process - what’s up with the damn secrecy around renderings and videos? Feel like every team linked to a new stadium has flashy renderings and fly through videos. We’ve pretty much gotten crumbs on the new Highmark Stadium and it’s been approved/broken ground! Also, that Jags spaceship is ridiculous. Video filled with a bunch of non football related activities and nonsensical “economic development/driver” fluff and BS. I got a chuckle during the video at the rendering of the guy playing pool at the stadium. Come on, are we here to watch a ball game or not?!
  13. It’s that damn Khalil Shakers fault.
  14. I think it might be time to change your username.
  15. I appreciate you explaining this to ME like I’m five. I don’t disagree with you. That is the way it seems. However, isn’t the point of a message board to discuss what WE think as fans, including roster management/depth? It is MY opinion THEY are taking a serious risk by relying on a rookie tight end to come in and give THEM the immediate and consistent production THEY need week over week. Especially, with a bankable and proven player out there looking for a team that would more likely than not make this offense incredibly dangerous by putting him out there with Diggs. Get creative and get it done. Or will this be another scenario where Beane’s reluctance to pull the trigger bites him in the ass like the possible Von Miller trade a couple years ago that he balked at? Sometimes this regime is too risk averse. I’m not a fan who would blame them if I saw they were trying everything by taking a big swing on Hopkins and it didn’t pan out. Plus, if it does work out and, WE (yes, WE because we would all share in that elation) get a ring, how much would we really care what it took from future seasons to get it? FCOL, just get one in my lifetime.
  16. I get that’s their plan, but are we really comfortable risking another season of Allen’s prime years on a lotto ticket? None of us know what Kincaid will or won’t be (including Beane) at this point. You hope, but you just can’t bank on it. Particularly, with a notoriously slow to develop position like TE. Whether he’s inline or big slot. If I’m Beane, I’m going with the sure thing. If Kincaid produces year 1, then that’s icing on the cake.
  17. Beane can and should figure this out. Would be an amazing WR group for at least this year. Teams will eventually and inevitably take Diggs away come playoffs and this would give us another legit established threat when that happens. Get Josh every weapon you can leaving no stone unturned. He wants to play here, and there’s no trade compensation or previous deal holding this up. Yes, I get he has to agree to any deal, but get creative. Tired of being one season away.
  18. They do this better than anyone in the league. Guys constantly running wide open. It’s incredible.
  19. Awww. That’s so cute. Only way he’s going there is if all he cares about is money. Bill O’Brien is there as OC and they aren’t on the best of terms from the Texans trade. Unless they’ve patched it up. Even then it would only be about the money.
  20. This is where it’s going to pay off having a guy like Josh as our QB. That and Von and the rest of the roster. Better get this done. Edit: beyond Josh’s obvious on field contributions.
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