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  1. Last time I got insurance on a new vehicle they wanted to know if I was doing any ride sharing. I don’t know what happens if you tell them you are or what happens if you get into an accident and haven’t told them but it is something to think about. I know a few guys that do it and they average about 18 an hour. One guy has a regular route from Charleston to I think Charlotte because it is easier for the client than driving or taking a plane.
  2. Common practice amongst contractors is to low bid and change order people to death. As a contractor something major would have to happen for me to charge extra and even then it needs to be discussed. And never sign off on liability. My business has a 5 star google rating. That is very important to the growth of my company. I would look into any place they look to get work. Ie angies list , home advisor or google. I also usually ask for a downpayment. People forget that there is as many flighty people as there is contractors.
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