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  1. wiskibreth

    RT Jordan Mills visiting Texans

    He was a NFL starter for several seasons. I'm sure he's got enough "good" tape out there that he'll get a job somewhere.
  2. Yeah, but can they play together as a team? I anticipate it's not long before the "I don't get enough touches" complaints start emerging.
  3. Maybe I'm old, but I think that's just sad. Pretty soon it'll be... "meh, it's 2025, who cares about precision engineering, just throw some steel and concrete together, that bridge will hold up". 😟
  4. wiskibreth

    Poor O-Line play is league-wide problem not just Bills

    His name is Dante Scarnecchia. He is hands down the leagues best O-line coach. He is the Bill Belichick of OL coaches. Then how do you explain the emergence of their dominant running attack?
  5. wiskibreth

    The AAF Thread

    They sure aren't doing a very good job at marketing it...
  6. wiskibreth

    Does Brady finally hang it up now?

    You'll know when he's about to retire when the Patriots start formulating and placing a succession plan into effect for QB. Brian Hoyer aint that. Brady would never leave Kraft, Bellichick and his teammates in the lurch to just up and decide in the off-season to not come back. He's back next season for sure.
  7. wiskibreth

    Re-purposing Shady McCoy in the passing offense

    Absolutely! I've been saying the same thing since training camp. Linebackers are dead meat vs. McCoy. It baffles me that in what everyone calls a "copy cat league" more teams don't copy New England more...
  8. and again... KC didn't have the defense to stop them. Illustrating the need for balance once again.
  9. I don't think I would either; however, NE had the better defense that day and kept the chiefs from scoring at will, which had been their M.O. all season. NE kept the game close enough that they could exploit that crucial mistake. Had KC been way ahead at that moment, that mistake becomes meaningless. Point being, you can't always rely on a high-powered offense to win the game for you. You can get away with it to a point, but when you come up against the likes of NE, then you'd better be ready to play on both sides of the ball. That's Balance
  10. The answer is BALANCE. Neglecting one in favor of the other will always get you a loser.
  11. wiskibreth

    Solution to bad calls?

    It wasn't about screwing the Saints. For whatever reason It was apparent that the referees all agreed that they would "let them play" and decided that they wouldn't be calling PI. There needs to be a guy in the booth who calls down to the field and says... "Hey blind man! You missed a horrendous PI infraction, take that yellow flag out of your belt and throw it at Rams 23!... thank you"
  12. Sorry, no. It was an egregious and flagrant foul. Most people knew it was PI the second it happened. I didn't need any replay to confirm it. The Ball wasn't there yet, and NRC never played the ball, and tee'd off on the receiver, which in and of itself is also a foul. I'm not claiming conspiracy, but the Ref's were certainly in agreement that they would not be enforcing PI in that game. It's hard to believe that at least one Ref couldn't have stepped up and tossed out a late flag; even if the other zebras weren't going to. You can bet this instigates some form of rule change discussion this off season.
  13. So, like, what if he's just having a fairy tale season and comes back down to earth next year and struggles a bit?
  14. wiskibreth

    Dave DeGugielmo O Line Available

    I don;t really follow DeGugliemo that closely, but to compare him to Scarnecchia... Isn't that kinda like saying if your not the GOAT, then you suck? I think the Patriots did manage to win a Superbowl in 2014 with him as OL coach, and I think the Pats OL suffered quite a few injuries in 2015.