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  1. Hey man that’s fair. Just seems like for years now we have been making the 3rd string Lions Qb Look like Joe Montana.
  2. Don’t you have a big boy table that needs some attending to?
  3. I know and I am up really late past my bed time. What ever grown up and serious big boy things would you like to discuss?
  4. What were their records in said superbowls ? Am I alone in the fact that if my team suits up I want them to win? I guess so.....
  5. The past 2 years it always seemed like we were getting blown out later on in preseason games. I think this is a direct result of the lack of depth the team has had due to the cap situation. I never like to watch my team lose. I know it doesn’t matter and there is other factors at play that may for the team be more important. Do you expect this year for the Bills to be more competitive in the preseason matchups?
  6. Do us a favor and touch base after your surgery. Hope all goes well.
  7. For my business I try to get a google review from clients. It helps a lot and people don’t need to use home advisor or Angie’s list which in my opinion are scams
  8. Interesting thing happened to me the other day. I got Tacos and quesadillas at a local restaurant. It had workers who looked like ones who would be familiar with making tacos.. they had a card reader that was set up for tips and the guy declined the tip option. I wanted to give a tip so thankfully I had some cash and they had a jar there. You can get a crap load of tacos for 20 bucks. It would feel wrong not to leave something. I just wondered why he opted out of it..
  9. Thinking of going to the practice and watching the game on TV
  10. I don’t remember anything but that is hilarious
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