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  1. Not scared at all of the Titans
  2. Anybody got a replay of the play? I have been looking for it and can’t find it anywhere. I didn’t watch until the 4th quarter.
  3. It feels like a overused narrative. He needs to get better but there is a reason why he is still here and we have got new receivers.
  4. Pregame analysis from a giants channel
  5. If Waddle is lower in the depth chart could it be better for him to be hurt until after cuts?
  6. The bills and the jets got that matter can play good enough to make him want to quit. He can then say he wants to spend more time with his kids or whatever. He needs to be beaten.
  7. That’s pretty funny. I have some issues with fire ants so any advice you have there would be helpful. As far as the rest of it goes I have my own business so by the time I mow I am just trying to get it done. Appreciate your passion. Horticulture is a under appreciated science.
  8. I am serious. I like football. I know it doesn’t matter and that the games are glorified practice. I find it odd that guys will be on here all offseason talking about who they think will be the 6th receiver on the team or TE or RB depth and then want to tune out when they get to showcase their skills and try to make a life for themselves. I also have a lot of friends from all over the country and it is fun to rib them when we beat them even in the preseason. It is even funnier to tease them over preseason games because they don’t count. I also like to see the Bills win. I think the overall depth of the team has improved and we will have a competitive training camp. I think guys will be thinking they have a shot to make the team. Obviously you don’t want anyone hurt and obviously the teams starters need cohesion. People here spend hours writing up topics on the team and then talk about going and mowing their lawns and not watching it all play out... that’s very strange to me.
  9. Hey man that’s fair. Just seems like for years now we have been making the 3rd string Lions Qb Look like Joe Montana.
  10. Don’t you have a big boy table that needs some attending to?
  11. I know and I am up really late past my bed time. What ever grown up and serious big boy things would you like to discuss?
  12. What were their records in said superbowls ? Am I alone in the fact that if my team suits up I want them to win? I guess so.....
  13. The past 2 years it always seemed like we were getting blown out later on in preseason games. I think this is a direct result of the lack of depth the team has had due to the cap situation. I never like to watch my team lose. I know it doesn’t matter and there is other factors at play that may for the team be more important. Do you expect this year for the Bills to be more competitive in the preseason matchups?
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