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  1. So what kind of song to think is most suitable for Jerry Hughes? A Viking battle song? A ballad? An Irish Drinking song? An epic song? I am thinking Eye of the Tiger updated to be the Horns and Hooves the Buffalo.
  2. we limit turnovers from Allen evading the wave of blitzers - yes. sure tackling from Milano and Edwards - sure enough to make a difference. maintain lane integrity - mostly.
  3. Well I did have classes in debate and sarcasm was a tool taught to break down opponents in debates. I was offered a full political science scholarship to Gannon University in Erie, PA and I turned it down for I did not understand that you could still qualify for scholarship while taking other courses for the degree you really wanted.
  4. Tucker will be sick next time he needs to play in Buffalo.
  5. You can hear the respect the Bills' players have for Frazier.
  6. You do know that not all with title "Dr." are medical doctors, right? People with doctorates in philosophy and basket weaving can use the title. charismas 1 : a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure (such as a political leader) His success was largely due to his charisma. 2 : a special magnetic charm or appeal the charisma of a popular actor. Not a grinch but it is a zero sum game and would rather kids who need food get it. In my wife's school there are students on free and reduced lunch program dr
  7. Not sure WHY they need donations. The federal government has been paying for meals, breakfast and lunch, for students 7 days a week. My wife is the manager of a high school kitchen and even over Christmas break food was supplied to all kids. They need it because of 2 reasons - Louisville has not applied for aid or money used elsewhere. I am not in favor of the program since it is neither means tested nor verifies person who picks up food has as many kids as meals they are taking and have not picked up meals from other schools.
  8. Penfield and Nick Wright have never been seen together and I do not think that is a coincidence.
  9. The Ravens game showed what they needed to do (not by their defense but how they were beaten) and Bills eliminated their best offense attacks. This made the defense played helter skelter but it worked - defense was crisscrossing on the field and confusing offense players. They could not do what they were best at and gradually attacked the holes but they were uncomfortable doing it. Lemur was getting hit a lot do to this and was really uncomfortable. His speed was running away from trouble into more trouble. He in fact looked like Allen last year throwing away balls
  10. I mocked him before we played Ravens in playoff game and see no reason to stop now.
  11. Lemur would make a good RB for him. If he can catch maybe he can be Ravens' version of ‎Christian McCaffrey.
  12. He was not playing well enough to win before injury so he just avoided embarassment. Brown is a good WR. They replaced one Brown with another.
  13. And you would be wrong. I think you meant "1 TD on offense and still win".
  14. Surprised torches and pitchforks are not descending on Bills Stadium for Trent Murphy is active.
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