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  1. Haukulee Hockuley Hawkooley Haukooli Hawkuli Hockulee Hauculee Honestly, Hochuli is probably the last attempt I'd try to spell by just hearing it. Not exactly "Smith". Unfortunately every forum had their share of grammar police and spelling Nazis.
  2. While I agree trading him doesn't hurt the D and the direction it's heading, I wouldn't trade him to KC unless they offer up the 2nd we spent on him. I doubt he would make a noticeable difference on a team this late coming off a major injury.
  3. --------------------------Man I got a great cookie comment for this one but I don't want to get banned before the season starts.
  4. I mentioned him🙋 I mentioned him too!🙋 (Sharpe)
  5. The post wasn't meant to poo-poo on Stafford though he's nowhere near the level of the QB's mentioned. It's to point out what Johnson could've done with a Brady/ Rodgers or Young type QB. If you like Stafford that's ok I guess. Blaming the O-Line? Never stopped Barry in his day from being an all time great and though the D cant stop a nose bleed its still the other side of the ball.
  6. I like Rice but jeez, he did have Montana and Young throwing the ball. Sharpe was amazing! A freight train with stickem! Great commercial for those that remember. Neck injury cost him a HOF career. Surprised C. Carter not getting any love. Made some of the best catches I've ever seen. Marvin Harrison was pretty amazing too. His route running and ability to get open were the best. But he also had Peyton. For me it's Megatron. Rice had Montana/Young. Sharpe had Favre. Harrison had Peyton and Moss showed what he was really capable of once Brady came into the picture. Megatron had......Stafford! Really?
  7. Zay Jones on the outside has Josh Reed written all over it. He's the prototypical slot WR. But since Boldin is here I guess Zay lines up outside with Matthews. Most of these receivers are for the most part interchangeable. We really need the TE position to step up this year.
  8. Hypothetical. When and if they draft their savior franchise QB, does he immediately step in as the undisputed starter? Tyrod won't be here, I think. Do we bring in a journeyman stop gap? Does Peterman get a little run? What if Tyrod goes 8-8 with a 3500/ 25/5 / 90qbr?
  9. We are looking at a possible Top 3 pick with the tank in full effect on this team. I can also see KC having a 7-8 win season which bodes well for us as well. I expect the hammer to drop on others as well like Wood, TT, Shady are all in play. The 3rd Rd comp pick will happen when Holmes, Tolbert and Hodges get cut. Quite the surplus going into next year's draft. Will it amount to anything? Stay tuned.
  10. The most concerning issue to me was the O line. My God Henderson was terrible and Mills was, well Mills. Tyrod is being asked to stay in the pocket, read progression and anticipate throwing WRs open. Kinda hard to do that with 2 seconds to throw and getting flushed out. There is no competent depth on the O line and all the receiving weapons aren't Jack if TTs on his back. I can see everyone slamming Tyrod this season cause he can't complete a pass in 2 seconds and has to bail cause a LB is in his face ready to destroy him. Yeah, their great at run blocking, hurray!
  11. No, and I work in Jacksonville. Even their fans are cautiously optimistic. When you get let down year after year it happens. Sound familiar?
  12. Didn't mean to type in bold, was typing on my cell. Wasn't trying to offend if taken as such, it's not like used caps.
  13. Holmes and his drops have been an issue and that's unfortunate. I was never really high on him but I do hold hope for Streater and Shorts. Really think these kids crack the roster.
  14. Not sleeping, but I'll admit I'm nodding off a little bit. Humber doesn't inspire any confidence but hopefully he proves me wrong.
  15. He would I think actually be a good WR with TT as the QB. Stevie would always get open the longer the play took to develop due to his improvisation. TT always finds someone open when a play breaks down from holding the ball too long and scrambling. Might be a blessing in disguise. Obviously wont happen though.
  16. Levitre 6yr/ 46.8 mil, was he worth it? Never made a Pro Bowl while in Buffalo. Byrd 6yr/ 56 mil, was he worth it? I don't even have to go into this one, enough said. Hogan 3yr/ 12 mil, was he worth it? Number 3 WR at best, pedestrian numbers, nice guy though. Gilmore 5 yr/ 65 mil, was he worth it? Debatable, not justified from looking at his tenure in Buffalo. Mike G. 2yr/ 6.4 mil, was he worth it? Debatable, not a starter here and maybe not a starter there either. Solid back up LT? According to the Buffalo News, police responded and found Kouandjio, wearing a T-shirt and underwear but no pants. He had parked his vehicle alongside a nearby highway that had been closed for hours due to a serious wreck. "He was acting real confused, but he was no threat," a police source told the News at the time. Kouandjio was not arrested in connection with the incident. I'll pass on that "solid" back up. Let's just agree to disagree, signed McRuss.
  17. I'll give you TD Mike as that was the biggest Front Office blunder. He should have been retained not only because he proved his worth but to also prevent him from going to NE. Gilmore? Would have liked to retain him but he was not worth that contract given compared to what he showed on the field during his time in Buffalo. He may very well live up to it in NE but it was not justified here. I'm not fond of players who show up when they feel like it or when they're challenged, and that was Gilmore. Woods? 8 mil a year for a 2/3 WR? No, case closed. No doubt a very nice compliment receiver when he sees his share of targets. Z. Brown? Nice player but looking for the big payday that never came his way. I'm sure he had a comparable offer from Buffalo, but all things being equal and a chance to play closer to home? Bye Buffalo! Kujo? No loss. Headcase that can only play LT competently because of a knee injury. Personally I like the direction McD has plotted. No bandaids, no quick fixes, no retreads. There's a good amount of talent on this team but not enough for a ring and he knows that. His building this team as if it was 2-14 with long term success in mind. Heck, I've waited this long!
  18. Road games against the Jets are the worse.
  19. I'm not upset he left. I'm not surprised he got the mega deal he expected. I am surprised he got that offer from the Pats before they took care of their own DB (Butler) who I feel is a better player than Gilmore. You can't help but think Belicheck knows that Gilmore would excel on better team as did Hogan. But I don't understand why they placed more value on Gilmore than Butler. Nobody would be talking about their fourth SB win if not for Butler. Not Brady, Butler.
  20. ------------------He would get flagged for unsportsmanlike every time a DB tried to tackle him. It would just not be fair, but fun to watch for sure.
  21. Don't mind seeing a drop in run production if it means an increase in pass production. Imagine how much more effective the run game would be if teams feared TT's passing abilities.
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