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  1. Maybe you should update posting alias to ## years since fandom.
  2. Beli-CHEAT is hampered by a doofus of a GM who passed on Tua on advice of his friend in Alabama and took Zac Jones, His decision not to have an offense coordinator appears to be GM meddling. The loss of Director of Spying hurt although I am convinced that even though he has retired he is working remotely. If only Krafty could fire GM without Beli-CHEAT as well. Time for a complete rebuild.
  3. Not surprised at all. Some find cheating as a sign of competitiveness. I knew some in college who could get good grades but had money to get people to write papers and in some cases tests and thought nothing was wrong with it. As one classmate put it "Ethics are optional and just makes things harder than they need to be." He did get caught on one exam and left college to finish degree elsewhere before he was thrown out.
  4. I was in dorms in my first year at UB in 1979. There was a guy in a fraternity who would go around looking for extras to help him buy beer in Canada. In return for helping him buy he bought us Chinese food. He drove this big Chevy over Peace Bridge to Fort Erie, would stop by beer store and buy 12 cases of beer (all of had to show our id), then he would take us to Chinese fast food place and order us dinner. Then we would buy gas, return to Peace Bridge ("Beer, Chinese Food and Gas" was always our response on bridge) and return to UB Dorm. Each week he would go by our floor and ask if anyone wanted a free meal. I was a regular and I started lining up extras for him. One day after pickup he went up to our floor lounge and thanked me for getting extras for him saving him time. He gave me a Molson which usually went to fraternity saying "they can spare a few bottles". I told him I only drank mixed drinks and not like beer. He told me to try it and I got a cup and poured some in not wanting to waste it and discovered I liked it. He told me lots of freshmen in fraternity did not like the local beer (mostly Genesee Cream Ale) which is why he bought cases of beer each week. I got invite to fraternity but had no interest. This later became a statement on my security clearance application on why I had been in Canada almost every week. Back then it took little time to cross border.
  5. @sir andrew he is quoting you. I did sign up via free subscription from a poster and I kept getting baseball stuff even after I unsubscribed and needed to block it.
  6. I am assuming cheating at football does not count T*m PR person? That was on my @Radar for later! T*m has botched surgery like Michael Jackson.
  7. Allen has never been suspended for cheating and Teflon™ Tom has been and should have been more often. Zebras have never made up a rule to help Allen and Zebras have for Teflon™ Tom. Allen has never had a slumber party for his 80+ fans and Teflon™ Tom has. Allen never broke up with his pregnant girlfriend and Teflon™ Tom has. Allen has never faked retirement and Teflon™ Tom has. Allen never forced head coach to be moved upstairs and Teflon™ Tom has. .... .... I can continue for pages or just add one to thread every day.
  8. My father took me and my brother to game in early 70s. Never figure out why once I learned his racial attitude.
  9. That was why I did not like beer growing up until my taste buds matured and I tasted Molson.
  10. Like the front office has done the Bills coaching staff needs additional staff - not as position coaches but as senior assistants - that will be able to look at coaching / staffing plans and give serious criticism without being dismissed. Was on a job where management was doing a good job but upper management brought in high priced consultant to do evaluations - the evaluations were bitter and all the evaluator saw was bad so his recommendations were ignored and actively opposed especially the burn certain parts of company. Then a retired member of company was brought it and many little things were pointed out but he also pointed out what they were doing well and what they needed to do more of. These recommendations were embraced and changes were made which improved the company.
  11. For those who want to dump the baby with the bath water this is the most important part - Bills have issues but are not broken. A better place for your torch is treating your hemorrhoids.
  12. Generally what we hear from owners is "What do you need to get better and how can we help?" On the Allen visit Josh was impressed that Pegulas came and their response to Beane was this is the QB we want. Brandon Beane has been able to hire a great number of well respected staff with a number of them getting promotions elsewhere. The Pegulas have helped players and their families move in and be comfortable here. Kim Pegula was respected in owners' meetings. The Pegulas have supported the WNY community. The only thing they have not done is unilaterally put a dome on new stadium and some at OBD do not appear to want one.
  13. Maybe PFF regressed? Hard to do from bottom however but you could make a underground level.
  14. He will wait for '90 For Brady' to come out and sign with team willing to pay the bill.
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