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  1. Because Kaep's flaws as QB are well known and ingrained. I personally thought Peterman was not NFL material but evidently Bills front office thought that with work being paid a minimal salary he was worth effort but Kaep was not at required higher salary, a salary I doubt would be NFL minimum. Kaep also went into the vegan diet thing which I know worries NFL nutritionists. Regarding Sanchez I have no idea but would not be a QB I would sign but no NFL front office would pay for my opinion and I do not expect them to nor pretend otherwise or say they should be fired for not.
  2. Limeaid

    Who would win in a fight? Ninja or Unicorn

    Hopefully this kind.
  3. Limeaid

    Best/Worst QB - Kelly/Van Pelt?

    EJ appeared to be ruined by coaching staff; lots of coaching staffs do that to young QBs making them tentative after a mistake.
  4. There are a lot of unemployed players who juries would say are more qualified than players currently playing but I doubt anyone of them are qualified to work for a NFL team to determine who is a good fit for a team.
  5. Why would a team hire his with headaches he brought to NFL and specifically 49ers?
  6. Limeaid

    Would You Draft A Punter In Rd 7?

    So if current coach has a medical issue and needs to resign are you okay with signing Ronnie Jones?
  7. Limeaid

    Daboll should eliminate designed QB runs from our offense

    You mixed him up with Clay.
  8. Limeaid

    POLL: Can you drive a manual transmission?

    So you are saying the tester was a nanker for letting you on road putting others in danger when you took your test?
  9. Limeaid

    McBeane's Moves Now Are For 2020 Success

    Then take a break and come back then to tell us you were right.
  10. Waiting for another player on decline to create a stink just so he can take NFL to court for a golden parachute.
  11. Didn't you forget the RB who wore a wedding gown and got negative yards?
  12. Limeaid

    Daboll should eliminate designed QB runs from our offense

    Backup QB should be brought in for those to make the stats players happy.
  13. He is meeting with owner despite some talking heads saying he won't. And this was already discussed in other threads.
  14. Limeaid

    Best/Worst QB - Kelly/Van Pelt?

    The site is a joke. Any email you enter is considered invalid.
  15. Limeaid

    Daboll should eliminate designed QB runs from our offense

    Yes the pocket seems more dangerous for him than running; in the pocket he is asking for late hits which are not called.