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  1. Make sure you add that to all of the other non-Bills topics to be ignored as well.
  2. I agree except he used to throw deep. Deep ball appeared one of his best attributes when he because starter.
  3. He was being polite. Cur card said pee wee level.
  4. Limeaid

    Darby trade

    Too bad there were not guaranteed contracts as some want.
  5. Limeaid

    Today I Learned....PartII

    Love guaranteed contracts, wish I could get one.
  6. Limeaid

    Got a call from my season ticket rep yesterday

    it is real easy - show up in a red, white and royal blue panda suit at a game and become instantly recognizable.
  7. Limeaid

    Josh Allen coins #SabresMafia

    Root canals can be exciting. A coworker had heart stop getting one sending at last minute to a install in Japan. Fortunately dentists are trained to restart hearts but he was not allowed to fly for a week. Almost as creative as using a ex-Bills player as an alias.
  8. Limeaid

    Chris Ivory's Roll In The Running Game?

    In my opinion roll is right word instead of "role" which poster meant. Roll as in ball as in round. I hope he comes in camp in better shape than he appeared last year. I have no idea why he was offered so much.
  9. Yes because the union allows and supports such things. Do you deny it happens is NFL? The NFL has a lot larger roster than other sports with a lot of UDFAs, players signed when other players are injured, etc. Should every player signed get guaranteed contracts? Just drafted players? Just free agents? Who determines when a player does not perform and needs to be penalized? NFLPA? Do you really think the NFLPA will not argue every penalty? Do you think they will pull guarantee of a player (aka Billy Joe) as an example did not read playbook? I do not think so. This is a zero money game. Guaranteed money is coming from somewhere and some players will lose.
  10. Some have developed a taste for crap like they do limburger.
  11. Sure have guaranteed contracts so players could get Planters Fakeitis and collect for salary for free and they ALREADY do that without guaranteed contract. I am sure no player will reveal an offseason injury, say tripping over the dog going to door to get pizza, and just wait to training camp where it will magically appear.
  12. Limeaid

    Star Trek: Return of Picard?

    Hmm I cannot see them doing that with the rebooted Star Trek Universe with Kirk played by Pine (I actually have never seen Star Trek: Beyond not liking how they reused Khan in Star Trek V2 II). http://www.nextbigfuture.com/2018/06/two-new-star-trek-tv-shows-and-two-limited-series-are-in-development.html From Entertainment * A series set at Starfleet Academy. * A limited series whose plot details are currently secret. * A limited series based around the “Wrath of Khan” story. * An animated series whose plot details are also secret. The New Generation. Usual abbreviation for the series was ST:TNG.
  13. Limeaid

    Joshua Garnett - OG - SF?

    Well his father played 3 games for Bills. He (Garnett) is an example why guaranteed contracts are not always a good thing. Part of the issue is they went to a zone blocking scheme (our guard Miller also has issues with it last year) and not only is coming back from a small injury 49ers also put him on full year IR to have him reshape his body. Sound familiar? https://www.ninersnation.com/2017/11/21/16687530/joshua-garnett-injured-reserve-2018-roster-body-composition
  14. Limeaid

    Poll: Sorry but someone has to...T.O back in Buffalo?

    LOL! Isn’t Eskimo the same as Redskins ________________________________________________________________ No, the Edmonton Eskimos are a much better team than the Redskins.
  15. More precisely that is list of players who were picked in previous years not college players year eligible.