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  1. I agree, but shockingly he made Tom Pelissero’s most recent list of up and coming/potential HC candidates. Guessing this doesn’t help. https://www.nfl.com/news/ejiro-evero-ben-johnson-and-demeco-ryans-among-young-nfl-coaches-to-watch
  2. Just really hoping Tre is back for the upcoming division slate.
  3. Hate to lose a home game, but snow always served as an equalizer for the browns as a running team. Fan turn out may have been limited any way.
  4. Oh, come on now. Yes, he had a few returns where he ran up on/into his blockers, but worst field vision ever? Time will tell I suppose, but he only played in 5 games as a returner. Had decent stats, but he was a rookie that looked like he was playing tight to me. His college stats and tape are solid, but looks like his final season was (you guessed it) beset with injuries that limited his production. We gave guys like TJ Graham 31 games for crying out loud. Guy had the coordination of a newborn giraffe. The least we can do is give this guy a couple more opportunities to prove himself. He’s a 6th round pick, so my hopes aren’t all that high, but I’m hoping he can develop into decent depth. Personally, I’d like to see what he can do on offense. Not as a focal point or anything, but a few plays here and there like Kumerow gets.
  5. I would also like to see what he can do in the offense. If nothing else then to run fly routes and help open things up underneath. That said, you’re absolutely right. He’s shown almost nothing to this point and dude HAS to stay healthy. Though I’m not sure he’s ready, now would be a good time for him to get back with Kumerow week to week again.
  6. Man. I forgot how many Stevenson haters there are. 😂 Personally, I like the guy. Doesn’t mean squat if he doesn’t get healthy and produce on the field. I’m not expecting him to be the savior or anything, but all accounts were that he was having a solid training camp before getting hurt. The guy can play outside and has speed. I’m happy he’s working back in.
  7. My apologies for misinterpreting your comment! All good on my end. I’m certainly not here trying to attack anyone. I completely agree that most of it has to be mental at this point. Which is ok. If he’s not ready, he’s not ready. You bring up a good point on the soft tissue injuries. Game shape is just different. We saw it here with Xavier Rhodes coming in and injuring his hammy right away. Thankfully, it hasn’t really been corner killing us. Even with the injuries, the two rookies and Dane have been solid.
  8. Thanks for the snarky reply. Chris Godwin was hurt Dec. 19 and had surgery Jan. 3 (ACL and MCL). By your logic he should still be a few months away from returning, but he’s been back a while now. I swear people only read/see what they want to when reading posts. I’m not attacking Tre, so come down in off that ledge. I already acknowledged in my post that Chase Young’s injury happened first AND that every injury/player/position is different. Chase Young’s injury was also reportedly more severe than Tre’s. My only point was that I find it odd he’s not back yet. On the 53, no red non contact jersey, and no injury designation. Seems to be practicing in full. We never get much detail from McD, so I just find the whole thing strange.
  9. Nor was I. Would’ve preferred him in the NFC, but it can still be a win for the Bills ultimately. They just have to start doing their part again.
  10. Without the benefit of hindsight, who wouldn’t have said that? I didn’t prefer he land in the division, but getting Tyreek out of that KC offense was a win for the Bills (and still can be).
  11. Not when you consider Chase Young’s injury was reportedly more severe (torn ACL and MCL). Am I allowed to be perplexed now?
  12. Not trying to dog Tre with this, but it’s now reported on ESPN that Chase Young is set to be activated this weekend. He was injured on Nov. 14, 2021 with a similar injury. I know every player/position/injury is different, but it’s at least a little perplexing that he’s not ready yet (per McD and his incessant secrecy) considering there (reportedly) hasn’t been a set back and guys with a similar injury around the same time (or earlier) are back. Absolutely need him back for the upcoming division games, but hoping we see Tre worked back in a bit this weekend (though Snowmageddon 2022 may impact that).
  13. Looks like I may finally have to buy Sunday ticket. Lucked out with either prime time or local TV all season to this point.
  14. Josh is the best thing that’s happened to this team in forever, but he has to learn to take what’s there. Someone on the coaching staff also has to have the balls to pull rank on Josh from time to time and kick a damn FG when the game calls for it. Contrary to what the guys on GR will tell you, you don’t need to go for every fourth down. Plenty of games have been won by taking the points when it’s appropriate. Getting really damn tired of being on the other side of these “NFL’s greatest games ever”. If they don’t get it sorted out soon, this will be one of the greatest teams that never was. Up there with the Philly dream team in terms of hype vs. reality.
  15. I think other team’s secondaries are killing us more at the moment. 😭
  16. Surprisingly, I was more mad about this game than I was the Chiefs playoff game last year. Days like today where I’d love to be done, but who am I kidding? I’d be right back next week.
  17. They’ve been incredibly patient with bringing Tre back because I think they’ve felt they could get away with it. Today was one of those days you’d have loved to have him. No Kair and and up and down Benford. Would’ve been nice to pull Benford at times so he could calm down and get his head on straight. At some point, Tre has to get back out there. Never would’ve guessed we’d be down Tre, Hyde, and Poyer for most of this season. It’s laughable at this point.
  18. Only 17? That’s what he’ll have in the next 3-4 games at this pace.
  19. First half, he was looking for that. Second half, he went back to the same crap he’s been doing the past few weeks. He needs to settle down and take what’s there. He’s regressed in 2.5 weeks.
  20. Team flat out sucks right now. Coaching too. Until they start getting out of their own way, they are going nowhere. Self inflicted wounds are all too common with this group. That game shouldn’t have even been close. Game plan in the first half with short passes and taking what’s there was great. Second half was hero ball Josh and a complete collapse. Which is becoming a routine. How many stupid F’n picks is Josh going to throw this year in scoring position? Complete disgrace today.
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