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  1. Limeaid

    Trick plays, get yer trick plays heeeere!

    The creator should have made a NFL and a college video. No Homerun Throwback is not in there but there are no Bills clips at all and the Bills have had a lot of spectacular special teams play. A lot of special plays were made by Moorman who was a college hurdler. Bills P Brian Moorman throws a TD pass to DE Ryan Denney on a fake field goal. Bills P Brian Moorman hits DE Ryan Denney for a touchdown off of a fake field goal (notice Kyle Williams in their too).
  2. I recommend Ten Thousand Buddhas Sarira Stupa Temple (Cham Shan Buddhist Temple) https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g154998-d3547891-Reviews-Cham_Shan_Temple-Niagara_Falls_Ontario.html It does not cost anything, not far from the falls and nice break spot. Hell in life and Heaven after life? I sort of would want the opposite.
  3. I saw "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" with my daughter and while the special effects are great sometimes I had trouble understanding what actors were saying and I'd really have appreciated subtitles in letterbox format. I did not have trouble understanding any of the other Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts movies so either it was the theater or the film. I will probably buy the screenplay since for all of the Harry Potter books I insisted my daughter had to read books before seeing movie. I started reading the first Harry Potter book to her, a few chapters a night and she finally got impatient and just read the book herself.
  4. Limeaid

    Avengers: Endgame Trailer

    I think I know everything going on but will be reading the breakdowns. What would be really, really cool if at end of Avengers 4 they have an extra scene with one survivor saying "What are we going to next time this happens and we need help?" and someone else turns on bank of TVs and there are Daredevil, Luke Cage, Wonder Man, etc on screens and maybe even a news report of replacement Iron Man 'Riki Williams'. And I want Stan Lee in this even if it is post mortem.
  5. Limeaid

    Would ya Miss Kentucky style

    It is pretty obvious .... hit over head with candlestick and have way with her for she showed no interest in you. Since you were a minor at that time (unless you were held back several years) they cannot prosecute you now. Are you afraid she will take you to small claims court?
  6. Limeaid

    Bills sign WR Da’Mari Scott to active roster

    Hope the Bills do not play any of those songs on video if he scores. This is very important.
  7. Limeaid

    RIP Isiah Robertson.

    Not particularly. I was introduced by a friend who said there was a NFL player from New Orleans who played for my Bills and has similar taste in music. Since I knew he came from New Orleans I expected the accent and I was used to hit working in one of the clubs in Buffalo and listening to my relatives from Baton Rouge. We talked about Dizzy Gillespie mostly and ends up we were at same show he was in 1989 or early 1990s (I forgot exact date).
  8. Limeaid

    RIP Isiah Robertson.

    Yes, we chatted a while about music.
  9. Limeaid

    Week 14, 2017 - The Snow Game. Where were you?

    How you kept your nose out of the bullcrap put out by you is a big surprise. Do you use a snorkel when you do push ups?
  10. Limeaid

    Can we start Barkley against the Jets instead?

    I think is due to BBMB shutting down and inmates let onto the street.
  11. Limeaid

    RIP Isiah Robertson.

    I met him once. Very articulate man but no surprising college he went to. Nice guy. RIP
  12. Limeaid

    Lorax - should he be extended?

    And it would be nice to have an announcer who played special teams. I would not be surprised to see him be snapper if long snapper was hurt.
  13. Limeaid

    Careful With Those DNA Tests!

    Had a coworker take the test. Found out that he was a child of a Mongol invader and now is trying to see if he is related the Genghis Khan.
  14. Yes his chart not "the" chart. His chart probably has a lot of things no one else has like "Hire Nathaniel" (still on chart from long ago), Sign as Jets HC and "Fire Nathaniel" although the latter is not in his handwriting.