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  1. Limeaid

    Need another QB with AJ hurt, but Who?

    It No it is not just a body. It is a potential QB in case another one gets injured during year which is why I prefer a vet.
  2. Limeaid

    Need another QB with AJ hurt, but Who?

    Derek Anderson. He played with Carolina so McD and Beane are familiar with him.
  3. Limeaid

    Looks like the radio.com site is at it again...

    Considering number of douches which call into or work for WGR is it surprising?
  4. Limeaid

    selling season tickets on stubhub

    Do you think this will affect season ticket sales? They announced it after many already put deposits or paid for tickets and then they get hit with this. During year they will have trouble giving or selling to friends and when it comes time to renew they will reconsider. Yah I know Bills will just replace them with someone who is willing to deal with the crap but it will affect sales,
  5. Limeaid

    Is Foster poised for a big night on Friday?

    If he does not make roster/PS I'd like OC to give him assistant job for a year. He can then use workout room, listen to coaches, get nutrition started, etc.
  6. Limeaid

    Is Foster poised for a big night on Friday?

    Not trash, just not ready for prime time.
  7. He is is a nice guy. Came to our tailgate last year. Yes you posted D(r)eck Socal. Nothing new.
  8. Limeaid

    Aretha Franklin passes at 76

    I have Blues Brothers 2000 sitting next to my computer for me to play. Love both of their music
  9. Limeaid

    Common Sense QB Progression 4 Preseason

    I hope he becomes our Frank Reich myself.
  10. Limeaid

    Is Foster poised for a big night on Friday?

    Only Fosters which will be with Bills opener is a case of beer.
  11. Not a big increase for someone who was eating 24 wings twice a week. I like how he worked out with linemen - he is a big guy and needs that kind of strength to go with size.
  12. I know salary cap space made a difference but he was not getting not much more than veteran minimum. None of the backup CBs seem to be playing well and Leonard was familiar with Coach McD's scheme which Frasier is running. Beane's boss picked him up last week when the Giants' DBs were not up to stuff. https://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2018/08/alterraun_verner_former_pro_bowler_among_free_agen.html With a rookie middle LB an experienced 3rd CB would be very useful especially since teams are in nickel formation 60% of time these days.
  13. Limeaid

    Zay Jones road to redemption

    Normally this kind of story needs pictures to back them up but like Seanbillsfan2206's first hand knowledge that Gregg Williams got his job due to blowjobs it probably would be prevented by rules of the board.
  14. No you are the one who had information. Where did you get it from? A wet dream. Or is is just BS.