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  1. Getting buzz in offseason means people talking about him are buzzed.
  2. Arkansas has never had a team so I guess that is good for NFL. And there is probably a restraining order keeping him out of locker room.
  3. It did not start with Love. He has had front office and coaching issues for a while. When the Packers replaced OC he felt that Alex Van Pelt should have gotten job not Joe Philbin and was very vocal about it.
  4. Does not look at all like Larry Fitzgerald. I am disappointed.
  5. He does not fit. The Bills play defense in waves trying to keep defense linemen fresh. With amount of money he would demand he would need to be on the field all of the time and two defense linemen would need to be cut.
  6. The doctor's definition was if the bone is still connected it is cracked but if it was separated into 2 or more pieces it was broken. I broke my arm playing football. It hurt but I could still play but when the adrenalin stopped rushing through me the two parts of the bone separated from each other and my arm moved very unnaturally - it was in Z shape.
  7. if it was good enough for Kyle Orton it is good enough for Rodgers. Kyle Orton retired and when Dalla$ spent the money he unretired and Dalla$ let him go because they did not have cap space.
  8. I think he could get 4 catches a game (68 catches) realistically.
  9. A sub board should be created for those threads and anybody starting outside get warnings and increasing punishment as appropriate. The good news it would take them off front page which increases responses.
  10. Lee Smith was important for AFCW games where he was familiar with all four teams and was used as blocker including passing. Hopefully this year someone else can pick up slack for none of the TEs are that good at blocking/.
  11. As I stated only in links at end of article. Armed? I am more worried about legged. As my buddy has told me based on size of my feet "Whatever you do don't kick me!"
  12. The field flipping did not become that useful since too many teams between the 20 yard lines were able to make plays fairly easily down the field. I think the Bills are looking for the big play on special teams which is why Roberts was not a priority. Haack has been part of special plays. Bojo had issue over kicking the ball. https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2021/03/bills-sign-matt-haack-3-things-to-know-about-new-punter.html
  13. Emmitt was one way MUCH better than Thurman - acting. He'd act out injuries to give his team a break, be taken out with announcers saying he may be out for rest of game and then one player later he would be playing. It was to point in sports bars patrons would be saying he will be back in one play when announcers repeat their spiel.
  14. Really annoying that you need to have account to read it. Created one but have no desire to post in it.
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