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  1. I lived in Miami when Marino was king. My son adopted them, but I hated them. I lived in DC when Redskins won two of their three superbowls. I rooted for them the first time when they beat Denver, then we lost to them and I hated all the obnoxious skins fans. I lived in Chicago when the Bulls were great and the Bears were not, so didn't really root one way or the other. Moved to New England in early 2001 just in time for Superbowl run. I was OK when they won the first time, but really hated them after that. Now I'm in SC where the local teams are all several hours away. Its been tough being a Bills fan, but I usually meet fans who moved here and are still fiercely loyal.
  2. Dave in Bluffton

    For Fantasy Junkies - Should I start Josh Allen?

    I’ve had Josh Allen the past 4 weeks and he is a consistent fantasy option. NE hasn’t played him yet so he’s. probably is a good option.
  3. Dave in Bluffton

    Not so fun fact-QB 3000 Yd Passing seasons

    Bledsoe had 4000 in 2002
  4. Dave in Bluffton

    Coach of the year candidates

    I think Lynn deserves a lot of credit for what he did with San Diego. They've had Rivers for a long time, but couldn't get by the Chiefs, Broncos and Raiders. I think he wins tonight and that could get him some extra votes.
  5. Dave in Bluffton

    Bills alltime record vs. Dolphins

    Seems like we've been beating the Fins pretty steadily since Jim Kelly arrived. I know we lost 20 in a row in the 70's but in checking we are still 47-60-1 against our rivals. Will we ever catch up? I'd like to think that with the maturity of Josh Allen and our offense improving, we could start dominating our division the way the Pats have since 2001 and maybe even out those records. While I was at it, I noticed the Pats hold the edge 73-43-1. The only team in our division we have a winning record against is the Jets 62-54.
  6. Yahoo is also showing it as a live broadcast. I think its the first time on a Sunday broadcast this year.
  7. Dave in Bluffton

    Football families at Thanksgiving

    Saw something about avoiding politics on Thanksgiving and thought it might be interesting to see if the same holds true for football teams. I have Dolphins fans, a Raiders fan, Browns fans and Patriots fans in my family though I don't remember anything getting too heated. Patriots family were probably most obnoxious, but we moved away from New England last year, so don't see that side of the family now. How about you?
  8. Dave in Bluffton

    Bills Jets killing me this week in fantasy football

    So its the Bye week for all my starters and I had to pick up backups because trades were too expensive. The moral of the story don't sleep on draft night.
  9. Dave in Bluffton

    The next 6 games... I expect

    Fun topic I will go with 5-1 as I still can't see us beating the Pats unless it is meaningless. Looks like they will be playing for homefield advantage for at least one game. I really think we can take the Jags, Fins (twice), Lions & Jets again.
  10. Dave in Bluffton

    Bills Jets killing me this week in fantasy football

    Can’t win for losing. Barkley was already taken. Picked up Tyrod and hope Mayfield gets pulled or hurt
  11. Dave in Bluffton

    Bills Jets killing me this week in fantasy football

    I picked up Lamar Jackson with Flacco having bad games he could see action
  12. Dave in Bluffton

    Bills Jets killing me this week in fantasy football

    4-5 although my total points are low. I'm holding my own because I have Kareem Hunt, ODB Jr. and Vikings defense. QBs are killing me though You should see what they want. I usually trade with my son or son-in-law. No mercy league on tradefront.
  13. Dave in Bluffton

    Bills Jets killing me this week in fantasy football

    Not available. 12 team league and everyone has at least 3 QBs. No one left but backups and injured. Unfortunately they were autodrafted. That will teach me to fall asleep before draft starts.
  14. Dave in Bluffton

    Friend wants to go to a home game..... I ask why?

    I remember the days in the late 70's when the Bills were mostly unwatchable, but the fans were always great. I know the lack of TDs or even FGs is tough, but every now and then the team might surprise. Maybe this is the week Peterman plays out of his mind and Bills are competitive. Maybe game will be full of turnovers going our way. As a battle-scarred Bills fan, I've learned not to be too optimistic and enjoy the games. Now that I live far away, I even DVR the games so I can skip the bad parts for that one bit of good. Go and have fun! At least it isn't snowing yet.