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  1. Ike Boettger had a 59.8 PFF grade. Moving Bates back to the left side while Ike takes RG guard would be an improvement. At least a backup plan to have before the draft as Bean likes to have all the holes somewhat plugged before the draft so he doesn’t have to reach
  2. My opinion: the defense needs some updates on scheme, like other have said. But when you wish for new coordinators, remember that it may be difficult to find ones that improve on who they already have. They definitely missed Von too.On offense, we need to upgrade our offensive line. I’m not sure why the Bills seemed lackluster today. Maybe they are emotionally spent from the Damar cardiac arrest ordeal.
  3. Tough day for special teams so far. Missed extra point, poor coverage, and also allowing the punt to bounce to the 2 yard line 😞
  4. I'm visiting OKC this weekend. Any Bills Backers bars here? I'm on I-35 north of I-240. Go Bills!
  5. Sam Martin: I don’t always punt, but when I do, I give ‘em a screw ball and we get the ball back
  6. Josh has a 133 passer rating in the first half, so not too shabby
  7. He moved initially. He spun on his side. I saw his leg move. He also slammed his first onto the turf. Hopefully, that is a good omen.
  8. I’m rooting for KC in the AFC because I would rather have lost to the SB champion. I’m rooting for LA in the NFC because I would prefer an offense oriented SB.
  9. This game reminds me of the 51 - 3 win versus the Raiders in the 1991 AFC championship game 👏
  10. I like the Broncos, because my brother lives their and I really liked the John Elway led SB teams
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