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  1. Some bad things in interview highlighted by "nothing to do in Buffalo (or Green Bay)". Maybe some of these players need to invest in some of their millions and put some activities they want in area? Well I guess you are Buffalo Insider. Or should be writing for PFF.
  2. Source: https://www.profootballwriters.org/2022/05/16/frazier-and-knapp-selected-as-pfwa-2022-dr-z-award-class/
  3. I went to Harvard as well but only on a prospective student visit. I think when he retires he would do a very good job in a NFL front office.
  4. You think he is a cheater and Beane working for Carolina passed information to him. I guess it is what you would have done in that position but I do not think Beane would have provided it or Coach McD asked for it.
  5. Agreed, Bills spent a tremendous amount of time scouting Allen, far more than they did other QBs, and when you look at it after the draft he was their target but they did due diligence to on other QBs in case they could not get him. If Browns had gone another way or Bills could not have found a trading partner after moving up they may have to draft 4th or 5th QB on their list. McDermott used information from Whaley's scouts but I am sure he was part of evaluation of potential DEFENSE players for Carolina.
  6. One evidence on his potential use is Beane talk about losing veterans and due to money issues having to cut Klein which he thought did a great job as fill in for Bills. He then mentioned Bills signed Bernard but mentioned he does not have his size. Bernard would likely be tasked to replace Milano when he is out but cannot attempt to replace Edmunds in this defense which Klein did when he was out. He also has injury problems and until he can show he can be available when needed I doubt Bills are depending on revamping defense to fit him in.
  7. If Mayfield holds out they save money which they really need to do. I think this year will be a bust of Browns either way.
  8. McKenzie he got chances to star with one game people love to rewatch but can he sustain it and be less of a jester and more of a knight able to be depended upon game after game? I do think he can do a lot of things and he is sort of glue but he needs to be superglue.
  9. The changes in Jordan (there were sports articles written on it at time) were similar to changes Jimbo went through. He was very much about ego and himself (fans did not help on this when they treated him as arriving hero) and he changed to be about a leader who made other players better.
  10. Fortunately you are not a doctor. It was a Hip Subluxation which I had from a car accident. Often this is treated without surgery but his doctors choose to be aggressive like Fitzpatrick and use surgery to help speed up treatment. Originally he was put on IR with possibility of return but Washington choose to go another way because he was not recovering fast enough with recovery time closer to high estimates and Taylor Heinicke was doing well and they did not want to upset them apple cart.
  11. Unless he is found lying under oath in civil charges for which criminal charges can be brought. Kneeling is fine as long as you are kneeling to football god (money).
  12. Oh different Tampa Bay QB! They get mixed up so easily.
  13. Trent Dilfer was not QB that year 1996 so what does have to do this? Jimbo partly wanted to go there because Ted Marchibroda was head coach replacing Bilicheat.
  14. "Thought" is not exactly right word. "Imagined" might be more suitable. Whaley has history with organization, is a minority and has been interviewed twice. Whaley's positives and negatives were discussed.
  15. There is a Goodell conspiracy just not on this issue.
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