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  1. Ask Kraft. He knows how to find quality strokes for less (or at least yes by having delivery). IMO it had to do with McCoy. McCoy is one who talked to him and put some sense in him. McCoy gets released and Foster figures "well that advice did not work."
  2. Likely because he has worked with Coach McD and will fit him more.
  3. Poster of rumor was a joke and rumor is he is currently in prison. Rumors rarely are correct.
  4. They should look to copy the Bills — yes, the Bills — during their rebuild https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/redskins-should-look-copy-bills-yes-bills-during-their-rebuild McCoy? I agree about Sammy but not LeSean. They moved on from selfish players early in process not later. They moved on from him for mostly inactive T.J. Yeldon but that was not reason.
  5. Tebow has not been on an active roster since 2012. Eagles let him go in 2013 and he was not on New England's roster long enough in 2015 to find their QB secret stuff.
  6. I think the Bills can give him a two year extension and Hyde a one year extension telling they want to keep them together and allow Hyde to get a bump up in salary as well.
  7. St Louis did get one but I agree. San Antonio was available but Dallass and Houston got teams. He that is my high school and university.
  8. if you click the link you can see it is game speed. "@KingHenry_2 reached 21.27 MPH on a 68-yard RD run in Week 10 vs KC, +2.45 MPH over expectation based on his weight (247 lbs). Since weight was not likely weighed in game that probably came from team roster.
  9. Had same thing after Jeffrey Dahmer documentary. Felt he was a waste of skin and bones.
  10. Thanks for correction. Fifteen out of thirty two teams have played one international game with Denver not playing since 2010, Steelers since 2013, etc. Someone else's turn. Maybe they should make requirement for every team which hosts Superbowl to play internationally that year since they are being economically helped by league. Same for hosting draft.
  11. Bills played in London 5 years ago (2015). There are 3 games per year in London meaning 12 teams played in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 including multiple Jags games. I think it is someone else's turn to play there. If the Bills DO play there and Bills "home" game I hope it is a December game since those games tend to sell poorly and it is to a non-conference team. We already play in North Cuba once a year.
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