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  1. All of a coach's contract is guaranteed even if he mails it like Rex did last year he was with Bills. He was not driving.
  2. Yes if by strings you mean the blood vessels which when interfered with cause heart attacks. I understand that the Grinch was modeled him but in cartoon they thought no one would believe five sizes too small so they went with two.
  3. Absolutely. It is symbolic in change of this country where names are cooped and twisted in meaning.
  4. Belichick needs the Pete Rose treatment including no Canton.
  5. Hey I heard from Pissed Fans that they got a great RT Bills dumped!
  6. Owens was a good soldier when in Buffalo and he does not bad mouth his experience here.
  7. Then why did camera man ask to destroy the film and ask to just forget about it?
  8. Kraft gave it to him for repayment in help with spying and then made up story.
  9. I'll wait to Pixar makes a movie out of it like the spoon in Toy Story 4.
  10. Every LB is juked occasionally by a RB even if that RB is playing QB but a LB should not miss a hanging Chad.
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