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  1. The "girlfriend" was another girlfriend of her boyfriend who borrowed her car and she was attacked when she went to get it.
  2. Duke said that Zay taught him a lot about the game so Zay was contributing if not always on the field.
  3. Information on his contract was posted earlier.
  4. If you have read too many articles read in incognito browser and my bar was interview place in article. There have been a lot of ex-football players in there, both Washington and Buffalo. Charlie Taylor who was a regular is not doing to well unfortunately and I enjoyed his company. This was at the tailgate last weekend. I was unable to go due to health. First annual tailgate I have missed since it started except when I was in Buffalo watching game.
  5. I guess we would say same thing about you. Time to cut you!
  6. Praying will do no good. God, like Coach McD, expects you to put in effort.
  7. It is funny I was thinking about same cartoon.
  8. I do not think he will treat you like welfare recipients - he will expect you to put the effort in AND he will follow rules of NFLPA about contact with players as long as you are employed.
  9. Sure they want him on other teams - fans want their teams to be win and having a poor playing QB (at same salary level) will hurt other teams but interpret data any way you want, that is usually what politicians trying to drum up support for their view do.
  10. Only the P*ts can beat you playing checkers using chess rules.
  11. I can hear the sound of the ads but not the sound of the press conference and I have watched it before. There are using some hidden click spot ads when you try to control video too. Oh and glad he is careful with words unlike ex coach which was a blowhard.
  12. Just like you LOVE T*m Br*dy, right? 🏩 Fitz unlike some other QBs he keeps trying to make something out of it but sometimes his coaching staff or players are lacking as they are now which is why he keeps getting hired. He is a gunslinger rather than a game manager and sometimes the coaching staff needs to clamp down on gun-slinging without ruining it like our coaches have done in past. Personally I hope he has a good game which gives our offense and defense a workout and his fans in stands (and there are still some) something to cheer for BUT not good enough game to win. Unlike some QBs Bills had he tried every game.
  13. Dinosaurs were on earth longer than humans. You are disrespecting one of players who was able "squeak" out games mouse.
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