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  1. That was hilarious. Gabe got some really easy questions compared to Isaiah though. That first question was brutal haha
  2. Agreed. The d actually played pretty well and I'm confident they'll adjust going forward.
  3. I'm always surprised at how little noise they make while playing. Doesn't matter who it is or the position. They talk and grunt a lot less than I expect.
  4. Me either. It's getting awkward between the wife and I...
  5. Chances are this game will be closer then any of us would like. In Josh we trust!
  6. Good catch I didn't notice that. Looks like a cat yacking up a hairball haha
  7. Idk if you were joking but except for the storms that are real wind storms it typically does. It feels warmer at night because the wind slows down despite the temp dropping.
  8. Duck d is gonna loose us this game this time if they don't stop the run again
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