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  1. ^^ this. you can knock a guy on his ass, but you cant tackle him, that would be a holding call. What it looks like Tre' did these kinda straddles the line.
  2. Pretty much, but both are misdemeanor charges. I wouldn't say he's "toast". He;s in more trouble with the league and the team than he is with the law.
  3. But... as soon as you add "intoxication" (at any level, officer discretion) to the picture, it becomes "illegal possession"
  4. Yes, absolutely legal. No license required to keep a gun in your car. You just cant carry it around (concealed or open) without a License to Cary permit, in Texas.
  5. Maybe someone witnessed him actually drinking, can to lips, and felt compelled to report that. (I wouldn't, but some people will)
  6. You're right, but I think it becomes illegal possession when you become "intoxicated" which doesn't have a stated BAC when it comes to possessing a firearm. It's very vague. best to not carry when drinking at all.
  7. Um, No, it doesn't. Carrying a firearm is dead serious matter and most who do, take it that way. You'd be glad to know one of us when evil comes around and the police are still responding.
  8. It's very nuanced, that's for sure. There's judgment of individual play, and how do they perform as a unit. It's about knowing your assignments, and your teammates' and being able to make adjustments pre-snap and on the fly post-snap, reacting to stunts and crosses. You need to watch the individual on each and every play to know if he's looking lost, or being dominated by opponents. Does he commit allot of penalties. Holding is a sign of laziness, desperation and bad technique, false starts are all mental, focus and concentration. Some fans have unrealistic expectations regarding offensive lines. With the level of athleticism on D-lines these days, nobody can block anyone forever. 3 seconds in pass pro is a long time. Keep your opponent off your QB for 3 seconds and your good. Run game is more obvious. Do you open holes, or are you stoned? Like so many others have said, as fans you know it when you see it, stats cant really tell the story.
  9. if you're great, you're great. Market doesn't matter. Especially in this fast information age.
  10. and not to be understated... offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia will retire after 36 seasons in the NFL. (still consulting at the combine). This guy turned dudes off the street into probowl linemen.
  11. Considering Belichick is turning 68 this April, how much longer does he coach? Without his star QB, I'm betting he only lasts a couple more seasons himself.
  12. I don't think it's that far outside the realm of possibility that he winds up a NY Giant. Judge is the Pats ST guy, he just hired the Pats QB coach Schuplinski. Nice cap space open for 2020, a nice low draft selection, Killer running back. What's it take to sit Jones for another season and let him learn behind Brady?
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