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  1. I have had it before. The questions are degree and how much. Tears can be partial or pulled off bone completely. Is it a straight tear or was there other damage with it? Heat/ice/ultrasound/electrical stimulation I went thru. None of the newer technics or massages. One patient I rehabbed with used a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber and slept in it for periods of time. Terrell Owens was an athlete which had one in his home and he was always in shape. https://www.verywellhealth.com/pectoralis-major-tear-rehab-4771774
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/buffalobills/comments/izxein/peyton_manning_breaking_down_josh_allen_watch_espn/
  3. You like chocolate swirl ice cream cones? I prefer vanilla.
  4. I think likely Tua will be inserted into office, injured and out for year and then traded.
  5. Are "most NFL observers" working for NFL teams? No otherwise they would have recommended to draft Jackson even if they had a QB to trade him.
  6. Very difficult for DE to learn with no preseason or scrimmage games and shortened camp. NFLPA rules due not help.
  7. Singletary looks like he spent a lot of time practicing balls. "If we are going to do the run and shoot, I might as well catch some balls."
  8. You never see what you do not wish to see.
  9. Darnold is thinking: "If only I took a year off".
  10. The short TE Reggie Gilliam is playing well for number of snaps.
  11. You trust him with your back when he has demonstrated poor reasoning? Not sure which has poorer reasoning, the "doc" or the one who trusts him.
  12. The country is not allowed an army by treaty, maybe this is way around that.
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