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  1. Limeaid

    Structural Organizational Issues

    Keep politics out of thread,
  2. Limeaid

    How many yards will Anderson have Sunday

    32 yards. Oh you meant PASSING, so used to Bills QBs getting yards via running. High 100s passing.
  3. Limeaid

    Raiders now Shopping Derek Carr (?)

    It is possible ... his contract is guaranteed and maybe he just wanted a big payday from Raiders which he believes he should have gotten when he was coach.
  4. NFL needs to add more expansion teams?
  5. He can still put whiskey in OC's coffee when he is on practice squad but now he has time to go get it. Because they no longer use chimps?
  6. And clueless to realize that if P5t5erman failed he'd be inserted into lineup and that he could prove what he could do in a game.
  7. P5t5rman is perplexed being still on roster?
  8. Are you related to Dunkirk Don? Yes many fans will be drunk but I have never seen fans attack players on field or at stadium. Some real loser louses may put something on players' lawns but only because they do it in dark of night. Well the other reason the Bills did not want to give the 5th the Raiders wanted to take P5t5rman off Bills' hands. No for by using that phrase it proves they are either idiots or grew up in Florida school system. Or as DC Tom would say "You're an idiot".
  9. Limeaid

    Pegula's can now own both the Sabres & Bills

    As long as he is not NFL Commissioner it is fine. Oh and the Pegulas just had each one be named owner and it resolves issue. I am just glad the NFL did not make them get divorced to keep the teams.
  10. May be Bills best WR if he returns. Has DA ever thrown him any passes?
  11. Limeaid

    Is my sports team killing me?

    So is brain strains from all the hyperboles.
  12. Maybe it was the mile high lower gravity which caused balls to be throw high. Won't be first QB to have trouble adjusting to play in Denver.