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  1. Sheriff: 'Glee' star Naya Rivera saved son before drowning https://www.startribune.com/official-photo-helps-in-search-for-missing-glee-actress/571737982/ Saving a family member is certainly not worst way to die. She has my admiration.
  2. It is "facts" but not the type of facts usually posted in other thread Texas Supreme Court Rules State Republican Party Can’t Force Hot-Spot Houston to Host In-Person Convention https://www.thedailybeast.com/texas-supreme-court-rules-state-republican-party-cant-force-hot-spot-houston-to-host-in-person-convention I will not give my opinion if more good or bad will come out of that ruling.
  3. Understand that. I think the loathing started when he started selling practicing tickets (which enabled scouts to film it openly) and when he went after season ticket holders in court when they could no longer afford tickets even heirs after season ticket holders died.
  4. You underestimate Br*dy's acting ability. I am sure his first wife got him professional tutor for him to whine so effectively.
  5. "Maryland Redskins" is reserved in Trademark database. There was a lot of traffic in last two days but fortunately nothing broke requiring me to work.
  6. If you did not know: https://www.buffalobills.com/video/tre-white-goalie-academy
  7. I hope Josh is sick and Tre'Davious White shows up with his gear.
  8. Synder has been BEGGING to move team back to Washington and was told he cannot move team back until he changes name, or at least the team name part, so no way is he changing it although Maryland Redskins is reserved.
  9. Except with a little social media help it could ruin real estate business for buyer AND not get payday.
  10. Warned about this yesterday. Scummy sure. Washington Scum has not be reserved yet.....
  11. Not follow baseball well enough to know all of that. I guess the whole purpose is to allow them to play other teams since players from US would not be allowed in Canada.
  12. And it would be very ironic to play in Buffalo, specifically in US, since Canadian fans have to go thru quarantine when they return.
  13. Basically if a good name $nyder gets credit, if a bad name Rivera gets blame and $nyder bashes criticizers for unfair comments on minority (Rivera)" I wonder if Rivera agreed to this when he took this contract.
  14. Been hoping for a while for Twins to have a sequel. . All the major players are alive or were alive until recent death. Both DeVito and Schwartzenegger could use the boost.
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