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  1. His wife kicked him out and he does not have access to internet.
  2. I am sure they know which weekends are good for you and scheduled to ensure you could not rally Bills fans. Don't you feel special?
  3. Yes. I think the NFL looks for game which has the most out of area ticket buyers and then in last week moves that game causing maximum impact to game goers and funnels more money to advertisers like airlines.
  4. As long as he is released (retired) after week 1 he will get full pay and year of service and Bills will keep his rights but if he became a coach another team might object stating the Bills are stashing player on coaching staff. Teams used to do that before rules added.
  5. Question should be asked that if a player or NFL front office personnel was caught in similar situation (assume same difference of years between parties) what would the penalty be? Players can get suspended for things which are NOT "illegal" like smoking pot in some areas so it is not the illegality which is the issue
  6. I certainly do not advocate it. I think the Bills should schedule more open air hockey games in stadium to force NFL to schedule less games in December. Yes usually when people cannot understand math or science they call it dumb. I am sure you were in line to burn Galileo Galilei.
  7. I think he is a good QB because he has a team to support him and the team will not be as good when the money going into his pocket could fund 3-4 good players.
  8. Not entirely. The new whiteboards are electronic and they can be copied remotely and projected elsewhere.
  9. They need to remodel it so they can hide the microphones like the P*ts. You are thinking of Leroi and his buddy in office.
  10. Do what Beane did - be a unpaid intern for a year. That poster is in confinement with leroi if he has been taken out of solitary; he was making fraud calls on allowed calls.
  11. At that price I'll raise my hand saying they should have traded him IF (and that is a big IF) they got a good offer for he is not worth $35 million a year.
  12. Some of that is due to factors which favor teams which use stadiums for other purposes - concerts, etc. By actively seeking such events they can control when NFL can schedule games. Bills could do same thing by scheduling events at New Era Stadium in December to take away ability to have Bills play multiple games in December repeated. However the research from University of Buffalo is solid and shows that the scheduling algorithm is slanted whether it is intentional to punish teams which are lower revenue or less favored for other reasons (i.e. TV) is debatable. [Note there are two threads on issue and did not notice that originally so I posted in both bumping up this one.]
  13. It is very easy for him. He has plenty of laywers who can write an agreement they need to sign (like ex girl friend did) protecting his assets.
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