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  1. Well from conversation with Eddie he had considerable input which equipment players uses. I have a signed copy of his book "The Tale of the Tape: A History of the Buffalo Bills from the Inside". I agree with you on helmet designs as related to decaling. One of those helmets would be good to put Bills logo streak but what happens when players choose radically different styles? I wonder how new helmet designs will affect mini-helmets. There is a bar patron who has a layered shelf with mini-helmets. Some he hand painted because he could not find mini helmet of
  2. https://www.crainscleveland.com/article/20140430/BLOGS06/140439971/mark-kelso-mocked-and-shunned-for-his-padded-helmet-in-the-1990s-is I had opportunity to talk with Eddie Abramoski at an annual tailgate here where he was a guest. This is a true story, I cannot imagine an equipment manager has that type of influence on a team today.
  3. Mitch should get the best helmet with an additional cap on top like a former Bill wore. It helped prevent additional concussions for Mark Kelso. https://www.profootballhof.com/news/kelso-s-helmet/
  4. Ankle sprains can be deceptively bad. I did it on a work trip, put an ace bandage on it and continued my trip. A couple of years later I had issues with motor control in ankle. Visited 8 different doctors, each gave different cause and treatment except one who called it psychosomatic. Last doctor put me in a boot and I was almost crippled. Doctor had an MRI on it and discovered a cyst size of golf ball causing bones, vessels, ligaments. etc put everything out of alignment. The cyst was removed but my ankle never fully recovered.
  5. For ballet WNY is equivalent is to a minor league team.
  6. Hard to go to Canada for ballet with border closed.
  7. Pretty sure Chan Gailley left rather than being let go. Head coach said all of the assistant coaches were expected staying and next day Chan resigns. After that Miami Mammals purged offensive coaches associated with him. if Flores was planning on canning him he would not have made that statement.
  8. The NFL did no favor to teams by making draft end so late close to date to pick up many options. I understand that they needed more time due to lack of combine but future contracts should not have fixed date but relative date like "7 days after draft ends".
  9. I wish I could have played college ball. I got to play one scrimmage of high school football as true freshman as short yardage RB/safety. One booster at game gave me his card and did not realize I was in 9th grade. I had a medical condition diagnosed afterwards which prevented me from continuing sports which ended up being a false diagnosis. Yes. I am clear too.
  10. You need to watch Space Jam 10 more times. You can not tell the difference between Saint Bill Murray and Stan Stan: C'mon, Michael. Let me help. I'm not very tall but I'm slow. Sylvester: and large Daffy Duck: and a dork
  11. Players used to say that about me playing football. I was also slow getting off them after tackling them or throwing them down and landing on them when they tried to tackle me so they did not say it very often.
  12. Title needs to be changed to Lookout created for Aldon Smith.
  13. Better to wait for a QB to go down in playoffs and sign up as backup to add year to retirement fund and not go thru training camp, preseason, etc.
  14. If the curse is still on then Br*dy. Will never see it so having his picture on it will not bother me.
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