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  1. ya sure, dont show the replay of a called back touchdown. just get them commercials runnin.
  2. sure hope its not the shoulder injury that we've been told is nothing, that made that terrible pass look so bad.
  3. dont think so. pretty sure is was just the Giants game.
  4. Josh got pounded into the ground early in the game, and immediately grabbed his throwing shoulder while on the ground. it was hard to see real time, but the replay showed it clear as day. you dont grab your shoulder like that just for fun, i think Josh is hurt a bit, he even mentioned it a bit in the after game interview for NBC. hope its a nothing though.
  5. NBC showed a stat line for Elam near the end of the 3rd quarter or early 4th, cant exactly remember. it wasnt good though. targeted 8 times, gave up 6 catches for nearly 100 yards. im not an Elam hater, but this was against Tyrod Taylor of all people with a Giants offensive line that was mostly terrible. mbe the all22 shows more, that he didnt play badly, but that stat line looks terrible.
  6. lol i love Dabol. he not afraid to call somebody out for being dumb. kinda wish he was still here.
  7. ive watched this team for 30+ years, and im pretty sure its why my hair is turning grey.
  8. some team is going to overpay for Epenesa this coming offseason. probably be disappointed.
  9. so its Diggs or nothing with this O right? where are the slot receivers? wheres dumping it off to the backs? any screen game? of course not, we havent been able to run a screen since Thurman. ffs.
  10. so glad Beane grabbed Floyd. sneaky key signing imo. especially with Von not quite looking right yet. although Von timed the snap perfectly and blew by Pugh on that 3rd down. something just doesnt look right with Von though. almost like hes not trusting the knee yet. i could be wrong.
  11. left the field in a full leg air cast. appeared to get rolled up on from behind during a pile. no exact info on the actual injury.
  12. yep injuries do indeed matter. especially injuries to key guys. nothing you can do about it.
  13. McD probably thought Hyde could cover Ridley as well if not better than Elam, so he singles him up and brings pressure. live by the Blitz, die by the Blitz. feast or famine. that difference between Frasier and McD. both philosophies have their positives, and negatives.
  14. lazy, that had to come out immediately for that play to work. took too long.
  15. well, thats game. this L goes on the offense. just like the last time we played the Jags. cant ask the D to be on the field that much, make plays, continue on with that many injuries, while your O only puts up 7.
  16. brought in max protect on that, and of course the Jags bailed and rushed 4. nobody to throw to there.
  17. fantastic work by this defense considering everything.
  18. well, Jags tried picking on Dane all first half, now its Elams turn. Ridley is just too good.
  19. oh ffs, cant lose Taron. nice throw and catch on a hot read. wish we could do that.
  20. entirely possible Josh doesnt like being under center. its not a good excuse, just a thought.
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