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  1. He liikes shorter women like me. My wife is a foot shorter. She was not a blonde in college. I prefer bruinettes.
  2. I expected the Giants to be better - their coaching was terrible for years. Hurts seemed to have the ability to play and just needed time and devotion to craft and he had both. I expected Broncos to be better but it appears their QB needs to play in certaiun system or their HC is a putz (or both).
  3. IMO opinion the way Leslie gets a Head Coach job is by having a team with a bright young OC who team does not want to lose and had a couple of years left on contract. During interview Leslie tells owners and GM that he thinks OC is doing a great job and will keep him and any offense coaches he wants to keep. He also wants OC to be assistant HC and it will be a true partnership. Then he will go into all of the lessons he learned under Coach McD and hopes to transform this team using that model.
  4. It was cited as one of the worst weather games in Mijami.
  5. Davis Webb always seemed to be a well prepared QB. If Giants are lucky he will be a late bloomer and there will be a real competition for starting QB.
  6. Ravens appeared to only fear two receivers - Diggs and Isaiah McKenzie. When McKenzie went out they went to Cover 1. Davis seemed to be in there in Jake Kumerow - to block - and it shows why Bills kept Kumerow. The Bills had a plan for first half, it was not working and they adjiusted it including new personel and executed in 2nd half; this was something they were not able to do previous years.
  7. Doyle would have looked good in that play but he is out on IR for season.
  8. I turned off game. I was actually starting to root for Tephlon T*m to have comeback in game rather than looking washed up. Yea we want the Chiefs to lose but not by T*m looking good.
  9. Just waiting for NFL filmed in 3D aren't you?
  10. For their own mental health they should be banned from shout box. They can spend the time getting counselling.
  11. Clearly you got lowest grade on criminal justice degree.
  12. Fifth round (#163). New England gave us that pick as compensation for signing restricted free agent RB Mike Gillislee.
  13. Iron McKenzie. He was a main target of this game good portion of game. Reminded me of his highlight game. Devin Singletary. He became a multi threat and even Thurman would like his performance. Only fair since they showed up in 1st half for Ravens.
  14. Agreed. Number of people I grew up with spent their time drinking and partying after working in gas stations during school. Most were underage but had someone in party a few years older. They used to criitisize me for my nose being in book but some of them are still working in gas stations while I have been professionally working since I graduating college. ironically I collected the cans they left behind each night for my spending money.
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