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  1. Many [loud] posters on main board. Sometimes they are quiet as mice (mice nibbling on your electronics wires) when they have a big win.
  2. Good article on new work at home. Those who worked at home before probably were aware of some mentioned. Saw link on LinkedIn. https://www.chronicle.com/article/Why-You-Should-Ignore-All-That/248366
  3. Sounds like Texas is a roach trap - I wonder how pilots get out? Good for these is a shortage of protection equipment all over country except in some warehouses. So are players looking forward to not getting man handled by him. Do players get paid signing bonus as soon as signed? Some may sign faster now on chance of no season and a team like Bengals, Jets or Cleveland decide they would rather have money than pick if they will not play for a year.
  4. There will be a team which does not get a pick in time. Doubt they will get a mulligan.
  5. The no brainer is Bills (with brains) value Trent Murphy more than you do which you have shown with multiple posts.
  6. Agreed. He is not at all whiny like some of his detractors. Facts never get way of irrational rants.
  7. So do we at work (my job is to monitor systems and still do it from home now) and there are failures. Every state "stay at home" restrictions have holes in it.
  8. What happens if there is a major denial of service attack when Bills want to pick? It does happen. This IMO is public relations and over reaction IMO. They can make it completely safe isolated each other at One Bills Drive.
  9. I think Eric Wood is very good in broadcasting.
  10. Peters left because he had three years on his contract and his agent (because in hell) refused to negotiate other players he represented until he did. Keep facts straight.
  11. At work we have a machine which fills cup with filtered water encouraging people to not waste plastic on bottles. on every floor. People (when there were people still there) still buy water in bottles and they still use water in bottles for events. Like pet rocks this is something marketers have created a market for. In one case we got a recall letter on some cases of water "we" bought (my wife did, I never do) and reason was the place they got water from (not a stream, just a municipal water supply) had been contaminated. We could return for refund but not have water anymore. Some people DO need to buy bottled water. My impression is Niagara Falls (US) water calls mental degradation.
  12. Love Gin Rummy. Never can find players these days, damn Covid! 😒
  13. I remember her in The Avengers. When I saw link about a "girl" in Toronto Sun I thought about one of the the Sun Girls and thought they may include a picture of her from her early career but no. RIP
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