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  1. My wife does it. She is a professional. So it is either free or costs me my entire paycheck. Debatable. She is easy on the eyes though.
  2. Stevie said something on twitter about rooting for Fitzpatrick because he is on the Dolphins now... I k now they are buddies but it loses a bit of credibility if you ask me.
  3. If they sneak ahead of the patriots and steal a TE it would be awesome
  4. I was thinking something like “Out of the Ashes” or “Rise Up” seems like a good year for Bills fans to get some swagger back..
  5. If you could give the team a slogan for the year what would it be ?
  6. It would be nice to have a team built to win at home in December.. and January. Would be great to be wanting home games late knowing we won’t be stopped.
  7. Birthday parties and bar mitzvahs.. that’s where the real money is made
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