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  1. Townsend is FA this year. He was a captain, but they can essentially move to his replacement on the cheap. Unless he’s gotten markedly better at it, it does nothing for them if Araiza is kicking from mid field and constantly banging it through the end zone. Where it obviously helps is flipping the field if they are backed up. Maybe he’ll screw up holding for Butker since supposedly that was the biggest concern they had with him going into that season.
  2. Just wait until the Chiefs sign Mike Evans. This place will implode.
  3. They don’t have the one guy who can go toe to toe with Mahomes like we do. Load up the O.
  4. Stud returner, but no way he should’ve gotten in before Tasker. He’s been waiting his turn for an awfully long time.
  5. Can we please just go all in on offense? Sure, defense should be serviceable, but the way to beat the chiefs is to score. 9ers played about as good as you could’ve hoped on D…until they didn’t. They brought knives to a gun fight kicking FGs. You beat the Chiefs by scoring TDs. Go all in on O Beane.
  6. I saw Purdy and the others sweating it out on that last drive thinking they could stop them. I’m thinking Purdy better get ready because they are about to rip your heart out and stomp on it. All the makings of a Bills loss we’re all way too familiar with.
  7. That’s quite the list of distinguished journalists on that AP panel. 🙄 Don’t know why I didn’t know this. Certainly, explains why what all the talking heads say on this award come to fruition. They are the ones voting and groupthink (without much substance) is strong with that crew. What a joke!
  8. Blast from the past there. Think I have that dude’s autograph floating around here somewhere. Priceless!
  9. Nope, they’ll move the goalpost and come up with some other excuse.
  10. Lamar…great player, but him getting the mvp this year is bunk.
  11. bull#### Damar didn’t win comeback player of the year. Robbing Josh and now this. Dude literally died on the field. You can’t come back from any more than that.
  12. Fair points in his previous stops. I don’t know a ton about that. All I know is when he was here, I never worried about any CB development with him, Frazier, and McD. Now we’re down to one of them (which may be the best of the three in this area), but I think it’s a loss. Oversaw Tre White in his all-pro season and his work with the likes of Levi Wallace, Dane Jackson, Christian Benford, Taron Johnson and some other less heralded corners makes for a pretty strong resume during his time here.
  13. Wow. Don’t usually see this public messaging from a coaches. He has every right to be pissed if he didn’t leave on his own accord after being passed up for the DC job and they just walked from him. He’s a good coach.
  14. Personally, I found this hilarious (but also a little sad):
  15. I know it’s a lock Lamar will win it because the talking heads have it in their heads, but seems like that would be more of a collective team recognition than a true MVP season or achievement. If it’s not Josh, it should be CMC.
  16. I know it’s BR, and some of these are a bit pie in the sky, but provided the economics work, I’d be up for just about any one of these trades if he really wants out: https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/10107846-top-potential-nfl-trade-packages-for-bills-wr-stefon-diggs.amp.html I think Stef will be here next year, but I’d trade him yesterday for Brian Burns (or any of these first round pick ideas). No guarantee you’ll hit, but I’d invest heavy in WR in the draft under this scenario.
  17. I would prioritize Jones and one of Floyd or Epenesa. Shaq on a minimum deal. Everyone else can kick rocks.
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