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  1. Count that as not a possibility. http://www.espn.com/nfl/team/_/name/tb/tampa-bay-buccaneers Source tells me Vinny Curry is heading to the Bucs on a three-year deal for up to $27 million with $11.5 million injury guarantee.
  2. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    Wrong there. Every year he has played he has thrown 50+ yard passes. He has the record for longest TD (to TO) not Kelly, not Bledsoe, etc throwing 50 yards from endzone (although yards thrown were longer) to make a 98 yard TD. Fitzpatrick issue was NOT that he could not throw long, it was he was a gunslinger like Farve but did not make enough great plays to counteract the "oh shuck" plays.
  3. QB Matt Barkley signs two-year deal with Bengals http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22806742/qb-matt-barkley-signs-two-year-deal-cincinnati-bengals https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/3/17/17133470/nfl-free-agency-2018-bengals-sign-matt-barkley-2-year-contract You could look it as an improvement for Bengals since he has more starts than McCarron although Bears fans I know were not impressed.
  4. Possible trade to #1?

    More monkeys banging on keyboard.
  5. Possible trade to #1?

    So you agree that is a nonsense question the way it is worded.
  6. Possible trade to #1?

    There are a lot of answers but not for the slanted question you posed. Not worth effort.
  7. The Mighty McCarron

    We do not have many late rounds picks - we have a 6th traded down from 5th.
  8. Possible trade to #1?

    Weak question I responded to which seemed to come from monkeys banging keyboard.
  9. The Mighty McCarron

    They found a franchise QB off the scrap heap is more likely.
  10. The Mighty McCarron

    No this is where you begin bashing so you can claim Bills met your expectations.
  11. Possible trade to #1?

  12. The Mighty McCarron

    It is not out of realm of possibility but very hard due to talent loss Bill have had. Too many rookies and one year players this year I think.
  13. Possible trade to #1?

    They may be planning on taking a QB #1 and knowing that the rookie may put up a fuss not wanting to play for Browns plan on Tyler being starter since rookie will miss a lot of camp.
  14. OL: Current Roster/FA/Draft

    He was replaced by Ducasse for they went to a different scheme which he was better in. I know he is the whipping boy of the wall but that is the facts and do not think it is changing since the OL coach was one of first coaches signed and he survived when OC took the fall.