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  1. Unless القاعدة (Al-Qaeda) fields a NFL team I will be hoping for P*ts to lose and/or cheering for Zebras and P*ts medical teams.
  2. Gotta go after a feature running back

    Fine, tell us some good 125# RBs to draft.
  3. The moral of the Saints win.

    Maybe he is trying to get in next Harley Quinn movie (the character with him in art is "Red Tool".
  4. If his brain cells were not burned out from weed he would understand that "DUI" include "Driving Under Influence of weed".
  5. Hot Yoga--Anyone here?

    A local Indian & Nepalese restaurant if you capitalize it.
  6. Friendly reminder that CanadianFan as not shown anything other than he posts "look at me" posts when drunk.
  7. Offensive PI (rule change to consider)

    Then why punish offenses at all?
  8. Zay Jones played injured all season...

    The next step is to get a WR coach who can help him change his game to a professional WR. When I first heard of him I thought 'Robert Woods" type but I was wrong.
  9. Bills getting some offseason love from ESPN.

    I'd agree if we got a QB not a jugs machine for opposing backs to practice with.
  10. I question who their source would be. Like;y it is same source as La Conjecture (imagination). His agent? Only if they told his agent he could shop for a new team. A team they talked to? Not sure this is legal yet. A member of front office? If so they need to find leak and fire his/her ass.
  11. Hawaii This is not a drill!!

    Maybe Dennis Rodman accidentally pressed the button for his buddy.
  12. Do you feed the birds?

    Squirrel Stromboli, interesting concept.
  13. Zay Jones played injured all season...

    Yes unless you are Cheats. Maybe he did not tell team. And I do not think he will get better w/o a new WR coach. I hope he does not have a sophomore slump.
  14. Do you feed the birds?

    Sure if you come to my house and kill the four squirrels before spring time I'll give you $120.