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  1. Yeah, like others have said. Bills fans are definitely the worst drinkers. It really sticks out to me now since I stopped.
  2. Motor won’t be the starter when this team goes to a SB, because we won’t make it to one if he is.
  3. She’s Dick with a wig. She talks and acts just like him. She will likely be the Majority leader real soon. McCarthy is just a place-holder. They’re just waiting it out. Trump knows the neocons are coming for him. That’s why he’s trying to hold on for dear life and control the PAC money flow.
  4. This country has a victim complex. In the last decade it’s mostly come from the right, but recently the left has been doing it also. Everywhere you look now you see it. Everything is “some one else’s” fault. I’ve been oppressed by some “other” group. I’m this way because “this group” was mean to me. I have no idea where it came from.
  5. In 2000, I lived in Cobb County and that was mostly white and Hispanic. I’m not exactly sure if the demographics have changed all that much since then but the political leanings sure did. That’s a purple and sometimes blue district now. Thst was Newt Gingrich’s old district! So much has changed.
  6. Here comes Liz!!! Watching Trumpers get exiled one by one is pretty funny. https://www.newsweek.com/liz-cheney-calls-matt-gaetz-sexual-misconduct-charges-sickening-1582729 You “unchecked” the box. I’m telling Trump.
  7. Decisions like that aren’t made unless they can make money.....or at least not lose money.
  8. Matt took a shot at Liz Cheney. Look at Matt now. Pay attention to what’s actually happening within the party.
  9. We just have to be aware that Trumpers still have an election hangover but things are fading fast and we shouldn’t underestimate how quickly the party will shift gears and pretend they never knew the guy. Mitch took a stab at that already and it didn’t work, but they are carefully timing this out. Mitch wants him out of the picture entirely. as for his sheep, they’ll just do what they’re told when the time comes.
  10. The seat is basically reserved for Haley. The problem is that she might not be able to, or want to, run in this cycle with “this” Republican Party, and I wouldn’t blame her one bit.
  11. Trump has no intention of running. He already shifted to phase 2 of his political career and wants to control the PACS and money so he can use it for his legal defenses. Not a secret what his plans are.
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