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  1. I was actually an NFL fan in the 60s watching a lot of Browns games on local TV. My older brother was a Bills fan, but I really didn't become a big fan until I moved to Buffalo in 1977. I went to several games in those years as ticket prices were cheap and the stadium was a lot of fun. When they started winning in 1980, I was hooked. I also became a Sabres fan around the same time. I moved away from Buffalo in 1983 and never lost my love for the Bills and Sabres. I love following my team on this site although I don't post much.
  2. Greg Landry used to be the Lions QB. Not sure if it is the same guy
  3. I'm not sure if he ever flamed out but Jerry Butler was terrific for the 80's Bills and then injuries took their toll. Also Joe Cribbs who went to USFL and came back but was never the same.
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