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  1. When you consider that, plus a knocked down hail mary vs the Cardinals, BIlls very well could have been 15-1. But getting back on topic, I overall could not care less what talking heads are saying. I was not too impressed with Lamar last week or this season (speaking as someone who had him in Fantasy). I thought they looked dominant against bad competition though. The Bills will try to load up against the run and make Lamar beat them with his arm. And I don't think they'll be able to keep up with the Bills.
  2. You could also argue the Titans Covid Shenanigans cost the Bills the Chiefs game too. Was supposed to be a TNF home game with both the Bills & Chiefs on a short week. But because of the Titans messing everything up, the Chiefs ended up with TWO extra days rest. It was total BS. The Titans screwed up, but the Bills got screwed. Not to mention the Titans got a bye before playing the Bills.
  3. Just saw a stat where the Colts were the first team in NFL Postseason history that had over 450 yards of offense, no turnovers (yes I know they should have had a fumble but remember that was at the very end of the game) and still lose. If the Bills can overcome that from a good team, then we know this is a great Bills team.
  4. Exactly. If we had just beat an 11-5 Patriots team (which wouldn't register as a top 10 season for them) in this fashion, no one would care because we just beat the Patriots (as an example). Past franchise success has no bearing on a team's current or future success.
  5. I think I echo other people when I say I think having to tough out a playoff game after blowing out opponents will be a good thing for the Bills the rest of the postseason. They essentially coasted for three weeks playing their best football, came into the Colts game and didn't play their best and had to win a tight one. This will serve as a "wake-up" call of sorts that the playoffs are a totally different animal than the last month and a half of the regular season. This game will only make them stronger. Again, they didn't play their best game, took Indy's
  6. If you wanna go way back... 1970 Colts-Cowboys (AFCE Win) 1971 Dolphins-Cowboys (AFCE loss) 1972 Dolphins-Redskins (AFCE WIn - Dolphins perfect season) There were also the two Patriots-Eagles SBs that were split. So it's more like, 3-8 or something. Obviously the Colts used to be in the AFC East.
  7. 18th? Man, that happened earlier than I thought! More like 28th lol
  8. I live in South Florida. Naturally I'm freaking ecstatic over this. #1 defense...pft. I was saying it was misleading to my Dolphin fan friends. They were like 18th in yards, so they were classic "bend, don't break" and getting super lucky with turnovers. Bills are just a FAR SUPERIOR team. No doubt after that game. Allen owns them.
  9. Don't forget, both PIT & CLE hold tiebreaker over TEN (by virtue of them both beating the Titans). Assuming the Browns take care of business against the Jets, that means PIT OR CLE will finish 12-4 (since CLE and PIT play Week 17 and they don't tie) and will finish ahead of TEN. Even if TEN finishes 12-4, I don't think they can jump over whoever the AFC North Champ is. What happens if BUF, PIT/CLE & TEN all finish 12-4? Bills just gotta take care of business. GB/TEN & IND/PIT are gonna be epic games.
  10. Going to school an hour from Pittsburgh, I can tell you most Steelers fans HATE Tomlin. The arguments have already been gone over: handed a great QB/Team, could never get by the Patriots with BB/TB, beat the weakest team to make a Super Bowl (Cardinals) etc. I think he's a good coach and would definitely get hired if he was ever fired. But the Steelers haven't fired a coach since the guy before Chuck Noll in 1968 or something. I doubt they do this year after an 11-1 start no matter how it ends.
  11. Yeah, GB-BUF would show the NFL it doesn't need teams in big cities in the game to get huge ratings. It would be hugely satisfying for fans of small market teams.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. Glad Josh won but I thought Waller was more deserving with those stats. Maybe they took into account he went against the Jets & Gregggggg. Josh went against the next great HC Candidate.
  13. Most of that was when Jimmy got there and they got Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Trace Armstrong, Tim Bowens, Sam Madison, Brock Marion, Patrick Surtain etc. Even though the Bills defense was ranked #1 in 99, Miami wasn't too far behind that year IIRC. The Dolphins defense was TERRIBLE Shula's last few years.
  14. In his freshman year against WVU (I was at that game) - he had 3 rec./113 yds/2 TDs. Along with a 17 yd punt return. I just looked it up. He was incredible that game.
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