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  1. I was at the game as well and we left because it started snowing and game seemed out of reach. We heard the crowd roar and tried to turn around as we were walking to our car outside Rich, but too late. It would have been my first live look at a "Hail Mary" Fergy rightfully deserves praise for his abilities and that was a great demonstration of what he could do. I think some of his heroics are overshadowed by blunders at critical times. Not sure how I would rank him as Bills QB but probably 3rd after Kelly and Lamonica.
  2. Happy belated birthday Thurman. You gave us some great memories,🤗
  3. I'd rather think about blow out losses with Josh at QB. Don't remember offhand, but most of his losses last year were close games. I like under the radar Bills. Hopefully we can get a good start to the season and roll on. It isn't impossible to win the division if we play like we did in 2017 and catch a few breaks.
  4. I remember Jack from his playing days and Washington, DC. I never had the chance to meet him, but always admired his compassion for working people. A true class act that Washington needs these days. This may be nostalgic thinking, but things used to be better in those days.
  5. I was actually an NFL fan in the 60s watching a lot of Browns games on local TV. My older brother was a Bills fan, but I really didn't become a big fan until I moved to Buffalo in 1977. I went to several games in those years as ticket prices were cheap and the stadium was a lot of fun. When they started winning in 1980, I was hooked. I also became a Sabres fan around the same time. I moved away from Buffalo in 1983 and never lost my love for the Bills and Sabres. I love following my team on this site although I don't post much.
  6. Greg Landry used to be the Lions QB. Not sure if it is the same guy
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