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  1. Dave in Bluffton

    The next 6 games... I expect

    Fun topic I will go with 5-1 as I still can't see us beating the Pats unless it is meaningless. Looks like they will be playing for homefield advantage for at least one game. I really think we can take the Jags, Fins (twice), Lions & Jets again.
  2. Dave in Bluffton

    Bills Jets killing me this week in fantasy football

    Can’t win for losing. Barkley was already taken. Picked up Tyrod and hope Mayfield gets pulled or hurt
  3. Dave in Bluffton

    Bills Jets killing me this week in fantasy football

    I picked up Lamar Jackson with Flacco having bad games he could see action
  4. Dave in Bluffton

    Bills Jets killing me this week in fantasy football

    4-5 although my total points are low. I'm holding my own because I have Kareem Hunt, ODB Jr. and Vikings defense. QBs are killing me though You should see what they want. I usually trade with my son or son-in-law. No mercy league on tradefront.
  5. Dave in Bluffton

    Bills Jets killing me this week in fantasy football

    Not available. 12 team league and everyone has at least 3 QBs. No one left but backups and injured. Unfortunately they were autodrafted. That will teach me to fall asleep before draft starts.
  6. Dave in Bluffton

    Friend wants to go to a home game..... I ask why?

    I remember the days in the late 70's when the Bills were mostly unwatchable, but the fans were always great. I know the lack of TDs or even FGs is tough, but every now and then the team might surprise. Maybe this is the week Peterman plays out of his mind and Bills are competitive. Maybe game will be full of turnovers going our way. As a battle-scarred Bills fan, I've learned not to be too optimistic and enjoy the games. Now that I live far away, I even DVR the games so I can skip the bad parts for that one bit of good. Go and have fun! At least it isn't snowing yet.
  7. I am in a 2QB league and unfortunately missed the draft. My original picks through autodraft were Darnold and Tyrod Taylor. As you can probably guess things went south when Tyrod was benched and people tend to stash QBs in the draft. To protect myself only Bills players were available for Week 1, so I picked up Peterman and Allen not knowing who would start. I used Taylor and Darnold until Tyrod was benched and had to switch to Allen. As you know all to well, Peterman was the only QB available until Derek Anderson showed up in week 7? I was forced to start Peterman in week 9 and actually got 12 points (probably because of the rushing TD) This week I'm still waiting for who will start, but I'm guessing it will be Peterman. Darnold has been lousy the last several weeks so on a whim I found McCown was available so I'm currently McCown/Peterman. It gets worse next week as everyone has a bye. What would you do?
  8. Dave in Bluffton

    If you had a buddy who abandoned the Bills

    My son and grandson are both Dolphins fans. It doesn't affect our relationship at all. I root for the Dolphins to win when they don't play the Bills and they support the Bills as well in other games. We both have mutual hatred for the Pats and he lives in Boston.
  9. Dave in Bluffton

    Look at the bright side of all this

    After reading several posts of what we are doing wrong, how about a little positivity? Game tickets are getting cheaper. Back in the day (late 70's) I used to get end zone tickets for $8 and still had fun with a lousy team. Next year is going to be better cause it can't get much worse. At least the Sabres are getting better. You can always drink your sorrows and now you can take Uber or Lyft home. If you live out of town you don't have to pay the outrageous price for Sunday ticket. Every couple of weeks, the team looks like they have a chance. You can enjoy the outdoors more because you're not stuck inside watching the Bills. You could have been a Raiders fan. Winter is coming so you won't have to shovel snow or scrape ice off your car to get to a late season home game. Your wife might not yell at you as much for watching and cursing at the Bills when they lose. Feel free to add your own!
  10. Dave in Bluffton

    I Will Consider The Pats Game a Win If........

    Only way is to win and it would be great on MNF as the announcers will probably e gushing about Brady and Pats dominance over the last 20 years.
  11. I get your point Yolo and strange things have happened to good teams this year. OSU got run over by Purdue and Bills beat Vikings at home, so maybe Bills can pull a miraculous upset somehow with the home crowd and Anderson playing lights out with Ivory running all over the Patsies. Its almost Halloween!
  12. Dave in Bluffton

    Last time I saw Bill/Bears preseason game

    I lived in Chicago and it was old Soldier Field before the renovation. Bills had signed two quarterbacks in off season and future looked bright. Meaningless game but Doug Flutie played and looked pretty good. You know the rest of the story. Bills lose first 3 games with Rob Johnson and he gets injured and Flutie becomes a Pro bowl QB and Bills made the playoffs. Maybe something like that could happen again. Anyways, It will be fun to see what happens with the possibility that all 3 QBs may get some playing time. I'm rooting for Josh Allen, but maybe Peterman will be our Flutie this year. Go Bills!