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  1. But let legal system figure it out. They could have a home aid or a relative doing it.
  2. I do not think he cares if he puts Jim Overdorf in a head lock. It actually may be good for him.
  3. No His work at free safety alone that year earned a coverage grade of 91.6 — the seventh-best single-season grade ever recorded by a player with at least 300 snaps at free safety. Jairus Byrd (2012) - Bills Ed Reed (2009) - Ravens Eddie Jackson (2018) - Bears Charles Woodson (2015) - Oakland (and his last year) Devin McCourty (2016) - Satan's team O.J. Atogwe (2007) - Rams (in St Louis) are the only safeties who have recorded a better single-season coverage grade at free safety than Hyde did in 2017 — and that list spans 860 players across 13 seasons.
  4. Nine months? Seems like an appropriate sentence.
  5. So if Coach McD tries to show Kim some wrestling moves and her husband walks in. Got it.
  6. But it may be reason why he gets another job in organization if cut.
  7. I like scampi sauce on wings when my wife does not use teriyaki or garlic. Shouldn't this be on Off the Wall?
  8. When I took anatomy a long time ago they referred to 7 pairs of ribs and 5 false pairs. Thanks for clarification.
  9. Since he is a former P*t player do you think he will do a Aaron Hernandez stunt to get out of being guilty of murder when on appeal or will he be shived before he can do it?
  10. Who do you think coaching is NOT a better coach than Rex. I thought it was a terrible hire from beginning.
  11. I think only way they get fired before contract end is Ethan in Portland blackmails the Pegulas into selling team to him so he can move it to Po(r)tland.
  12. Humpty Dumpty. Troll which fell off wall and we got the egg on face. Aikman only should be on if you count acting. You are showing uncommon common sense!
  13. I was a bit surprised Elway did not get on list.
  14. I did think about it. Yes it was really, really dumb to pay him that much. That is what you are pointing out?
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